Premature Ejaculation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Every person needs sex, just as they need food, clothes, and a place to live. Your relationship with your partner is greatly influenced by your sex life. as it’s crucial to the greatest kind of connecting relationships. Your life gets better when you satiate each other’s sexual cravings. when our lives are devoid of sexual pleasure. It has an impact on our happiness and connection. when our partner fails to satisfy us in bed. Then you have to have a sexually transmitted infection.  We are aware of the typical sexual dysfunctions that both sexes experience during sexual activity. However, not everyone is aware of the details that caused the anxiety. is a disorder when a guy experiences an orgasm during intercourse too soon. Then it is Premature Ejaculation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. It can upset both spouses and happen regularly or sporadically. Although there are many treatment options. People must realize that there may be more than one underlying cause for this problem.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

A problem with sexuality that frequently affects men of all ages is Premature Ejaculation. It happens when a guy has little stimulation during intercourse and experiences a feeling of orgasm, causing him to exhale too rapidly. In addition to lifestyle variables including stress, exhaustion, use of drugs, aging, marital problems, or lack of interaction between spouses, this illness may have medical root causes such as depressive disorders or anxiety. Psychological assistance and drugs that shorten the time it takes to experience an orgasm are two possible treatments for premature ejaculation. Furthermore, behavior modification techniques like the stop-start method are frequently advised in the treatment of this illness.


There is a significant emotional cost to the issue. Male inadequacy and frustration are common. While their wives could experience confusion and unhappiness. But it’s crucial to handle early ejaculation. No, it’s not a taboo topic. It’s a first step towards getting your sexual life back on track. Although there are other reasons, the following are the main ones:

  • Psychological Cause:

Anxiety might make Premature Ejaculation worse. negative mental habits in addition to strain. An early ejaculation cycle might result from excessive worry about one’s ability to reproduce sexually.

  • Factors Related to Biology:

The hormonal flow is also disrupted by several hormonal abnormalities. Additionally, abnormal activation of the ejaculatory reflex can be involved. Both underlying medical conditions and heredity may be the cause of this issue.

  • Relationship Issue:

Other possible factors include communication problems and relationship issues. Conflicts may also do you harm. include ejaculating too soon. Sexual interactions can be influenced by a favorable emotional connection.


Have a consultation with a urologist if you experience early ejaculations. If it’s hurting you and getting in the way of your relationship. Your urologist will inquire about past sexual encounters before starting an examination. Even though the questions are private, you must respond to them. for your urologist to identify the source of your issue. Your urologist will also ask you about any other health issues you might be worried about. They’ll also inquire about any medications you may be taking. includes vitamins, herbal items, and over-the-counter drugs. The primary Diagnostic for Premature Ejaculation is as follows:

  • Assessment of Medical History:

To investigate possible causes. Often, the physicians start by going over your whole medical history. Open communication regarding sexual habits is essential. and any underlying issues as well.

  • Physical Examination:

Eliminating any physical abnormalities or sensitivities is facilitated by a medical examination. This might involve monitoring nerve responses and examining the genitalia.

  • Psychological Evaluation:

Comprehending the psychological aspects is equally essential. addressing emotional factors such as stress and worry. They may also significantly affect the course of therapy.


The main symptom is the inability to control ejaculation during a sexual encounter. Ejaculation can happen either before or following penetration. It’s possible for both sides to feel unsatisfied. This issue also contributes to poor sexual satisfaction. The signs of Premature Ejaculation include the following:

  • Physical Indications and Manifestations:

The main sign is an ongoing incapacity to delay ejaculation. It is upsetting. Males can occasionally lose interest in having sex. They fear that the issue may come up again.

  • The Psychological and Emotional Repercussions:

Ejaculating too soon might lead to concern over performance and low self-esteem. It may also result in a dislike of closeness. The relationship may be strained if partners feel unsatisfied with one another.

Options for Treatment:

Using the body’s healing processes is the focus of regenerative medicine. It means encouraging tissue regeneration. and also rejuvenation with the use of drugs. Although these methods seem promising, their safety has not yet been shown. Moreover, it works well to cure early ejaculation. You need to speak with a medical expert if you are experiencing early ejaculation. The primary treatments for Premature Ejaculation in Dubai are as follows:

  • PRP:

Concentrated platelets are injected into the targeted location as part of PRP treatment. Growth factors that support blood flow and tissue repair are carried by platelets. To concentrate platelets, it is treated. which, to cure them, are injected into particular locations. Boost tissue regeneration and blood circulation. The applicant’s injections are also improved by the procedure.

  • Stem Cell Therapy:

These cells possess the amazing capacity to differentiate into a wide variety of cell types. Tissue damage can be repaired by stem cell treatment. In the event of premature ejaculation, the process also returns everything to normal. Adipose tissue within a patient’s body can be used to harvest stem cells. After that, these cells undergo processing to aid in healing.

  • Drugs:

Medication called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) is used. This has the side effect of delaying ejaculation, which aids in the treatment of depression. Premature ejaculation can also be treated with several creams and lotions. Prilocaine is an ingredient in these anesthetic formulations. Moreover, lidocaine also lessens penis sensitivity.

  • Behavioral Approaches:

Behavioral techniques can also be used to cure the condition. Among these tactics is not concentrating on sexual activity. and concentrating on a range of other sexual behaviors as an alternative.

  • Physical Techniques:

Kegel exercises with perineal floor muscle electrostimulation. Psychokinesis is also a great way to cure early ejaculation.

  • Counseling:

Permanent early ejaculation is primarily caused by psychological issues. Counseling is used to address these problems. The specialist will provide you with the instructions for progress.

If I Ejaculate too Soon, What Can I Anticipate?

Premature ejaculation can be avoided with the aid of several treatment techniques. You should be able to manage your ejaculation and resume enjoying your sex life by working with your partner and visiting the right medical specialists, such as a urologist for an initial evaluation and other medical specialists (psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors) as needed.

What Is the Difference Between Premature Ejaculation And ED?

You cannot get an erection or keep it going if you have Erectile Dysfunction. When you have premature ejaculation, you experience an erection but go into an orgasm and ejaculate before you or your partner would have preferred. While early ejaculation might truly be brought on by erectile dysfunction. This is the result of a man knowing he can’t maintain an erection for very long, therefore he starts ejaculating right away to avoid losing the erection. Your urologist will want to determine whether you have erectile dysfunction and, if so, treat it first due to the link between these two disorders.


Many therapy approaches are effective in treating Premature Ejaculation, which is a prevalent problem. PE sufferers ought to feel empowered to investigate these strategies on their own and with medical experts’ assistance. The following are the key benefits:

  • The first and most crucial element is your enhanced ability to enhance intimacy.
  • It also regulates and plans how to satiate your sexual demands.
  • You will be able to meet your partner’s needs and maintain a stronger relationship.
  • This ultimately results in an improved personal connection between both parties.
  • It helps to have a fulfilling sexual experience.
  • You also have better verbal, physical, and emotional communication.
  • This method helps to prolong your enjoyment.
  • Additionally, it promotes better mental and emotional health.
  • You have increased self-esteem and confidence and feel less stressed.
  • Your personal life will be improved by these new adjustments.
  • They will also have a good impact on your career.
  • You’ll have improved concentration at work and an overall calmer mental state.
  • Candidates claim to be at ease and ready for their intimate encounter.
  • They can always achieve their potential enjoyment.
  • It also ensures you are not under any strain or tension.
  • Your quality of life will eventually increase your enhanced sexual performance.
  • Increased control over your girth will help you overcome your sexual limitations. 
  • It is a greater probability of success for the applicant.
  • Those couples who want to get pregnant but are not fertile.
  • The procedures are risk-free and reliable.


The Cost of Premature Ejaculation treatment in Dubai comes at a fair price. It is not fixed since a lot of things influence it. To find out how much the therapy will cost, speak with an expert. Considering that they will assess your condition. The elements that affect costs are as follows:

  • The expert’s level of competence.
  • The clinic’s address.
  • The target area’s severity.
  • The choice of the available therapy.
  • The necessity of medical intervention.

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