Septoplasty & Turbinate Reduction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic plastic surgeons perform a wide selection of nose procedures including septoplasty on people aged 16 and over. The ultimate objective of this nose surgery is to fix the deviated nasal septum.

The doctor may perform this procedure either in local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending on the level of the problem.

A Quick Look at Septoplasty:

The septum is the area of the nose that split up the two nostrils. It is made up of cartilage and acts as a major support structure for the nose. Sometimes, this wall deviates a little due to which airflow also gets clogged. With septoplasty, the deviated septum can be aligned beautifully in order to make the nose more attractive. The best-in-class nose surgeons carry out nose procedures without causing scars and long recovery periods. It is professionally recommended for a person to have Turbinate Reduction & Septoplasty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi performed at the age of 16. If you undergo this Rhinoplasty nose surgery at this age then I assure you that you will achieve the best possible surgical result.

How does Septoplasty work?

It is the most preferred solution for millions of individuals across the world who want to make permanent changes in the nose structure with no scars, pain, or side effects. Septoplasty is a surgical cosmetic procedure that involves lining up the nasal septum to enhance the overall nose appearance. The surgeon repositions, trims, and replaces the cartilage present between the two nostrils. In general, the surgeon makes modifications in the nasal anatomy through incisions inside the nose so the risk of scarring to patients remains very low.

Who Should Get Septoplasty?

With the increase in the number of highly conscious people, solutions for improving physical appearance are also increasing rapidly. The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers an extensive range of advanced and effective nose enhancement procedures at affordable rates. Septoplasty is the leading treatment recommended for restoring nose beauty to people experiencing deviated septum problems. Even minor corrections in the nose can produce a lot of good changes in the facial profile. Furthermore, you will also enjoy increased self-esteem after having it.

You are an ideal candidate for Turbinate Reduction & Septoplasty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi if you,

  • Have deviated septum which is making it difficult for you to breath
  • Are a non-smoker and physically health
  • Do not have any psychological or physical problem

Septoplasty is not usually performed on pregnant and breastfeeding women, because in both these situations, their bodies are not stable enough to support this extremely invasive procedure

Results of Septoplasty in Dubai:

Septoplasty often produces lasting, permanent, and instant upshots. The incisions heal within a month and the patient experiences improvement in breathing soon after the surgery.

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After anesthesia, incisions are created inside the nose to prevent potential, visible scarring. Different surgical methods are used during septoplasty depending on the type of changes the patient wants to get. For example, if the septum is too large the surgeon will simply trim the extra cartilage, or in case of a deviated septum, he will reposition the wall between the nostrils. Septoplasty often requires dissolvable internal sutures, in the end, to let the wounds heal more quickly.

Recovery after Septoplasty in Dubai:

Discomfort, swelling, bruising, and pain are normal after this nose surgery. You will be provided with medications to ensure high comfort levels. If you had a severely deviated septum before having this Rhinoplasty surgery, then a plastic nasal dressing might also be applied to your nose for a few days following surgery. The dressings are developed to give extra support around key areas of the nose. By using it, you will be able to move around freely during the recovery phase.

What is the Cost of Septoplasty?

The average cost of Septoplasty is approximately 25,000 AED, though this amount will vary depending on the location of the health center, the surgeon, and the patient’s needs and desires. Moreover, the Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers many financial options, so you must discuss the cost factor with the surgeon during the first consultation with him.

Why is Initial Consultation So Important?

Septoplasty in Dubai is a highly individualized cosmetic surgery. The surgeon tailors a treatment plan depending on the treatment goals. During the consultation at the Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we walk you through the basic steps of the procedure, recovery, risks, results, costs, and many other aspects of the surgery. Also, we will ask you some questions regarding your health status and the medications that you use currently. Be honest with your surgeon in this session because the treatment plan will be designed based on the information you give.

Septoplasty & Turbinate Reduction Surgeon:

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