Laser Treatment for cellulite reduction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Make your skin go WOW with Cellulite Removal Treatment in Dubai!

Cellulite is a common skin condition caused by abnormal fat development. It causes dimpled, lumpy flesh on the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, and hips.

If your cellulite is taking a toll on your emotional health. And you feel anxious about your appearance. Laser Treatment for Cellulite Reduction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is the solution. As it offers comfort to your anxiety and helps reduce dimpled fat.

Keep reading to find out more. What you can expect during cellulite treatment? Who the good candidates are, and what treatment options are available?

Treating Cellulite: Is it time to see a Doctor?

Some research says: “The longer cellulite lasts, the more depressed a person becomes.” So, early cellulite treatment can help prevent mental anguish and emotional distress.

Interesting Facts:

  • Cellulite can develop in both women and men.
  • Where in the body these bumps appear depends a lot on genetics.
  • Always see a certified physician before starting a new treatment.

Results of Cellulite Removal Treatment in Dubai:

Results of Cellulite Treatment in Dubai depend on what technique your surgeon uses.

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Good Candidates:

Doctors recommend cellulite treatment for people who have dimples on thighs, arms, Buttocks, and bellies. The procedure can treat dimpled skin and tone the body.

Note: Before undergoing, make sure you are at a healthy weight and have good skin elasticity.

Pre-Operative Care Instructions:

  • For best results, you should follow the following pre-operative instructions:
  • Stop smoking.
  • Have someone to go with you; make sure he is always available to drive you home.
  • You should not have anything to drink or eat for 6 hours before the procedure.
  • Use Arnica tablets as per the directions issued by the doctor.
  • Stop consuming alcoholic and caffeinated beverages for a recommended period.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated.

Cellulite Removal Treatment in Dubai Options:

There are many treatment options if your cellulite bothers you. With them, you can make the dimpled fat less prominent and improve your self-image fast. Here are three Cellulite Reduction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that are effective and safe:


  • The goal of Laser Treatment is to get a non-surgical cure for your cellulite. It allows you to have smooth, firm skin without undergoing the knife.
  • It makes dramatic improvements in hips and thighs.
  • Laser energy targets the fat pockets beneath the skin that cause us to develop cellulite.


  • Cryolypolisis is a non-surgical procedure that freezes and ruptures the fat cells.
  • It working is pretty slow. Generally speaking, patients get the desired results in three to four months.


  • The physician may prescribe Subcision when other treatments fail.
  • It involves injecting a special needle into the skin and then breaking up the tough bands.

Post-Operative Care Instructions:

If you had your Cellulite Treatment, follow these steps to avoid infection:

  • Limit your physical activities. Activities such as workouts and even household chores for at least a week.
  • Apply ice packs to the treated area to ease the discomfort and pain.
  • After receiving the treatment, spend the next two days resting.
  • Stop using medicines like; Aspirin, Motrin, Advil, any NSAIDs, and fish oil for at least seven days.
  • Do not lift anything.

Recovering from Cellulite Removal Treatment in Dubai:

In general, it takes about 7 – 10 days to recover after having cellulite reduction. During this time, it’s better to rest as much as possible and not drink alcoholic beverages.

Side-Effects of Cellulite Removal Treatment in Dubai:

After cellulite treatment, the following side effects may occur. Yet, many of these are short-term and mild:

  • Swelling may occur.
  • You may feel dizzy.
  • The treated site may be sore.
  • It is not unusual to see redness in the area of cellulite removal.

Patients, Please Note: certain medications may interfere with the treatment effectiveness. Please check with the physician to make sure you are ready for the treatment.

Pros and Cons of Cellulite Removal Treatment in Dubai:


  • The procedure is painless and pretty short.
  • Benefits go beyond aesthetics. It improves blood circulation and prevents health problems related to obesity.
  • Makes the skin healthier and more attractive.


  • It may take many tries to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Skin elasticity can influence the final results.

Cost of Cellulite Removal Treatment in Dubai:

The average Cost of Cellulite Treatment in Dubai UAE starts at AED 7,000. The physician will give the final quote after assessing your goals. And then he will determine exactly what type of treatment you need, and what medical kit to use.

Consult a Cellulite Treatment Doctor:

The Takeaways!

  • Cellulite is a normal part of aging which means that there is nothing wrong with your health.
  • You can reduce cellulite by laser.
  • You can also get Subcision to “tone up.” Studies have shown Subcision to be the most effective for getting rid of dimples on bellies.

Why Dynamic Clinic always beats the Competitors?

Regardless of the type of cellulite treatment you want, you must see a certified doctor. They can help you avoid uninvited situations along the treatment journey. And assist you with planning.

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