BRAVA breast augmentation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

There are many revolutionary breast enhancement procedures and BRAVA augmentation is one of them. It is an FDA approved non-surgical approach that was introduced in the 2000s for breast enhancement. It provides the gradual and lasting growth of breast tissue without undergoing a knife or lengthy discomforts and downtime. There are many women out there who dream of having big, lifted and firm breast. The treatment has no downtime and it works by a scientifically engineered bra-type device that uses external suction to expand breast tissues.

Aim of the treatment:

BRAVA breast augmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi aims to increase the variety of growth factors within the breast and thus the boob size increases so no more pills, creams, injections are needed for breast augmentation. Brava treatment is supported by thousands of surgeons all across the world and is the best option for women who wants to increase the size of their breast. It effectively enhances the size and shape of the breast by utilizing a special device. Almost every woman wants to have a figure like that of the models and actresses appearing on the television.

How it works:

BRAVA breast augmentation help women to get the natural-looking and beautiful breast. It is an advanced breast augmentation procedure that uses a device that is inserted behind the breast to pump the breast tissues and cells. This procedure is done under general anesthesia since it involves micro-liposuction from thick and chubby regions of the body such as thighs and stomach areas.


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Who is the candidate?

Before undergoing BRAVA breast augmentation you have to fulfill criteria in order to qualify as a perfect candidate of the treatment,

  1. You are a non-smoker and non-drinker
  2. You have an elastic and healthy skin with a good skin tone
  3. You have realistic expectations about the results of BRAVA breast augmentation
  4. Skinny and weak women are not a good candidate for the treatment
  5. You are neither pregnant nor a lactating women
  6. Sufficient amount of fat must be available in the patient’s body for fat transfer BRAVA breast augmentation
  7. You have small bosoms and you want to increase their size
  8. You are in good mental and physical health

Benefits of BRAVA Breast Augmentation:

Fat exchange BRAVA breast augmentation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah has numerous benefits. Some of them are listed below,

  • Natural breast augmentation method to get tight and big bosoms
  • Improves the appearance of the breast without cuts and stitches
  • An easy method with very few side-effects
  • Makes you a good candidate of Fat transfer breast augmentation
  • Creates an extra space for large quantities of fat to be transferred
  • Increases the blood flow and growth factors
  • Improves the vascularity of the breast


BRAVA Breast Augmentation:

It is an alternative to breast implants and does not require lots of medications and creams. A patient wears a bra type device by which the existing tissues extend and the breast size increases gradually.

Fat Transfer BRAVA Breast Augmentation:

The procedure of BRAVA breast augmentation is carried out under general anesthesia to avoid pain and discomfort. It takes about 2 to 3 hours for its completion and delivers natural-looking results. Entry points and cannula-pass lines are marked out on the patient’s breast. The procedure involves micro-liposuction from thick and chubby regions of the body such as thighs and stomach areas. Small cuts are made under the skin to extract and implant fat. The extraction and implantation is carried out by utilizing tubes. The extracted fat is refined and injected in the breast to increase its size. The created cuts are then closed with stitches. The patient is allowed to go home once the anesthesia effect has ended.


The recovery period of BRAVA Breast augmentation is a minimum since it is an outpatient procedure and you are allowed to continue your routine activities when you are home. After the treatment, you might experience swelling, bruising on the treated area but it is normal.


If you want to increase the size of your breast without getting breast implant surgeries at an affordable cost and without suffering from botched results, then feel free to consult the Dynamic Breast Surgery Clinic to consider BRAVA breast augmentation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.