Routine Dental Check Ups and Cleaning

Routine Dental Checkups are Important!

Do you know one-third of people in Dubai, don’t regularly visit a dentist? This is certainly a nasty fact. Because leaving the mouth problems untreated can lead to pain, tooth loss, and even severe complications. Basic dental-care is compulsory. It is important to have an earlier dental checkup at least every six months. This keeps the teeth and gums healthy and plays a vital role in preventing tooth problems and stopping oral health issues before they become serious.

To help you enjoy good oral health, the expert dentists of Enfield clinic carry out routine dental checkups and cleaning in Dubai. This initial analysis let them advise a suitable treatment plan. We strongly encourage patients of all ages to have dental-checkup at least twice a year.

Why do you Need a Dental Check-Up?

A regular mouth inspection is important. It helps diagnose oral issues timely and stops over the need for surgical treatments in the future. This early inspection doesn’t only increases the chances of successful handling but also can save your big amount. Remember that dental problems get worse if not treated at a time. So leave behind the concept of dental check-ups only when there is pain. Get proper help as early as possible and enjoy a healthy mouth throughout life.

Prepare well Before Dentist Checkup:

Dental visits don’t seem like a big deal. There is nothing scary in it. While preparing for your appointment you only need to know your health history as well as any teeth problem if you had in the past. Simply be honest with your dentist and get a check-up with a clean and fresh mouth. It’s quite better to make a list of concerns you are facing in daily life. This help dentist tracks oral problems early even more quickly.

The Check-Up Session:

The dental check-up is simple. Mostly it gets started by enquiring a few general health questions and ends upon teeth cleaning as well as some necessary treatment if required.

Basically routine dental checkups and cleaning in Dubai involves three parts. First is the examination, second is teeth cleaning and third is proper dental treatment. Dentists begin with examining the mouth condition and enquire whether you have mouth problems or not. They check for cavities and plaque on your teeth. Next, they analyze the gums with a special tool. Later than you will be recommended proper dentistry handling.

Remember to be open with your dentist. Inform every single anxiety you face in daily life. This will be a great support to your dentist in reaching the best possible results.


 Routine Dental Check Ups and Cleaning in Dubai   

Routine Dental Check Ups and Cleaning Dubai

Professional Teeth Cleaning:

Before seeking any proper dental help, cleaning is a must.

Our Dentists carefully perform the scaling procedure through special tools. This will take away the rigid cavities and plaque present in teeth. Afterward, the teeth are polished and flossed to ensure there is no tartar left behind.

Be certain to take care of your teeth after cleaning. Try to avoid stained liquids like coffee, tea, black drinks, and so on.


You can expect to enjoy the following top benefits by having a frequent dental diagnosis.

  • Frequent check-ups can save you from oral cancer
  • Healthy gums and teeth for a lifetime
  • No need to undergo expensive dental surgeries


The cost of routine dental check-ups and cleaning in Dubai starts with AED 450. Depending upon the number of sessions, the extent of teeth problem, and recommended dental treatment this cost figure might exceed. For exact cost assessment in your case, request your appointment from our dentist.

How often should I have a Checkup?

After the checkup, the dentist would inform the next date for your visit. Generally, a gap of three months is found enough in most cases. However, it greatly depends upon the level of mouth problem. If your teeth are generally in good health, this means you don’t need to get frequent dental-sittings. Overall, 2-3 checkups in a year, are enough in preserving healthy teeth as well as a pleasant smile even in old age.

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