Infertility in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

You and your spouse are not lonely if you are having difficulty becoming parents. A similar problem faces millions of individuals worldwide. The term used in medicine for not being able to conceive after having regular, unprotected sexual relations for the majority of marriages for at least a year is Infertility in Dubai. A combination of circumstances that impede conception or a health problem affecting you or your spouse might lead to infertility. However, you may increase your chances of becoming pregnant with several safe and efficient procedures. 10% of couples attempting to conceive are affected by infertility, a condition that is growing more and more frequent. Thankfully, those with infertility can now access a range of successful therapies that support their goal of becoming parents. These include more cutting-edge procedures and more conventional medication therapy. Individuals should not be reluctant to talk to their doctor about any worries they may have with infertility.

What is Infertility?

The inability to conceive (get pregnant) after one year or more of sexual activity without protection is known as infertility. After six months of sexual contact without protection, certain suppliers analyse and manage women 35 years of age or older because to is well-known that fertility in women diminishes significantly with age. These criteria of infertility are designed to gather data and track trends, but they are not meant to serve as a basis for suggestions for the delivery of reproductive care services. A regenerative endocrinol is a medical professional who specialises in treating Infertility treatment. Individuals and couples who are unable to conceive may think about scheduling an appointment with one of these specialists. Women who have experienced two or more spontaneous miscarriages, often known as recurrent pregnancy loss, may find assistance from reproductive endocrinologists.

What Are The Reasons?

The Causes of Infertility are numerous. It involves aberrant sperm production or capacity. However, there are other reasons for inherited defects besides heredity; medical issues are one of them. such as diabetes, or infections such as mumps, gonorrhoea, and chlamydia. The primary reasons are as follows:

  • Drugs:

Cancerous damage and the chemo- or radiation therapy used to treat it. Treatment for cancerous growths may reduce the ability to procreate. Male fertility can be affected by several problems.

  • Varyingcle:

It is a condition where the testicular veins enlarge. This issue also hampers the growth and functioning of sperm.

  • Infections:

Sperm ejection can also result from a variety of disorders. those that impact the reproductive system. It may also affect the health and maturation of sperm.

  • Early Ejection:

Circumstances that obstruct the typical ejaculation process. Fertility may also be impacted by it. Retrograde ejaculation, for instance, prevents sperm from getting to the egg.

  • External Aspects:

Infertility can also be caused by a variety of environmental causes. Radiation, excessive heat, and toxins can all reduce the quantity and quality of sperm.

  • Aging:

The ageing process may have an impact on the issue. Ageing also causes a decrease in the creation of sperm.


Proper reproductive health is necessary for fertilisation to be effective. Sperm need to have a proper structure and be flexible. also has a concentration sufficiently large to penetrate the egg and stimulate it. Infertility may arise from any departure from these parameters. The signs and Symptoms of Infertility are as follows:

Modifications to Sexual Function:

Males may experience issues with their sexual function. such as erectile dysfunction and diminished libido. They also have problems ejaculating.

Pain, Swelling, or a Lump:

Candidates who have testicular discomfort, swelling, or a lump. They could allude to a hidden infertility issue. You need to see a specialist if you encounter any of the symptoms.

Imbalances in Hormones:

This issue may arise if candidates see any variations in their hormone levels. These exhibit alterations in facial or body hair, signifying problems with conception. Abnormalities in hormones may impact the generation of sperm.

Issues Related to Ejaculation:

candidates who ejaculate both prematurely and retrogradely. Both of these may add to the perfect time.

The Root Medical Conditions:

Fertility can be hampered by medical conditions: such as hereditary issues, diabetes, and cystic fibrosis.


The most crucial prerequisite for treating male infertility is an accurate diagnosis. The best course of action will be determined by the doctor. after evaluating your situation and issues. The primary diagnostic test for the issue is as follows:

Semen test:

The physician obtains a sperm sample. and investigates variables influencing fertilisation. The sperm count, volume, structure, etc., will be obtained using this procedure. But if the test results show that your sperm count is low or absent. The findings do not always indicate irreversible infertility.

Testicular Biopsies:

If there are few or no sperm, the professional will recommend this test. Based on your health as well as additional factors. The test will be carried out by the physician following anaesthesia. During the procedure, they will make a little on the skin of the scrotum. Additionally, take off a little piece of tissue from each testicle.

Blood Examinations:

A blood sample from the region may be taken by the physician. Examining testosterone and follicle-stimulating hormones will be beneficial. These hormones are crucial for the development and maturation of sperm.

Options for Treatment:

There are several areas in which Regenerative Medicine shows promise. Covering infertility and how it relates to infertility in men. Promoting tissue regeneration and repair is the aim of the therapy. Stem cells, growth factors, and other materials are used in the process. The primary Regenerative Treatments for Male Infertility in Dubai are as follows:

Stem Cells Therapy:

Their capacity to differentiate into a wide variety of cell types is amazing. They are also quite helpful in repairing damaged tissues because of this. Stem cells increase sperm production and aid in the regeneration of testicular tissues. The specialist will inject healthy sperm cells into the desired location throughout this therapy. It will support the development of healthy sperm.

PRP Intervention:

Growth factors are present in high concentrations in the process. It encourages the repair and regeneration of tissue. PRP can enhance reproductive health and sperm production. The specialist will draw blood and separate the stem cells. Subsequently, the specialist will apply these cells to the desired location.

Extracellular Vesicles are EVs:

Bioactive chemicals are administered throughout the operation. Cellular activity can be regulated by these vesicles. These vesicles work well to promote health and increase fertility. The men’s fertility is also increased by the operation.

Engineering of Tissues:

These methods entail building artificial structures. They function in the same way as actual tissues. The process helps with artificial tissues. Additionally, it supports damaged reproductive organs. and promotes the development of sperm.

Ozone Treatment:

Male infertility is a multifaceted problem with several underlying causes. such as genetics, anatomical anomalies, and hormone imbalances. Consultation with licenced medical professionals is essential. Reproductive health is their area of expertise. Male infertility can be effectively treated with ozone treatment. because ozone gas is administered during the process. The target area’s oxygenation is improved by this therapy.


A variety of treatment approaches are referred to as regenerative medicine. That makes use of the body’s inherent capabilities. thus it aids in the regeneration and repair of damaged tissues. The principal advantages of the therapy are as follows:


Many of the less invasive or non-invasive therapies for male infertility regeneration exist. Thus, it lessens the risks associated with surgery.

Customised Method:

Regenerative Medicine may be customised to meet each patient’s unique needs. because candidates’ degrees of severity might differ. Thus, the treatment’s effectiveness is further increased by the fact that the need for it varies.

Reduced Side Effects:

This has less negative side effects than conventional therapy. because organic material is used in the process. Additionally, the therapy has a quicker recovery and a decreased risk of infection.

Extended Outcomes:

The goal of the treatment is to deal with the underlying causes of male infertility. Long-term solutions are also provided by the technique.

Boost the Rate of Conception:

Gene therapy and Stem Cell Therapy are two successful therapies. The process promotes the growth of new cells. These methods specifically target the testicular tissues that generate sperm.

Quick Recovery:

Numerous procedures in Regenerative Medicine don’t involve surgery. It also lessens the requirement for drawn-out processes. This may lead to shorter recovery periods and fewer complications following the treatment.

Decreased Need for Donor Sperm:

Treatments in regenerative medicine could provide a substitute for donor sperm. It aids in increasing sperm cell production. because it makes up for a shortage of healthy sperm.

Restoring Hormonal Balance:

Hormonal abnormalities may also be the focus of the therapies. This adds to the infertility of men. Restoring regular levels of reproductive hormones is another benefit of the surgery.


The Cost of infertility treatment in Dubai comes at a low cost. However, the cost of the operations is not consistent. It is dependent upon several factors. The specialist on the cot is the one you must consult. The components that affect costs are as follows:

  • The expert’s experience might affect how much the therapy costs.
  • The hospital’s reputation and location have an impact on the price as well.
  • The target area’s severity
  • The necessity of the medical intervention
  • The choice of the available therapy

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