Feeling Enhancement in dubai & Abu Dhabi

If you want to keep your relationship going it is very important that you have a very healthy and perfect intimate life. No matter due to some problems either of the couple feels lack of pleasure and this is mainly due to poor intimate feelings. You can now approach Feeling Enhancement in Dubai that is done by some simple procedures successfully run in our clinic. We have presumed that women who take such feeling enhancement treatments from our clinic have developed a sense of heightened pleasure and excitement in their intimate life. 

What is Feeling Enhancement? 

A feeling enhancement treatment is normally done in order to elevate your pleasure during intimate times. It is mostly done on females however males can also undergo this treatment but the modalities are different. We get to cater to multiple females regularly with female enhancement treatment and almost all of them have given very positive feedback after getting the treatments. 

A feeling enhancement treatment is mostly done or carried out in the vigina. It either tightens it up in case it has started to sag or loosened. Moreover the aim of the treatment is to improve the blood flow which is the major factor in promoting excitement and activate the glands upon arousal.

Why do Women Approach Feeling Enhancement Procedures? 

Women normally have preferences and choices. Females who have undergone vaginal birth and experience a sense of loosening in the walls of their vagina often do not enjoy their intimate times. Moreover, the muscles do tear especially in case of third degree tearing. Though they undergo episiotomy which is a procedure used to stitch back the tearing of the vagina, the muscles still don’t retain their elasticity as how it was before the delivery.

The feeling enhancement treatment can generally improve the overall appearance as well as the functional integrity of the vagina. 

What are the Ways and Methods of Feeling Enhancement Provided in our Clinic?

Here is a list of treatments for Feeling Enhancement in Dubai we provide in our clinic.

O- Shot:

An O- shot is a treatment which is a derivative of PRP. The platelet rich plasma which is transformed into an O shot is administered into the clitoris as well as the outer part of the vagina.  This treatment is done under the influence of local anesthesia therefore the patient will not feel any pain.  In the end results you can be able to witness that the blood flow has increased to a maximum level and it helps stimulation become stronger and sensitive. 


PRP is a new technique yet its innovation has made multiple and exuberant benefits both in the area of aesthetic as well as medicinal industry. The intimate department has also taken advantage of PRP in order to improve the feeling enhancement. The presence of multiple agents in PRP such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins are highly useful to promote the production of collagen, which eventually improves the elasticity of the entire intimate organ. Some women have also explained that PRP helps in urine retention that helps to hold urine longer.  

Laser treatment:

Laser treatments are not as scary as they sound. They are legally approved by the board of medical directors and the user should know the amount of dosage or energy that is needed to be shown through the device. It is brushed over the surface of the vagina that leads to an immediate shrinking of the musculature of the vaginal walls. 

The aim of the treatment is to increase the production of new collagen that eventually helps in the elasticity and the maintenance of the overall muscles of the vagina.  increase in lubrication and moisture of the walls of the vagina at the time of arousal is an added benefit of laser treatment. 


Over the period of years fillers have proved to be very helpful and beneficial in improving the structure, volume and even enhancement of any part of the body. The infusion of hyaluronic acid instantly plumps up the vagina and vitalizes the intimate organ.  Fillers are also driven into males who want a heightened pleasure and good enhancement. 

Psychological Treatment:

At times the issue is not always in the vagina. Sometimes the problem may also lie in the mind of the candidate. In such a case our specialist would suggest females to seek help from a psychotherapist. Psychosexual therapy will involve the  Therapist dealing with the candidate and the partner emphasizing on the causes that have led to problems related to intimate life. 

They will share methods and ways of feeling enhancement. 

What is the Cost of Feeling Enhancement treatment in our Clinic? 

The Cost of the Feeling Enhancement in Dubai depends upon which type of treatment you have chosen or the surgeon has recommended you. The price however ranges roughly between 3,999 AED to 14,000 AED. 

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Improve your intimate life and give it a new spark by choosing the feeling enhancement treatment offered in our clinic. Fortunately our clinic is not just bound to provide a single treatment but many. Grab your phones now on the schedule for an appointment with the surgeon to avail a free consultation in hand.