Nurse for Newborns At Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Having a newborn is the most adorable thing parents experience in their lives. But this little bundle of joy comes with many different responsibilities. Pregnancy is a beautiful and miraculous journey but taking proper care of your body after this phase is very essential for a proper recovery. So if you’re a new mother and you have no idea how to take proper care of your infant. Do not worry, as we provide the best professional Nurse for Newborns at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, so the couples can get a helping hand in this beautiful journey.

Understanding Infant Care Services:

Being a mother comes with many different challenges and responsibilities. No matter a baby can bring so much joy into the life of the parents, the first few weeks are always very difficult. And often new parents have no idea how to properly take care of their infant. They also often get stressed, when they live far from their families. The main aim of our service is to provide a professional helping hand to you in this journey. Our nurses will help look after new mothers and babies during this time. As babies require extra, love, and affection.

Our Newborn Care at Home Services:

We offer a wide number of services for the ease of our clients. Some of the main facilities we offer are:

  • OverNight Duty:

After pregnancy, a woman’s body needs to heal because of the various changes it goes through. Women need proper rest and assistance during this period. When mothers need to rest or sleep during the night time, our nurses make sure to properly monitor, and feed the baby during the entire night.

  • Day Duties:

The day duties involve all the main things infants require during the day. This can include everything from bathing, changing their clothes, and diapers, and making sure that they are properly fed. 

  • Umbilical Cord Care:

During the initial weeks, the infant’s umbilical cord should be properly taken care of, as it is sensitive after the pregnancy period. So our nurses make sure that they properly take care of the umbilical cord while changing the clothes and the diapers of the newborns.

  • Feeding on Time:

For new mothers, it is often difficult to properly feed their newborns. Our professionals provide you with proper guidance and instructions on how to properly feed your infant. They make sure that the baby is getting enough milk from the mother. Some babies cannot have breastfed milk, so our attendant will help you prepare the recommended powdered milk for the infant.

  • 24 Hours Nursing Facility:

We also provide 24-hour services for our clients. So if parents need 24/7 help with handling their newborn they can avail of this service. In a 24-hour service, our nanny will assist you with all the needs and requirements of your baby.

Nurses for Newborns at Home:

Nurse for Newborns at Home in Dubai Nurse for Newborns at Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Nurse for Newborns at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

What Skills a Nurse for Newborns at Home Should Have?

Hiring a Neonatal Nurse who can properly look after your baby can be a tough task. Parents always want the best for their children. So if you are looking to hire a person, make sure that they have the following certain skills:

  • Proper education on how to handle and manage babies.
  • Basic knowledge of CPR, and first aid is necessary.
  • They should have good communication skills and should be able to easily communicate with the parents.
  • They should have good time managing, and task managing skills.
  • Should be experienced in their particular field.
  • Should have proper knowledge of handling special, or premature babies.

Benefits of Nurse for Newborns at Home:

  • Nurse for Newborns at Home in Dubai helps new mothers navigate and assist them in the hectic weeks of this phase.
  • The biggest benefit this facility offers is the benefit of getting the proper amount of sleep.
  • Helps deal with postpartum anxiety and depression.
  • Helps develop a special bond between the mother and the baby.
  • Provides guidance to new mothers regarding this breastfeeding, and the health of their child.
  • Mothers get time to take proper care of their bodies to heal properly during their post-pregnancy.
  • It gets easy for the parents to travel, and attend gatherings without worrying about their baby being alone.

How to Find a Good Nurse for Newborns at Home?

If you are new parents and if you don’t have any family who can help you in this phase. You can hire a nanny by reaching out to our clinic. Our professionals will review your profile and will help you find a good nanny for your family. The process might take a bit of time but we ensure that you will get the best infant care services.

The Best Help for Your Little One!

Dynamic Clinic Dubai is here to provide you with expert professionals who can assist you in taking care of your child in the best possible way. Our team has expert, experienced, and educated professionals who can tackle any difficulty and aim to provide the best services to our clients. By availing of our Nurse for Newborns at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah service you can get the perfect ease at your home by hiring an experienced nanny. If you want to book a free consultation with us kindly fill out the form given below.