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Aging and hormonal changes in the body causes a great deal of disturbance and changes in the anatomical presentation of your vagina. Other than that childbirth and surgeries to the vagina during parturition often causes aggressive changes to the vaginal walls. little do you know that these changes are not temporary but permanent.  The sagging and loosening of the vagina leads to a non satisfying sex and of course it also affect your intimacy and relationship with your partner. You can overcome this embarrassment and anxiety by getting your hands on some esthetic treatments like fillers for vaginal enhancement. It is not very surprising to say that aesthetic treatments are not just for beautifying your facial features but also  your intimate parts of the body. Discover how vaginal enhancement can be achieved by some classical fillers and how they work. 

What are Fillers?

Fillers are injections that consist of hyaluronic acid which is a water based agent that is responsible for providing hydration and adding volume to the cells that have lost their fullness.

How Do Vaginal Fillers for Enhancement Work?

The  hyaluronic acid based fillers are injected into the label walls of the vagina it instantly restores hydration and adds an appropriate, adequate fullness and thickness to the walls of the vagina. This not only builds thickness of the labial walls but also improves tightening of the vagina and improves the function of the anatomical muscles. 

Benefits of Choosing Fillers for vaginal Enhancement

  • You will be able to witness a drastic change and improvement within a very short span of time
  • Your sexual life will be a lot better than before
  • You will notice that your partner has also felt a sense of satisfaction through you
  • Sexual pleasure will increase to double as the tightening of Vaginal walls increase stimulation
  • A better approach to self-confidence 
  • Unlike surgery it is not invasive and the results can be seen immediately
  • The treatment is not time consuming
  • The treatment has no side effects reported as such. 

Who are the Right Candidates for Vaginal Fillers? 

  • Any woman who has experienced inability and painful intercourse
  • Women who lack lubrication on arousal
  • Females  with extremely low sex drive and libido
  • Women with loose sagging vagina
  • Females who are born with the extremely thin labial folds

How is the Procedure for Vaginal Fillers Done? 

Initial History Taking and Consultation

In this phase the doctor will analyze and will ask you questions related to your intimacy. She will also address and educate you about the treatment options. 

Administration of Local Anesthesia

 A local anesthetic agent normally lidocaine that is applied only to the walls of their labial fold for creating a balance of numbness so that the patient cannot feel any pain while the insertion of fillers

Injecting the Dermal Fillers 

Fillers consisting of hyaluronic acid are then injected into the vagina ensuring that the multiple sites are covered.

Recovery and Resting

In this stage the specialist will monitor whether the patient is fine after the insertion of fillers or not. Patients with allergic reactions may show signs of irritability and redness.

Are There any Side Effects of Fillers for Vaginal Enhancement?

Side effects arise only if the candidate chooses an inexperienced specialist or does not follow the aftercare instructions properly.  In case of vaginal filler enhancement patients can come up with certain potential risks such as: 

  • Redness and itching in the first few hours after the injection
  • In case of sensitive patients allergic responses can be witnessed
  • Movement or mobility during the treatment can cause the injection to be inserted in the wrong side as a result the area swells up
  • Swelling of either of the labial folds may result in asymmetry of the vagina

Who are Exempted From Vaginal Fillers?

  • Women who are approaching or have already started menopause
  • Females who are planning to get pregnant
  • Awoman who has already conceived
  • Any woman who is close to her expected delivery date

Are Vaginal Fillers Treatment Permanent or Temporary?

Vagina fillers work on a long term effect and you can be pleased with their results and enjoy its benefits for as long as five years. For women who are older than 50 or has reached menopause the vaginal fillers would not work effectively because the hormone replacement therapy becomes mandatory in such women. 


Sexual pleasure and intimacy has no age. One should never restrict themselves as long the sexual pleasure because of the changes in their genitals this is very legit and aging can be a major factor in it. The best you should do is to seek the right treatment, especially women because they have been born through a lot of physical changes in their body including hormonal alterations and childbirth.  get yourself a short of vaginal fillers enhance for enhancement and bring a change in your sexual intimacy because you deserve to be happy with your partner both in life and bed!