Inverted Nipple Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Those, whose nipples are pulled inward into the breasts instead of sticking out are the candidates of Inverted nipple surgery. The problem can be also be solved through breasts revision surgery. This condition is very common and about 1 out of 10 males and females are experiencing it. Some people have it when they are born while others develop them later. In most of the cases, only one nipple is retracted. It makes breastfeeding difficult for women as the baby can hook the entire Areola.

Most of the doctors suggest not to treat inverted nipple because for them it as a normal variation in nipple shape. They usually recommend to have it if retracted nipple is causing any harm to you such as if it is causing malignancy or breast inflammation.

Inverted Nipple Surgery:

If your nipples are really bothering you can get them re-inverted with our effective inverted nipple surgery. It gives the nipples an attractive appearance and is helpful in meeting the ultimate goals. Some manual solutions such as Hoffman Technique, piercing and suction devices can be used for reversing Inverted Nipple Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah but they produce temporary results whereas the surgical procedure produce permanent results.

Aim of the Treatment:

This surgical and invasive procedure that aims to alter and correct the nipple so that it stick out from the areola in natural way. It works by releasing and stretching those connective tissues that has been pulling the nipples inward. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. It boost one’s self confidence particularly when they get intimate with their spouse.

Causes of Inverted Nipples:

  • An over-production of short and highly resistant collagen fibers
  • Scarring or fat loss due to surgery can be the reason
  • Duct ectasia
  • the constriction of milk ducts and fibrous tissue
  • milk ducts that are shorter than usual

Candidates of Inverted Nipple Surgery:

People who are self-conscious and insecure about the appearance of their naked breasts can opt for the surgery. It is an excellent solution that gently rectifies nipple shape without leaving evident scars. It is suitable for the women whose nipples are sunken or flattened. Women undergo the treatment if they are planning to have a baby in order to minimize the risk of breastfeeding problems.

You are a good candidate of the treatment if;

  1. You are above 20
  2. Women who are not pregnant or breast-feeding
  3. You are a non-smoker or non-drinker
  4. Inform your surgeon about your current medications as some may need to be stopped
  5. You are physically and mentally healthy
  6. You are having difficulty nursing their baby.


In life of every women breasts play a practical as well as aesthetic role. Inverted Nipple surgery can be performed alone or in conjunction with other breasts procedures such breast implants, breast reduction or breast lift. The procedure is usually done using local anesthesia and requires an hour to complete. Small incision is made around the areola to target the connective tissues. The tissues are lifted and stitched to a new place with surgical pins for about 14 pins. It will not cause any scaring. The patient is allowed to go home without problems. Other techniques involves the formation of incision around the areola and the released tissue is sutured to the desired shape. Another inverted nipple surgery option is that the retracted internal tissues and fibrous tissues are cut and formed to the nipple-shape.


  • A Lunch hour and minimally invasive procedure
  • A gentle solution of the inverted nipple problem
  • Enhances the sexual life
  • Preventive nature
  • Improves breast appearance


Very short recovery time is associated with inverted nipple surgery. You might experience some discomfort, irritation or swelling on the treated site for few days after the procedure but it will settle down. The new position is permanent once the nipples are healed fully. The treatment is effective and delivers long lasting and successful results to most of the patients.


Be careful while choosing a surgeon as the treatment produces permanent results. It corrects the flat appearance of the nipples, increase the nipple projection to make the appearance of the breast normal and attractive.

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