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X-rays are considered as the best diagnostic tools to identify and locate any underlying problems. Similar is the case with Dental Panoramic X-Ray in Dubai. It is a kind of X-ray that is bound to provide a dentist with all the complete details of the oral cavity including the bone, the underlying nerve, the jaws and the sinuses as well. The need and importance of panoramic dental x-rays has made them quite high in demand. 

What are Dental Panoramic X-Rays? 

A dental panoramic X-ray is a diagnostic tool which provides an image to the dentist illustrating the entire dental arch including the supporting bones and sinuses. It is quite comprehensive and you can even magnify the smallest detail that can be unnoticed or unseen clinically. 

It is the most important tool that is used for treatment planning prior to any clinical procedure. Unlike the Periapical X-rays, dental panoramic X-ray is pain free and is very useful for kids who find other x-ray methods painful.

Uses of Dental Panoramic X-Rays:

To Analyze the Complete Oral Cavity:

A periapical  X-ray is able to produce the details of a one or as maximum to only two teeth in a single film. In case of a dental panoramic X-ray it can capture the image of the complete oral cavity starting from the last tooth. 

To Check Bone Health and Height:

Sometimes things that appear clinically are not very accurate. It is just like a tip of the iceberg. To evaluate bone health and height a Dental Panoramic X-Ray in Dubai is a perfect diagnostic key.

To Locate Inter-Teeth Areas:

The spaces and the contact in between the teeth is often a place where most of the cavities and carious lesions are unnoticed and not visible clinically through the naked eye this is a very well visualized onto an image which is generated through a dental panoramic X-ray.

To Spot Cancerous Lesions:

Tumors and necrotic regions in the oral cavity are best illustrated through dental panoramic X-rays; it not just shows the location of the tumor but also shows where the tumor spread distinctly.

For Treatment Planning: 

Orthodontic treatments were not possible without the aid of dental panoramic x rays. The entire treatment planning is based after studying the ortho pentagram or dental panoramic X-ray. 

To Evaluate the Progress of Any Treatment:

The evaluation and progress of any treatment is best described and seen through the means of X-rays. Tooth movements and displacements in orthodontic treatments use dental panoramic X-rays in order to evaluate the prognosis. 

To Identify Age of the Patient:

A lot of the teeth that are missing in the oral cavity may have their tooth buds embedded into the bone.  This is best identified through the X-rays and the dentist also uses X-rays as an aid to identify the age of the patient. 

The Benefits of Panoramic X-Rays:

  • Less cost.
  • Least radiation exposure .
  • Has less complex method .
  • Not time consuming.
  • Is very precise .
  • Durable .

Who Are the Ideal Candidates for Panoramic Dental X-Ray ? 

  • Candidates who are about to undergo an orthodontic treatment.
  •  to locate proximal caries and cavities bracket open cavity present in the teeth contact areas.
  •  candidates who have dysfunction in their joints.
  •  any candidate who has recently undergone an extraction and wants to see the status of the socket.
  •  patients with the traumatic injury to the oral cavity.
  •  Candidates who present with  Abscess or pus.
  •  Patients who report in case of any infection.


In order to carry out the procedure for Dental Panoramic X-Ray in Dubai it is important that the radiologist should be very skillful and a specialist. 

Here’s how the procedure is done:

  •  At first you will be told to sit or stand near to the device that will emit the radiation
  • The radiologist ensures that the candidate is wearing an apron to prevent the penetration of harmful radiation waves
  •  the device is switched on
  •  while the patient is sitting in a still position the ortho pen tamograph moves all the way in a 360 direction ensuring to snap pictures in a 3-dimension. 
  •  Once the image is captured the radiologist will develop the image which hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes. 


Since the device is quite expensive and an experienced radiologist is required, the cost of dental panoramic X-ray in Dubai is quite high, however our clinic offers this X-ray as low as 220 AED to 550 AED

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