Best Ceramic Crowns in Dubai & Abu Dhabi CAD CAM Technology Cost

Crowns are tooth like “covers”. They restore the tooth outlook that is beyond repair—further prevents the extra damages. Modern crowns are composed of different materials and a popular aesthetic choice comes out “Ceramic”. This crown is famous for its ample similarity to natural teeth. This means it won’t compromise your looks just as wired braces do.

Two types of ceramic crowns include:

  • All ceramic
  • Metal-on-ceramic

You will be guided on the most suitable Ceramic Crowns in Dubai & Abu Dhabi as per your teeth position. All-ceramic is considered more natural for teeth, so the dentist recommends it on front teeth however metal-on-ceramic is barely noticeable. It is an excellent choice for out-of-sight points.

Read the below guide to understand more details on Dental Ceramic Crowns in Dubai.

You may Need Ceramic Crown:

Our dentist recommends Ceramic crowns if you encounter the following conditions,

Results of Ceramic Crowns:

Ceramic Crowns look natural, restores the lost structure, functionality and bring back the aesthetics of the smile. You would notice instant difference however sensitivity is normal.

The lifespan of ceramic crowns is around 5-10 years or perhaps longer if properly cared for.

Best Ceramic Crowns Dubai  Best Ceramic Crowns in Abu Dhabi  Best Ceramic Crowns in Dubai

Best Ceramic Crowns in Dubai & Abu Dhabi


Benefits of Ceramic Crown in Dubai are:

  • Beautiful smile
  • Restored oral health
  • Improved function
  • Prohibited misalignment

The Process:

Here is the lowdown on the procedure of Ceramic Crowns in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

  1. At Dynamic, the placement of crown starts by taking tooth impressions. Dentists do so to ensure new crown; similar to your tooth contour.
  2. Once the imprint is taken, the dentist prepares the tooth. They remove the part of enamel from the tooth to create a place for the new cap so that it can fit easily without pushing other teeth out of place.
  3. Then, the tooth is cleaned and a temporary cover is placed. This cap is located for two weeks until the eternal one is prepared in the lab.
  4. The final sitting is arranged by a dentist after the built-up of the crown. Dentists remove the temporary topping and bond the permanent one.

Note: These tooth caps can be installed in one visit if your dentist has enough equipment to prepare them on the same day. All it depends upon dentist’s proficiency, your preferences, and comfortability.

After Treatment:

Later on receiving the crown, your tooth will be sensitive. Plus, there can be mild irritation until the cap settles in place. Overall recovery is noted around 4-5 days.

Follow the few guidelines in terms of taking proper care of your ceramic-crowned smile.

  • Avoid sticky and hard foods
  • Brush and floss regularly but gently
  • Use night guards as prescribed
  • Get regular dental check-ups

Cost of Ceramic Crowns UAE:

In Dubai, Ceramic Crowns are fairly affordable. The average cost of Ceramic Crowns in Dubai starts around AED 1000 and reaches a maximum of up to AED 3000. Dentists may charge more or less as per their skills, experience level, and difficulty of the procedure.

At Dynamic Dental we offer high-quality ceramic crowns at an affordable cost. Please contact our team for further pricing details and unique estimates.

Get Dubai’s Best Ceramic Crowns:

When getting crowns, it’s advisable to meet an expert cosmetic dentist who holds enough skills to transform your smile aesthetically. At Dynamic Dental, our highly competent dentist Rasha Mahana do so by keeping patients comfortable. She carefully diagnoses the patients and then installs the crown accordingly. From beginning to end, you won’t be left in any doubt.

With our expert dentists, friendly team, and modern equipment—you will cherish a beautiful smile with no hindrances.

Free Consultation:

For appointments related to Best Ceramic Crowns in Dubai & Abu Dhabi or any other dental crown in Dubai, consult our team. Use the online form or call directly at +971588230420.