Adipose lipolysis injections in Dubai, Abu Dhabai & Sharjah

Staying fit is the essential need to feel confident and creates a good impression. In today’s generation, everyone is busy with their lives. However, despite o busy schedule and hectic routine maintaining a healthy lifestyle is quite tough. Certainly, it demands attention and plenty of time to spend on exercises and further physical activities. But sometimes even workouts and diet plans cannot help with rigid fatty pockets which results in the need for medical help.

Are you also one of those people who’re becoming self-conscious due to bulky thighs and upper arms? Seeking non-surgical practice? No problem. You can stop your research here!

Adipose Lipolysis Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is the perfect solution for those who want to avoid getting weight loss surgeries but still demands to do something with their flabby body parts.

What Exactly is Adipose Lipolysis?

Lipolysis is a Body Sculpting technique that provides the attractive contours of a figure non-invasively. Chemical injections delivered on the fatty pockets cause the breakdown of adipose tissues and produce new fat-free acids in the body. Though, the shattered ones get flushed out of the body through the natural metabolic process.

It can permanently reduce the fat percentage in the body by leaving a lasting impact on your cholesterol profile. However, this treatment should be availed from trustworthy and qualified doctors. In UAE, Lipolysis Injections are available at dynamic clinics with affordable packages. We assure the best quality of injectables from expert practitioners to deliver quick and everlasting fallouts.

Before & After Results:

Adipose Lipolysis Injections results in appealing and dramatic contours of body shape. It would give you the figure that you’ve always thought of but couldn’t achieve. However, the difference in the figure can be noticed immediately but the maximum consequences might require 4-6 weeks. Furthermore, the entire practice of Lipolysis Injections in Dubai gets completed in 3-4 sessions with a gap of five to seven weeks, depending on the satisfaction of patients.

Frankly speaking, there is no guarantee of preserving results permanently. It’s greatly reliant upon the lifestyle and the eating habits you maintain in the future. But luckily, the fatty chemicals exerted out of the body won’t come back.

Best adipose-lipolysis-injections in dubai  adipose-lipolysis-injections in dubai  adipose-lipolysis-injections in Abu Dhabi

adipose-lipolysis-injections Clinic in Dubai  Best adipose-lipolysis-injections Clinic in Dubai  Best adipose-lipolysis-injections in Abu Dhabi

Is Lipolysis for me?

Absolutely yes. If you’re getting bothered by some of your flabby body parts and don’t want to go for weight-loss surgeries or Botox Treatment. But still, an initial examination with a board-certified doctor is mandatory to know about possible complications you can deal with.

Moreover, please make sure that you’re not pregnant and also not suffering from any serious disease. Make your doctor well informed about your realistic expectations from the procedure so he can guide you the better aptness.

What to Consider Before Treatment?

There is no need to obey strict instructions for preparing yourself. Sensibly, the entire body contouring technique is extremely safe and quick that doesn’t claim extra precautions to be followed. But still, for productive fallouts, some important suggestions should be taken into consideration before you step into this procedure. Please consider,

  1. Inform your physician about your medical history.
  2. Follow every single order of your doctor.
  3. Quit smoking and alcohol intake.
  4. Escape the use of pain killers and blood-thinning medications.

Adipose Lipolysis Injection Procedure:

The entire procedure of Adipose lipolysis injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is focused on the breakage of fatty tissues which are responsible for body flab. There is nothing new in the Lipolysis Treatment process, only a specified dosage of injection is delivered into the targeted areas after applying a numbing cream. Depending upon the size and number of fatty parts, time would be determined. Normally, it doesn’t demand more than 30 to 40 minutes for accomplishing the intact practice.

The injectable solution involved in Lipolysis Injections is embraced by Sodium deoxycholate and Phosphatidylcholine (PPC). These active agents cause the collapse of rigid adipose tissues and liquefy them for natural abstraction from the body.

Treatment Complications & Side Effects?

Make sure that you acquire the treatment from a trusted clinic. Only this aspect will ensure the safest and natural consequences. Until now, no serious side effects of Lipolysis injections have been reported but a foolish doctor can give water back to your hopes. It’s just a matter of expert and inexpert.

In Dubai, An FDA- approved practice of Lipolysis injections will satisfy your aesthetic needs without harming you even a pinch.


In comparison with the surgical procedures, its aftercare is too simple. But still, you should take care of your treated area by making sure that you don’t apply enough pressure on it. However, you might go through temporary pain, redness, and swelling on the injected side but there’s nothing complex to worry about.

Typically, there is no recovery time for Adipose lipolysis, patients can resume their daily activities right after the procedure.

Adipose Lipolysis Cost:

According to the latest inquiry, the Cost of Adipose Lipolysis Injections is considered to be AED 2,000 to AED 10,000 maximum. It’s just the rough estimate of cost, please visit our expert doctors at dynamic, to know the exact cost in your case.

Opportunely, we’re also offering the hundred percent installment plan with zero percent interest. So you can pay large amounts in parts easily.

Get the Adipose Lipolysis Injections in Dubai!

If getting rid of extra fat is becoming hard to deal with workouts, Adipose lipolysis injections in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic are the ultimate opening to “perfect” you. It would make your figure tempting, sexy, and attractive so you can get easily get back your lost confidence through minutes of trick.

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