Macrolane Injections in Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah

According to every woman, the breast is their most important organ. Its rounder and fuller figure make the overall appearance attractive and sexy. Not only this, Buttocks and calves also contribute to summarizing the entire beauty. But sadly, we cannot deny the horrible realities of aging that result in vanished skin elasticity and obviously affects our whole personality. Numerous treatment options available for this purpose but non-invasive ones have always been the patients’ favorite.

Here, we’re going to let you know about the most outstanding body contouring procedure. It will satisfy even your smallest aesthetic needs within minutes. Surprised? But it’s a reality.

Macrolane Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi targets to achieve fuller and perfect shaped-body. The entire technique is focused on the enlargement of Breasts, buttocks, calves, and many other body parts. But most prominently, breasts are being griped.

Please continue reading to explore its procedure details, side effects, and further surprising realities.

Results of Macrolane:

The results after Macrolane Injections in UAE can be observed immediately as increased breast size. You can think of a one cup size of progress in them. But they aren’t meant for a lifetime.

The acquired fallouts will start fading from 12-24 months of the procedure which results in the need of attending repeated sessions. Generally, you will be called to appear in 2-3 sittings with a gap of 9-10 months of Macrolane injections. Besides, we cannot consider this approach temporary nor permanent, because consequences are totally reliant upon the aftercare and individual metabolic rates.

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Who can have this Treatment?

Macrolane treatment in Dubai would be an ideal decision for women who feel insecure about their figure and demands of breast reshaping in it. Not only women, but men can also consider this for contouring any area of the body. But before deciding anything, please ensure the best fitness for the procedure. As it will react differently to each person in accordance with their health details. Please check out.

  1. It’s strictly prohibited for women who’re breastfeeding and had breast cancer.
  2. Best suited for those who don’t demand permanent changes in their figure.
  3. The ones who desire to see an instant improvement in their breast, buttocks, and calves.

How can I Prepare before Macrolane Injections?

Before you experiencing Macrolane treatment, inform the doctors about the expected changes you want in your body and also make them aware of your health condition so they can inform the guidelines accordingly. The instructions vary from person to person but some criteria hold much importance and remain constant. Normally it includes:

  1. Escape the intake of smoke, drugs, and blood-thinning medications.
  2. Avoid getting herbal supplements.
  3. Talk to your doctor regarding the current medications you’re taking.
  4. Keep following the prescribed guidelines.

Macrolane Injections in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

What’s Expected During the Procedure?

The procedure of Macrolane Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi isn’t complex like breast augmentation surgeries. A slight pinch of a needle would be the solution to all problems. Fortunately, it wouldn’t take more than one hour.

Most initially, local anesthesia will be given into the treatment areas. Afterward, a small incision of 1-2 mm is then made under the breasts or Buttocks for better outreaching into desired areas. The surgeon then tackles the main concern by injecting the specified amount of filler in it, through any syringe or cannulas.

Later then, the incision gets closed.

Aftercare & Recovery Guidelines:

Macrolane Breast Enlargement Injections claim extreme care to prevent infection. For a smooth recovery period, you will have to follow every single piece of advice from your doctor. Luckily, you can go back home after a short rest but with wearing a support bra all the time. It would prevent the unwanted movement of filler. Furthermore, consider the following points for more appropriate know-how.

  1. Keep taking antibiotics for at least 3-days.
  2. Let your body heal completely before you start physical activities.
  3. Escape rubbing or pointless touching the treated site.

Associated Complications:

Just like every filler, side effects can also occur with Macrolane injections. Normally, you’ll have to deal with redness or swelling which is common and disappears within two weeks.

Further serious complications like contagion, filler leakage, undesired results, lumps, and disparity of fillers can be seen in the case of a junior doctor. Even though Macrolane hasn’t a negative impact on the mammary gland but still, it’s not being recommended to women with anamnesis or further breast infections.

How Much Macrolane Injections Cost in Dubai?

The Cost of Macrolane Injections in Dubai starts from AED 700 to AED 2,500. Basically, it’s greatly reliant upon the breast condition and the size you want to acquire.

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Macrolane injections have become so much more popular in the last few years. In short, they’re best and ultimate for getting enlarged breasts or buttocks. To help you in making the right decision, our Cosmetic Injectables experts are always there for you.

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