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Are you running out of time in the morning for makeup?  You want to put that eyeliner on and add a blush to your face but your cab is waiting downstairs?  Here’s a little gift for you: a Semi Permanent Makeup Treatment in Dubai is now raging because of its benefits and success. This saves your time and also gives you a naturally pigmented tone all day long without having the need to do a retouch. A semi permanent Make up will make your life a lot easier than before and will transform your face into a completely new and attractive looking. This article will shed light on the Different kinds of semi permanent makeup techniques like Micro blading, lip tint and Permanent Lip Blushing Treatment etc.

What is Semi-Permanent Makeup?

A semi permanent makeup is an aesthetic or cosmetic procedure that instantly enhances your entire facial appearance. The technique works by the insertion of certain pigments into the skin, most probably the superficial layer and down the dermis.The pigment is inserted including your cheeks, eyebrows, lips Without disturbing the natural tone and texture.The amount of pigment generally depends upon the person’s age as well as the other with genetic features such as the eye color, hair color and the overall anatomy of the face.


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Who are the Ideal Candidates?

  • Working females who run out a short of time and makeup is one of their daily ritual.
  • Stay at home mothers who have no time for themselves yet want to flaunt and look good.
  • Candidates who have suffered any bizarre infliction like burns or chemical acid attack that has led them two Louis the natural pigment of the skin.
  • Cancer survival patients who have lost their eyebrows during the treatment.
  • Candidates who want to get a break in media and industry and want to enhance their facial features especially eyebrows and lips.

Semi-Permanent Makeup Techniques:

Many clinics provide a different kind of aesthetic procedures in the name of permanent makeup however not all of them have the virtue of providing every treatment. the Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai,UAE is well privileged in providing multiple aesthetic procedures like:

  • Microblading eyebrows.
  • Semi permanent eyeliner.
  • Contouring lip line.
  • Lip blushing treatment.
  • Completely color.
  • Under eye dark circles removal. 
  • Complete tattoo removal.

How is the Procedure of Semi Permanent Makeup Done in Dubai?

Micro blading: 


A device is used that consists of a minor needle which directly inserts the pigment into the brows. You can visit the clinic in order to learn about the Microblading Price in Dubai.


  • Perfectly shaped eyebrows.
  • Natural tint that will give you more dramatic and intense look. 
  • No more of for using a eyebrow pencils and getting them done every time.

Semi Permanent Eyeliner:


An injection -like agent is used which consists of a pigment which is directly inserted into the dermis right above the hood of the upper eyelid. It is just like a tattoo appearance done permanently. 


  • Cat eye contour.
  • Perfectly shaped eyes start the dreamy and attractive look.
  • Gives the illusion of wide elongated eyes.

Contouring Lip Line: 


Fillers  used are based on hyaluronic acid that are injected into the lips directly. It gives the lips a complete fuller look and the outline is generated automatically. 


  • Outlines the lift and enhances their appearance.
  • Make them look Plummer and pouty.
  • The lips look well contoured and higher definition.

Lip Blushing Treatment:


Some creations would use a pen-like device which has a tent or pigment at the end. This is then brushed onto the surface of the lips evenly and is then rubbed for proper spreading. 


  •  Instantly adds a natural tint to the lips.
  •  The pinkish shade gives the look a radiant and healthy fresh look.
  •  Adds a different shine and gloss to the lips naturally.
  •  puts and end to all the lip shades and lip crayons that consist of blackening agents.

Under Eye Dark Circle Removal:


Cosmetic experts would use a laser device under the dark circles or sometimes the same pen-like device in order to add a skin lightening pigment under the eyes.


  • Evenly adds a lighter pigment to the under eyes.
  • Covers up the dark circles and panda eyes.
  • The eyes will look much more healthier and refreshed.

Complete Tattoo Removal:


The best method for complete Tattoo Removal can be done by laser device. First It breaks the pigment of the tattoo into minor fragments. The fragments slowly and gradually faded with time. 


  • De-pigments the tattoo you know more want to keep on.
  • Clears and evens out the skin.

What are the Pros and Cons of Semi Permanent Makeup? 


  • Saves time for makeup.
  • Gives the face a natural pigment.
  • Keeps you look glowing and fresh. 
  • Prevents the face from chemicals that are often present in makeup. 
  • Reduces the risk of clogged pores that occurs due to chemicals in makeup products. 


  • Mild to moderate irritation in the first few days.
  •  You may not find the pigment pleasing.
  •  The pigment may lighten after a few years if you use an appropriate cleanser.
  •  You will need to be very gentle while washing your face.
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Semi Permanent Makeup techniques have made life a lot easier especially for women who are habitual of wearing makeup but often run out of time and want a quick catch up. Unlike other aesthetic treatments a semi permanent makeup technique is done by tech professional aesthetic experts.