Spectra Laser Carbon Peel in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

It is an advanced FDA approved skin rejuvenation treatment that is done to reduce the appearance of several skin conditions including Fine Lines, Acne Scars, Pigmentation, Freckles and Blemishes, Wrinkles, etc. It can also help to make the large pores look smaller. The Spectra Laser Carbon Peel Dubai & Abu Dhabi is simple, safe and effective.


You can consider this treatment if you want to get perfect skin tone and baby soft skin without pain and downtime. Before undergoing the treatment, the professional will do your thorough examination to check whether you can undergo this procedure or not. You are a candidate of spectra carbon peel treatment if:

  • You have acne scars, rosacea, and varying skin tone due to enlarged oil glands on your face.
  • It delivers remarkable results to the people with expressions lines and sagging skin on their cheeks.
  • You have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the treatment.
  • You are mentally stable and physically fit.
  • You do not have any skin infection or allergy.

Aim of the Treatment:

Both men and women can benefit from this treatment. In this treatment a specialized laser heat is passed over the carbon peel applied to revitalize the skin, therefore it is also known as carbon-assisted laser peel. It results in blasting away dead skin cells. The results appear gradually so 5 – 6 sessions spaced 7 – 10 days apart, are required to produce effective and long-term results of the treatment.


Benefits of spectra Laser Carbon peel treatment are:

  1. Safe and gentle treatment.
  2. Produces effective results in less time as compared to rejuvenation treatments.
  3. Evens out imbalanced skin tone.
  4. Reduces wrinkles, scars and pigmentation.
  5. Can treat Melasma as well.
  6. Reduces stubborn acne and improves skin texture.
  7. A painless procedure with no time.
  8. Stimulates the buildup of collagen.


It is recommended to follow the below-listed instructions carefully before undergoing the procedure:

  • Keep the skin away from sun light for 1 at least week before the treatment.
  • Avoid taking aspirin products because they slow down the recovery process.
  • Apply sun screen of strong SPF to your skin before going out.
  • Done with all your prescribed tests (if any).
  • Stop smoking 4 weeks prior to the treatment.


Usually the procedure of spectra carbon peel treatment does not take more than hour. The physician starts the procedure by applying spectra lotion (containing carbon base) to the skin which look like a mud-pack. After this, specialized laser energy is passed over the affected areas of the skin that results in the reduction of skin irregularities such as wrinkles, pigmentation, and scars. Laser will be passed multiple times through the skin.


The physician will ask you to follow some instructions to help you gets best results of the treatment. Following are the common aftercare instructions that most of the doctor give:

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure.
  • Keep the treated area dry and clean, do not wash it for 24 hours after the treatment.
  • Protect the skin by applying sunblock of strong SPF before going out.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking because they slow down the healing process.
  • As we used laser in the procedure, probably you will feel burning or tingling sensation in  the treated site, apply ice packs to control it.


The treatment has minimalistic recovery time, you are allowed to return to your routine activities immediately after getting the treatment. The patient has to follow some post-operation instructions to minimize the risk of complications. It is worth mentioning here that the better you take care of your skin the longer the results will last.


Results of Spectra Laser Carbon Peel Dubai & Abu Dhabi vary from individual to individual. The treatment produces long-term results but they are not permanent. You can maintain them by carefully following the post-care instructions.

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Cost of Spectra Carbon Peel Treatment Dubai:

Spectra Carbon Laser Peel Cost in Dubai is not fixed it depends upon several factors such as:

  • Size of area being treated.
  • Skills and expertise of physician.
  • Geographical location.
  • Number of session required.
  • Severity of the issue.


After the treatment, you will experience slight warming of the treated area but it will disappear in few hours. Some other side-effects of the treatment are:

  • Itching.
  • Swelling for a few days.
  • Scabs.
  • Infection.
  • Prickling feeling.
  • hyper-pigmentation.

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