Face Rejuvenation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Are you struggling with a tired, dull face and have dark circles, wrinkles, sagging skin? And you are looking for a safer yet effective treatment then you can consider Face Rejuvenation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.


Following are the goals of Face Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer Treatment:

  1. It will help you in getting rid of your fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.
  2. It will help you in making your skin more plump, glowing and more attractive than before.
  3. It will help you in eliminating hollows under your eyes.
  4. It will help you in fading away from your dark circles.
  5. It will help you in giving your face a more lifted and younger look.
  6. It will help you in shrinking the size of your pores and making your skin smooth.


If you want to undergo the Face Rejuvenation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, then you have to make sure whether you are a good candidate or not:

  • If you are 18 years old or above.
  • If you are mentally and physically healthy.
  • If you have lost volume from your face.
  • If you have realistic expectations regarding the results of the Face Rejuvenation procedure.
  • If you want a younger and fresher look.
  • If you aren’t pregnant.
  • If you don’t have any chronic conditions.

Face Rejuvenation Fat Transfer Before & After:

Face Rejuvenation Dubai Face Rejuvenation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Face Rejuvenation in Dubai

Pre-Operative Care Instructions:

Before undergoing the surgeon will guide you to properly follow these Pre-Operative Care Instructions:

  1. You will have to start applying sun block while going out, for at least a month before undergoing the procedure.
  2. You will have to avoid all kinds of extravagant skincare treatments for almost a month, before undergoing the Face & Hand Rejuvenation procedure.
  3. You will have to avoid taking blood-thinning medications and multivitamins for at least 2 weeks, before undergoing the surgery.
  4. You have to regularly take the prescribed medications advance, as per the physician’s instructions.
  5. You will have to avoid exfoliating your facial skin for 2 weeks, before undergoing the Face Rejuvenation surgery.
  6. You will have to avoid applying skincare products containing Retin A.


Following are the surgical steps, included in the procedure of Face Rejuvenation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah:

  • First of all, the surgeon will properly clean your face to remove dirt, debris, and makeup.
  • Then he will administer local anesthesia to your treatment required facial areas, to make the fat extraction process painless and comfortable.
  • The surgeon will perform fat grafting on your face at different strategic points with the help of microinjections.
  • In the end, he will apply a cooling gel on your treated areas to soothe the skin.

Face Rejuvenation Cost:

The average starting cost of Face rejuvenation surgery with Fat Transfer in Dubai varies from AED 5,000 to AED 12,000. Upon consultation, you will be given precise estimates as per your face condition and therefore desired outcomes.


If you want to safely rejuvenate your face at an affordable cost without suffering from side effects or skin allergies, then you can consult the Dynamic Clinic to consider Face Rejuvenation Treatment.