Cleft Lip Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

When the mouth or lip area fails to have the required amount of tissues it needs, a gap develops, this gap is actually known as cleft lip. In most cases it remains in the lip region but sometimes extends to the nose and in this situation, breathing is affected. This facial deformity mostly occurs in infants, at the time when the baby is developing inside the mother’s womb or we can say at a very early stage of pregnancy but it can also develop in grownups because of any serious accident. It adversely affects the facial appearance therefore the issue should be fixed. Plastic surgeons have designed effective facial constructive surgery to solve this problem. The Cleft Lip in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is safe, cost-effective, and delivers outstanding results.

Things you know About Cleft Lip:

Many surgeons use stage reconstructive approach to treat this problem. This method involves an inclusive diagnosis, procedure, multiple visits from infancy through adolescence. Follow-up visits are important so don’t miss them. The only downside of the surgery is that it results in a scar that does not completely disappear throughout life. Prior to the surgery, discuss all the aspects of the procedure with your surgeon. Inform him about the results you expect from it and also let him know if you are currently using or was previously using any oral or topical medication for cleft lip.

Results of Cleft Lip Surgery:

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Am I Right for the Surgery?

If you are insecure about yours or your child’s cleft lip then this surgery is the right option for you. It restores the facial beauty by fixing facial defects caused due to any type of trauma or if it is by birth. The results are permanent but recovery is a little long so be prepared for it. Keep your expectations realistic about the outcome of Cleft Lip Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Good physical and mental health is important. You will get excellent results only if you are a healthy person.


If during the initial consultation session, you agree on having the surgery then the surgeon will provide you with certain instructions to prepare you for the procedure. Properly follow them in order to get the desired outcome. Some common pre-operative instructions of Cleft Craniofacial Surgery in Dubai are,

  • Do not drink or eat anything for about 8-10 hours before the surgery
  • Blood thinners should be highly avoided because they slow the recovery process
  • Before coming to the hospital for the surgery, remove all the make-up from your face
  • Quit smoking & alcohol consumption


It is better to have cleft lip treated as soon as possible. There are different techniques by which the problem can be solved but most surgeons use “Rotation advancement repair” to fix this facial defect. During the procedure, an incision is created on each side of the separation from the lip to the nose. By utilizing and rearranging tissues of the area, the sides of the lip are brought close to each other and in the end sutured. The doctor may recommend an additional surgery if you have a bilateral Cleft Lip Dubai.

Cleft Craniofacial Lift  Surgeon:

What Happens after the Surgery?

After the operation, you might experience irritation, pain, and swelling in the oral region. These side-effects are common, they will go away within two to three weeks. Do not rub, scratch, or unnecessarily touch the surgery site else it can cause complications for you. Possible complications include infection, bleeding, severe bruising, and inflammation.

Cleft lip/ Craniofacial surgery Cost: 

Correcting cleft lip in children comes expensive, but Dynamic clinic’s installment plans encourage easy payment. The average cost of Cleft lip surgery or craniofacial in Dubai lies anywhere from AED 10,000 to AED 30,000. Since it’s a medical restorative procedure, your insurance company is likely to cover it. Be sure to find exact estimates from surgeons before tracing any claim.

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