Earlobe Correction Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Earlobe Repair? Earlobe Reshaping? – Get Loboplasty (Type of Otoplasty)

The procedure done to resize or repair a pulled, torn earlobes is typically famous as – Earlobe Correction Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. It can be performed on both children and adults who get through earlobe defects resulting from any injury, birth defect, or heave piercing.

It doesn’t matter whether the earlobe is partial, complete, or multiple, this surgery could be the best solution ever- The leading method to recreate the original shape of the earlobe.

Read on to find a detailed guide on this surgery.

Procedure Overview of Earlobe Repair in Dubai:

Otoplasty or Loboplasty surgery is highly rewarded for repairing earlobe defects. Surgeons remodel stretched, elongated earlobes for better aesthetic balance. They cut away the excess scar tissue and then stitch the lobe and adjust it into proper shape.

For simple alteration, this process takes only 20 to 40 minutes. While complex one can require up to an hour or more. Patients are therefore permissible to leave the clinic on the same day.

Note that: This is an intact comfortable surgery due to local anesthesia.

Results of Earlobe Correction:

Earlobe surgery in Dubai offers immediate results. Whereas, fully repaired earlobes are apparent after proper recovery. Give it time for at least one month.

So far, this surgery has never resulted in serious complications but still in case you notice any intense problem reach us directly.

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Earlobe correction surgery is mostly carried out for split and stretched earlobes. If you endure this difficulty in your daily life then consider this minor surgery for it.

Although women often found good candidates for this Ear surgery because of wearing heavy jewelry on pierced ears. But in some cases, children are also prone to this procedure due to any injury or birth defect. Thusly, the best way to determine candidacy is consultation. Prefer reaching out to our experts to find how this surgery suits well to your unique earlobe condition.

Well, it’s not likely recommended to those who have a history of keloids.


Upon the first contact with our surgeon, your comprehensive diagnosis would be made to convey everything related to the procedure including the surgical technique to be implemented, expectations, possible risks, and aftercare as well.

This session is critically important in terms of isolating your fears and unique preferences. So don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Surgery Day:

Earlobe Repair Reduction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is simple and in-office. It is performed under local anesthesia and takes a maximum of 30 minutes to complete however complicated deformities may require more than this.

Surgeons first cleanse, mark and numb the earlobe. They use a unique technique to arrange the lobe tissue to tailor your specific earlobe condition. Mostly in all methods, the skin slot is detached creating a raw edge to build. Later than these edges are combined with dissolvable sutures.

Afterward, you are expected to leave the clinic but with some considerations. Proceed to the next title for better awareness in this regard.


So yet, post-care is critically important in terms of wound healing. In general, recovery is painless and takes only 4-5 days. And you must obey every single instruction from our doctors to achieve smooth results without any problem. Normally you are advised to keep wounds dry. Plus, gently massage the earlobe with medicated ointment to minimize the formation of scar tissue.

Further, we will provide you detailed post-surgery instructions to speed-up your earlobe healing. Be sure to arrange for someone to stay with you for at least one night of surgery.

Re-Pierce after Repair:

Let your doctor know if you intend to re-pierce the ear hole during surgery. This way, your unique goals would be easily facilitated. Some surgeons strictly prohibit the provision of jewelry holes during surgery. Hence, it’s better to have the safest healing of the wound.

Cost of Earlobe Correction:

The cost of Earlobe repair surgery in Dubai is ranged from AED 3,000 to AED 5,000. Whereas for earlobe reduction AED 7,500 is the starting price. Though, this price estimate could not be considered as full and final. Based upon multiple factors including earlobe condition, surgeon’s fee, medical tests, follow-up consultation this cost might exceed or recede.

Speak to our experts for an ideal cost assessment in your unique earlobe condition.

The Takeaway:

Earlobe defects may not be damaging to your health but can upset your aesthetic life and public gatherings as well. While correcting such imperfections in the ear structure is quite a big challenge in cosmetic surgery.

But with us, you can be sure of receiving high-quality care. Our surgeons take patient care and satisfaction very seriously. Rest assured, you will be in safe hands.

We can promise exceptional results and truly delighted services.

Free Consultation:

If your earlobes are torn or stretched, schedule your appointment for Earlobe Correction Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi now. Leave your details in the consultation form, our consultants will contact you ASAP.