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Today gingivectomy is the most common dental procedure performed in developing countries. It is a surgery in which the oral surgeon changes the shape of the gums in the mouth. He may perform it to reverse the effects of the gum disease (aka periodontal disease) or to fix the condition associated with the structures around the teeth. Read on if you want to learn everything about this procedure, who is the right candidate, how it is done, how long the results last, what recovery looks like, or if it may be capable of delivering you the best possible results.


Gingivectomy Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi involves trimming or reshaping diseased gum tissues to clear out pockets between gums and teeth. This process can take 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the amount of inflamed gum tissues you have.

Should You Have Gum Surgery Now?

When home remedies, medications, and non-invasive treatments fail to work, patients with high or low gums will need to consider gingivectomy surgery. Remember that, several different factors can cause your gums to recede or overgrow such as hormonal changes, aging, your genes, violent tooth brushing, bacterial infections, gum injuries, etc. But no matter the reason, this surgery can be a feasible option here.

Who Is It for?

Typically, people with severe, advanced gum disease are considered ideal for this surgery. To learn more about eligibility criteria for a gingivectomy surgery, contact us.

How to Prepare for Your Appointment?

If you want to get this surgery without complications and have a smooth, speedy recovery afterward, you will need to prepare yourself well. Here are five simple tips you can use:

  1. Please don’t leave anything unexpressed: First, you must have a clinical examination by the oral surgeon or dentist to determine if you are physically and mentally ready for the operation.
  2. By and large, a thorough discussion is needed: Ask the surgeon whether there are alternatives that may work well.
  3. Arrange transportation: It’s best to have a relative or friend drive you to the clinic and to your home
  4. Find out about Pre-op Diet: Generally, patients are not allowed to eat or drink anything for seven to ten hours before the operation.
  5. Dress practically: It’s best to wear loose-fitting clothing. This will help you feel as confident and relaxed as possible.

How is Gum Surgery Performed?

Here are 5 basic steps oral surgeons typically take to perform a successful Gum Tissue Removal:

  1. First, you will be given local anesthetics so you don’t experience any pain or discomfort the whole time
  2. The surgeon will cut away pieces of diseased gum tissue with the help of a surgical scalpel or laser device
  3. Meanwhile, he may also place a suction tool in your mouth to eliminate saliva
  4. In the next step, the surgeon will likely utilize a dental laser to remove remaining inflamed tissues in order to re-sculpt the gum line
  5. Once the changes have been made, they will apply a temporary putty over the gum line to help gums heal faster


  1. After operation, teeth sensitivity is likely to occur. For this purpose, you need to brush your teeth twice a day and avoid foods that are very cold and very hot.
  2. Stop all use of tobacco to recovery faster


The results can vary from one patient to another. Generally speaking, when performed by an experienced oral surgeon, the results can last for ten to twelve years.

Note: Get additional information on the results of Gingivectomy Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi at the initial consultation session.

Gingivectomy Surgery in Abu Dhabi  Gingivectomy Surgery  


What to Expect After the Surgery?

Recovery from oral surgery is relatively simple. Patients don’t need to stay in the hospital. In fact, they are allowed to go home the same day. However, as with other dental procedures, it can carry a few risks.

Soon after the operation, you might experience pain, bleeding, and swelling in your gums. Overall though, these side-effects are temporary. They subside within three to four days.

Just as a quick reminder, you should use prescribed pain relief medications in the first few days after gum surgery.

Cost of Gum Surgery: Money, Time & Side-Effects:

In private clinics, the surgery to fix inflamed gums costs anywhere from AED 200 to AED 400. The cost varies depending on the condition of the gums, the expertise of the oral surgeon, the location of the clinic, and the number of treatments required.

This surgery tends to be cheap, in terms of time. It just takes 45 minutes (max) to give you a beautiful smile – a smile that can make you more appealing to the opposite sex.

The week after surgery will be a difficult time. Your gums may bleed or swell during this period. Eat fiber-rich vegetables and fruits to get healthy gums again.

The Outlook:

By trimming inflamed gums, gum surgery can give you a more attractive smile and healthy teeth. The results are long-lasting and recovery is fairly straightforward.

It is safe, and low-risk and is typically very successful. But it should be pointed out that its success is largely based on how healthy you are before the operation, how well you take care of your mouth after the operation and how closely you follow your surgeon’s aftercare tips.

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