Microdermabrasion in Dubai

An Instant Skincare Treatment that has set new Trends in Beauty!

Ever wondered about painless therapy, that could do a miracle for your dull, aged skin? Bringing one dominant solution that stands out prevalent. “Best Microdermabrasion in Dubai & Abu Dhabi”. It is one of the most talked-about skincare treatments of 2021 done in a few minutes at a dermatologist’s office leaving the glorious beauty you always fantasized about. From active acne to wrinkles, to Acne Scarring, to premature aging, it can tackle everything. But what exactly it’s?

Brief overview:

Just so you know during the procedure, specialists spread over crystal sprays with the handheld device, which typically exfoliates the skin, reduces aging signs, and makes skin overall appear softer and brighter. The best part, it’s safe to use on all skin types.

Microdermabrasion treatment is followed by:

  1. Soothing.
  2. Hydrating.
  3. Exfoliating.

Who is the Candidate?

Anyone suffering from clogged pores, blackheads, or premature aging can consider this quick treatment to upgrade their skincare to the next level. Beyond that, if you could find yourself lying in the following criteria then surely you are a perfect candidate:

  • Want to enhance your skin health.
  • Did this stressful year has hit your skin in unexpected ways.
  • No longer want to live with wrinkles or dark circles.

Results of Microdermabrasion:

The results of Microdermabrasion in Dubai are natural, appealing, and can be noticed straight after treatment. Know that skin typically improves with every passing day.

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Be aware: This rejuvenation treatment typically lasts for one month or perhaps longer; depending upon the aftercare you follow.

What Happens During Treatment?

Microdermabrasion is performed at our clinic by skin professional performs in two simple ways that are briefly discussed below:

  • A hand-held device is used to stream the tiny crystals over the skin surface with Chemical Peels. The vacuum attached to this device sucks off the targeted exfoliating crystals simultaneously. It is done along with the dead and loosened skin.
  • A diamond-tip device is moved across the skin gently. This is a newer approach for exfoliation.

Both these Ways Consume almost Half an Hour.

Make it Part of Your Skincare Routine:

As stated above, microdermabrasion results only last for 4 weeks. The strong buildup of outcomes is only possible with more sessions. However, if you are on vacation and treating yourself for a day, one treatment will be enough.

Beyond that, candidates looking for improvement in a specific skin issue will be required to go with a series of sessions to see positive outcomes. The results are cumulative.

At Dynamic clinic, 6-8 eight treatments are scheduled at the gap of three weeks apart. The number and frequency vary. It is normally decided during the consultation depending on one’s skin needs and skincare goals. Your cosmetic doctor will let you know the best schedule.

What to Expect After?

  • After Microdermabrasion in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, your skin will become red, and quite dry feels like sunburn. Use medicated moisturizers and try to avoid any kind of make-ups for best results.
  • Facial waxing, whitening creams, electrolysis, or any other laser procedure must be eluded for at least the first two weeks.
  • Plus, you should also avoid touching, rubbing, or picking your skin until it heals properly. Follow every single guideline from your doctor to appreciate the best results.


Downtime is the most usual post-consideration. Well, you don’t need to clear up your schedules to get this procedure done. Just a few minutes would be enough as you can easily handle redness, flaking, and swelling in the first 5-6 hours.


Major benefits of Microdermabrasion include:

  1. Smoothness.
  2. Disappeared dark spots.
  3. Fresh looking skin.
  4. Brighter skin-tone.
  5. Reduced fine lines.

How Much is for Microdermabrasion?

Since microdermabrasion is minimally invasive, it comes affordable. In UAE, the average cost of Microdermabrasion starts around AED 500. Expect to pay more as per the number of sessions and complexity.

Consult back with us for further pricing inquiries.

Is Microdermabrasion safe?

  • The key answer is YES. As long as you receive this treatment from a professional dermatologist, you can expect truly safe outcomes.
  • Most males and females around the globe prefer microdermabrasion rather than peels, lasers, or injectables. The reason is, this non-invasive technique is generally safer and more economical.
  • The skin just appears a bit red and slightly tender afterward– You might feel a little uncomfortable but it won’t hurt you.

Why Choose us?

At Dynamic Clinic, board-certified dermatologists put the ultimate effort into bringing what your skin deserves. They confront proper diagnosis to catch the best results. If however, you have a history of keloids, cold sores, or scarring—first their treatment is recommended. Without professional assessment, we never bluntly suggest this therapy, our team first ensures fitness criteria then you are guided further.

  • Exceptional services.
  • Outclass results.
  • Skilled dermatologists.

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