Dentofacial Orthopedics in Dubai

What is Dentofacial Orthodontics?

Orthodontics- dentistry branch, manages the misalignment of teeth. While Dentofacial Orthodontics is concerned with positioning facial bones that affect the figure of the jaw and lower mouth. This way it brings the proper facial growth along with straight teeth as well.

Dentofacial Orthopedics in Dubai is usually done mostly for children as their jaws are still growing. Besides, adults can also have this Orthodontic treatment after some proper guidance.

Keep reading to find its results, cost, and procedure details.


As a result of Dentofacial Orthodontic Treatment in Dubai, any child or adult can enjoy the growth of an aligned jaw without any erupted mouth condition. Though, just like we stated earlier, this treatment is orthodontic also. Therefore, braces placement is also involved for proper teeth straightening. Hence, this act would result in a properly settled face and teeth.

Since it involves natural growth, which is time-taking. So don’t expect instant results, keep showing patience.

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Who are the Candidates?

Any person, a child or adult, bearing irregular jaw growth or crooked teeth can get this treatment. However, kids are found often the best candidates for this procedure because their facial growth is relatively in progress. While adults are no longer developing jaws, their mouth areas are hardened. This makes it quite tough to manipulate them as compared to younger patients. But still, they can have this orthodontic treatment.

Most likely, adults get this procedure after some accident or any uncertain happening.

Here’s what you should know! – Identify growth problem First.

Everyone needs to understand the growing problem first before deciding anything. Misaligned jaw growth can be identified earlier, maybe at the age of two. Patients should focus on their child’s jaw condition. If there is any flaw existing, simply go for the orthodontist routine check-up and get the prescribed treatment plan. Early diagnosing might relieve your child from severe complications.

In the first most check-up of dental evaluation, our orthodontists identify your child’s potential issues of mouth by asking the on-going problems he/she face in daily life. They also inform the procedure details and possible complications. As we don’t hide anything from our patients.

Note : you will be given a chart of pre-procedure guidelines. Follow this strictly. 

What is the Procedure?

Note that, the procedure of Dentofacial Orthodontics in Dubai differs for adults and kids.

The entire process involves minor surgery of two phases. During the first one, doctors apply specific techniques to alter the jaw as per the extent of the problem. While the second phase involves the placement of braces.

For younger patients, the procedure of Dentofacial Orthodontics is simply straightforward. It’s quite easier to treat them well because their bones are still forming. They can get enough of one short-treatment even without any need for braces. Besides, for adults, the procedure is quite complex. Their proper jaw alignment requires great skills because of hardened bones. After surgery, they need to wear braces for some period. Though this certainly only happens in crooked teeth conditions. If there is only a jaw problem, adults can also get enough after one surgery.

Due to local anesthesia, patients don’t feel any pain.

Post Care:

The recovery time after Dentofacial Orthodontics is quite short. You can continue your daily activities within the first week. But don’t forget to follow the guidelines advised by your doctors. They usually make a chart of what to do or what not to, in the next few days.

  • Intake of only liquids in the first days of treatment.
  • Take a start with a soft diet.
  • Go for the frequent dental analysis.
  • Keep your mouth hygienic. Use prescribed mouthwashes.


The Cost of Dentofacial Orthodontic Treatment in Dubai  starts around AED 2,000. This cost figure might exceed based upon the complexity of the jaw problem and the expertise of the surgeon.

For ideal cost estimation, get in touch with our consultants.

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