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Healthy teeth for life are what everyone desires. And our dentists do everything possible for this, but if tooth infection is severe and irreversible, its extraction turns out necessary—called Tooth Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Here are some common reasons why teeth are removed:

  • Intolerable pains
  • Teeth Injury
  • Irreparable Tooth
  • Tooth Decay
  • Gum Disease
  • Dental crowding (large teeth, small jaws)

Whatever the reason for removal, the patient should always have a clear understanding of the procedure, aftercare and related complications. A consultation helps patients know what the exact details are, but this post can also help. Read ahead.


A correct Tooth Extraction in UAE; can let you cherish the following benefits.

  • Protected rest of teeth
  • No more Dental complaints
  • Comfortable smile


If you experience any infected tooth, get our dentist’s check-up. They will take your x-rays and can tell if tooth removal is necessary or not. Further, a specialist oral surgeon examines whether your teeth are close to nerves or any high risk of infected roots.

Based on this information, the dentist decides tooth removal option and informs the treatment date with some necessary guidelines concerning oral routine.


Best Tooth Removal in Abu Dhabi Best Tooth Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best-Tooth-Removal-in-Dubai

Tooth Removal Tooth Removal Dubai Tooth Removal in Dubai

Tooth Removal Techniques We use:

The process of Tooth removal in Dubai is usually straightforward and takes a few minutes. It can be performed either surgically or non-surgically, as per the complexity of your tooth concern. Whether it’s a simple or surgical extraction—you won’t feel any discomfort, but there can be pressure and noises.

Simple Extraction:

  1. The process begins with giving anesthesia to the tooth, gum, and surrounding tissue.
  2. Dentists loosen the tooth with an elevator tool and then use tongs to remove the tooth.

Surgical Extraction:

In a very rare case when a tooth is broken or it’s not erupted properly, the surgical procedure becomes necessary. In this, surgeons make a very small cut around the gum and remove the affected tooth. This procedure is also done under anaesthesia—you consider this safe and painless.

What Should I Expect after Tooth Removal?

  • Bleeding is normal for the first two days.
  • Swelling, bruising, and pain is most noticed on the second day of tooth removal.
  • Your dentists will advise you about pain killers to help ease the pain.
  • There can be difficulty opening the mouth; it might return to normal within a day or two.
  • You might need off from work. Discuss it with your dentist.

Post Removal Care:

When your tooth is detached, you would require time to recover. If stitches are used, they dissolve in about 2-4 weeks. Please strictly follow the aftercare plan advised by your dentist.

Aftercare Tips of Tooth Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi include:

  • Get some rest after tooth removal.
  • Avoid mouthwashes, strenuous activities, and hot foods for the first 24 hours.
  • Eat a balanced, soft diet.
  • Don’t touch the treated site when you brush and floss.
  • Smoking can slow down your healing, so stop this.
  • Complete the course of antibiotics you may have given.

Tooth Removal Risks:

Aside from obvious risks (like mild bleeding or excessive pain), tooth removal can cause complications, all of which are more likely at the hands of untrained dental surgeons. Tooth removal is generally easy and safe from professional, but from non-professional, you might experience:

  • Excess bleeding
  • Affected Gum tissue
  • Surrounding Tooth breakage
  • Dental Infection

Cost of Tooth Removal:

Tooth Removal prices depend if you prefer Dynamic or other dental clinics. The plus point noted with dynamic is urgent dental care at the most affordable rates. However, the type of Tooth extraction also affects the cost. Know that surgical removal cost more than simple ones.

Here at the Dynamic Dental clinic UAE, our Tooth Removal starts from AED 1000.

Replace Missing Teeth:

The tooth that is removed can be replaced with Dental Implants provided by us. Dental implants can be called artificial teeth. In the procedure, dentists surgically attach the uniquely designed strong tooth, providing a permanent base. You can expect a completely natural feel with these implants.

Get the Affected Tooth Removed:

Tooth Removal in UAE is necessary when it comes to the health of the overall mouth. And when done by our experts—you will find yourself satisfied. We are committed to providing high-quality procedures by expert oral surgeons and the latest equipment available.

You can ask us anything, anytime.

Free Consultation:

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