Penile Shot Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Sexual imbalance refers to a challenge in obtaining excitation. It eliminates the need for sexual interaction. It is quite an unusual condition within guys, although men are unwilling to discuss it. This has a tremendous influence on their psychological and personal life. It leads to marital separation and other problems. The condition is caused by strain and concern. It affects 50% of males in their medium or initial years of old age. However, technological improvements make it feasible to resolve the issue. The P-shot Treatment in Dubai is a method of sexual revitalization. This promotes tissue regeneration, which improves the ability to urinate. This treatment takes advantage of chemicals that are bioactive found in your circulation. It aids in the healing and regeneration of penile tissues. penile shot assists in the accomplishment of firmer and more durable intercourse.

What is P-Shot treatment?

The P-Shot is a novel therapy design to assist men enhance their sexuality. It employs PRP therapy, which includes taking the blood of the person receiving treatment and combining it with the administration of pharmaceuticals and other substances to formulate a fluid that can be employee to boost penile hardness and improve the overall sexual encounter for both collaborators. This non-surgical treatment has grown in popularity as more men seek solutions to ailments such as erection problems and penis curvature difficulties. While investigations on the substance’s effectiveness are still being conducted, lots of people have report excellent effects following their very first injectable and are excited to see what additional possibilities it might bring in the coming years.

Who Qualifies for the Treatment?

The P-shot therapy in Dubai for postmenopausal is successful. It is caused by the intimacy zone components being very dry. It slows down the signs of aging in skin cells and encourages glandular to produce. For those with influenza or contracted HIV, the therapy is ineffective. Diabetics and anyone with cardiac problems ought to prevent the therapy. The technique’s effectiveness is dependent on the body’s inherent capacity for reserves. Plasma with a high concentration of platelets is an active chemical that also functions as a neutrophil growth hormone. This activates the body’s natural tissue repair systems.


The therapy’s effects are quite successful. It allows for the development of an inseparable life differently. To boost her degree of pleasure during sex. However distinct results may conflict. Many applicants swear that their Penile Shot Treatment in Dubai is more hypersensitive. This can end up in stronger sexual feelings. Individuals may experience more structured and powerful experiences. Which can improve the satisfaction associated with sex experiences. More sensations and greater sensitivities lead to an increase in sexual pleasure. It may cause a boost in feelings of intimacy and desire for particular women. It’s critical to realize that everyone’s findings will be different. And not all females will have this kind of experience.


It is a genuine enhancement therapy that aims to improve sex efficiency and enjoyment. To get the best outcomes, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) produced from the individual’s red blood cells is combined with stem development proteins. The technique requires no hard planning. However, a professional will make a couple of suggestions:

  • Candidates must refrain from engaging in sexual activity.
  • You must not use any other form of treatment.
  • All medicines and prescriptions should be avoided.
  • You must abstain from all drinks and alcohol.
  • Avoid working exercises.

How Does The Therapy Work?

P-shot therapy is performed as an outpatient operation with minimal recovery time. You might want to take a day off from the workplace to be relaxed throughout therapy. When the therapy is over, you will be able to depart the clinic and continue doing what you do every day. The following are the stages of the method:

  • The medical professional will apply numbing lotion to the therapy areas of your penis.
  • The expert will take a portion of your blood from your upper arm.
  • They will deposit it in a laboratory container.
  • The examination tube will then be agitated to isolate the PRP.
  • The physician will remove PRP from the testing tube and draw it into two syringes.
  • This PRP will be delivered into either the clitoris, which is situated in the penile drive.
  • PRP is injected into between four and five locations during this procedure.
  • If you have received penile shaft injections.
  • Following that, you will be handed a penis pump.
  • This pump is designed to draw blood into the penis.
  • It guarantees that the therapy is delivered correctly.
  • You might be required to use a pump like this for 10 minutes.

What to Expect After Treatment?

P-shot therapy is typically free of problems. Minor adverse effects like bruising, tenderness, or burning are possible, but they normally go away after four to six days. The recuperation time following therapy is short, and you can return to work the same or next day. Nevertheless, you must avoid strenuous physical activity. The following are the aftercare of the therapy:

  • You must refrain from engaging in any form of exercise.
  • The person must refrain from engaging in sexual activity.
  • These restrictions are in existence to protect the treated region from aggravation.
  • Only take drugs that you have been given.
  • The candidate is required to see a doctor.


Interventions utilizing platelet-rich plasma possess the capacity to drastically transform our perspective on anti-ageing. They are not only easy to apply and exceptionally secure, but they also work for nearly everyone. Since each individual is different, the extent to which you benefit from these perks may vary. Because there is no chance of serious side effects, the P-Shot is extremely safe. Ultimately, the blood of the individual is used to make the PRP used throughout the procedure. The course’s main advantages are as follows:

  • It strengthens the male organ’s rigidity.
  • They facilitates the enlargement of the genitalia.
  • Penile Shot Treatment enhances the penile circulatory system.
  • It heightens the enjoyment of sexual activity.
  • It gives mental tranquility and serenity.
  • Couples’ relationships are strengthened by it.
  • Nerve feeling is enhanced with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatments.
  • It increases the organ’s strength and potency.
  • This makes your genitals prone to irritation and boosts desire.
  • The penis grows bigger and longer after therapy.

Is the Procedure Secure?

The P-Shot is usually regarded as safe when given by a licensed and skilled medical practitioner. Selecting a reliable practitioner is essential since, like every medical operation, there are possible dangers and negative outcomes.

What is the Duration of the Outcomes?

Each person’s experience with the impacts differs, although some people say they continue to feel better for several months. To preserve or improve the outcomes, more treatments could be required.

Does the P-Shot Hurt?

To reduce apprehension a local anesthetic is usually administered before the treatment. The majority of individuals only experience minimal pain while receiving an injection. Most post-procedural discomfort is mild and transient.

Can Erectile Dysfunction be Treated With Therapy?

There are occasions when mild to severe erectile dysfunction is treated with the P-Shot. To ascertain the best course of action in each circumstance, it is important to speak with a healthcare provider.

Does the Therapy Have Any Negative Effects?

Mild bruising, swelling, or soreness at the location of the injection site are typical negative reactions. Although they are uncommon, infections and allergic reactions might result in serious problems. Patients and their doctor or nurse should talk about any possible dangers.

Does The Method Help To Increase The Size?

In addition to being use for managing ED, Penile Shot Therapy can additionally be employee to develop penile tissue. To enhance blood circulation or enlarge the penis, injections of medicine or other materials, such as plasma (PRP), are made into the genital region.

When Can I See the Impact of Therapies?

When the p-shot effects are shown depends on several variables. Your general wellness and the aspects related to the state of your sex are the most important ones. In general, the Priapus Shot’s effects become apparent a few days to several months after following the procedure. More precisely, improvements often occur in a matter of days for those with moderate to severe ED .

How Much Does The Method Cost?

The Cost Of A P-Shot Therapy in Dubai starts at AED 4000 and goes up to AED 6000, which is quite affordable and manageable on a limited budget. An economical and efficient substitute for surgical treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) is the P-Shot. The platelet-rich plasma therapy does not need a continuous flow of cash for medication refills; nevertheless, this is not a constant cost and is subject to variation based on many criteria, such as the clinic’s location, the doctor’s skill, and the patient’s severity.

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