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Headgear is the name given to an Orthodontic Appliance designed to fix Jaw and Teeth Misalignment in Children!

Smile renovations and makeovers are in vogue these days. Every single day, thousands of people turn to dentists and orthodontists for jaw and teeth correction. Why? Uneven jaws or teeth can lead to several different problems. The problems usually depend on the type of malocclusion and how severe it is. In general, moderate and severe malocclusion affects drinking, eating, and even speaking.

If your child is around 7-9 years and their teeth have become crowded and crooked, you may want to get orthodontic Headgear in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Headgear is an appliance that is worn for teeth repositioning. It realigns the jaws and fixes growth and development issues.


There are three main types of Orthodontic headgears available today:

  • High-pull: When lower jaw growth is relatively slower than upper jaw growth, high pull headgear may be needed to correct the malocclusion
  • Reverse Pull: when the upper jaw growth is delayed, reverse pull headgear may be the right option
  • Cervical-Pull: it is used to correct an excessive horizontal upper bite, aka overjet: It retains the growth of the upper jaw


The components that make up orthodontic headgears in Dubai include facebow, fitting straps, bands, hooks, mouth yoke, forehead pad, braces, and chin cup.

Who are the Candidates?

  • Children with unaligned bites, particularly the more severe ones, can opt for orthodontic headgear
  • These orthodontic appliances work best for class 2 and 3 malocclusions
  • Nine years old kids are old enough physically for the treatment


Headgear corrects jaw misalignment, improves smile, and creates a balanced facial profile. Note: It is very important to use the appliance for as long as your specialist recommends it.


Unlike aligners, braces and retainers, headgears are worn partly on the outside of the mouth. The results are astonishing in most cases. It’s however important that you follow the orthodontist’s tips.

The amount of time required to wear the headgears may vary depending on the class and type of the misalignment, and the results required. You should ask the orthodontist about this. Generally speaking, doctors recommend 12 to 14 hours of headgear usage per day.

Note: the longer the child puts on the headgear, the faster they will be able to appreciate the results. 


Headgear will exert force on your jawline to:

  • Reshape your smile
  • Hold back jawbone development
  • Address overcrowding, and overlapping
  • Improve facial aesthetics
  • Avoid complicated corrective jaw surgery

What to Expect:

In most patients, headgears are worn for about 1 – 2 years.

There will be mild soreness, and discomfort after the appliance is first introduced, which may last for seven to ten days. Please consult the doctor to discuss the pain management strategies for better results.

Aftercare Tips:

  • Remove the appliance white eating or brushing
  • Refraining from strenuous activities is important
  • Teach your child to keep the appliance safe from serious damage
  • Hard-to-chew foodstuffs should not be used for a while


Any orthodontic treatment has risks. These include severe teeth sensitivity, infection, bleeding, adverse reactions to anesthesia, and gum inflammation. To be specific, headgears Candidates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah might be exposed to these hazards:

  • Severe pain
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Sleep apnea


Private sources indicate that the cost of orthodontic headgears in Dubai, & Abu Dhabi varies substantially between AED 7,000 to AED 15,000 depending on the underlying bite problem, type of appliance, and practitioner’s expertise.


These three teeth straightening alternatives to headgears are worth your money and time

  • Braces
  • Aligners
  • Veneers

Consult a Professional for Jaw and Teeth Correction:

Jaw & teeth alignment is one of – if not the most – complex of all dental procedures, so it is essential to consult a certified orthodontist if you are considering this procedure.

Most orthodontists do a two-year residency in teeth straightening. They receive comprehensive training in the science and art of orthodontia and learn how to effectively move teeth. Others receive extensive training in TMJ disorders that occur due to problems with the jaw joints, jaws, and facial muscles.

You should find an orthodontist that has an in-depth understanding of teeth, and jaws and has the requisite knowledge to modify these structures depending on the patient’s requirements. All in all, his training should include both aesthetics and function.

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