Motiva Breast Implants

Motiva Implants-Secret Behind Ideal Breast Figure. 

Your body, your image and you need to choose how it should look. It’s no longer up to everyone to decide or judge what is acceptable anymore. If sagging breasts is your concern, let’s talk about Motiva Implants in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

What are Motiva Breast Implants?

Motiva Breast Implants- one of the leading brands of breast implants, chosen for their advanced technology, modern practices, and devotion to patient safety.

These implants transform breast shape with specially designed silicone implants to bring a fuller, rounder, and bigger boobs. This innovative boob job is simply reliable, authentic, and can last for many years.

Important: Not every doctor is expert enough to place Motiva implants in breasts. Search for the right one get this from our board-certified surgeons.


Here are some notable benefits you can have after Motiva breast implants in Dubai,

  • Motiva brand implants lead to a smooth, sexier breast figure.
  • 100% silicone-filled, helps prevent the risk of rippling.
  • Lifetime Peace of Mind
  • Less scarring


Motiva Breast Implants in Dubai & Abu Dhabi would result in fuller breasts. A noticeable change in breasts can be noticed straight after recovery. You can maintain this breast shape for many years or even for life. On average, implants tend to replace after 10-12 years while their longevity depends upon factors like, breastfeeding, weight gain or pregnancy.

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Before you undergo Breast Implant surgery, come for our consultation. This initial meeting will allow you to understand the details of surgery as well as the chance to overcome fears. Plus, you will also be given the list of dos and don’ts. Follow them to perceive optimal results and speedy recovery.


Breast Implant surgery is typically indicated to women who are bothered by smaller breasts. To become eligible for Motiva Breasts Implants, no special instructions are requisite. Normally healthy females, with stable blood pressure, not pregnant, nor currently breastfeeding can have this surgery without any second thought.

If you feel your breasts need any treatment, come and talk to our experts directly, we will be able to guide you towards the next steps to achieve fuller breasts.


Motiva breast implant surgery in UAE is done on an outpatient basis with general anesthesia. It requires an overnight stay, you can leave the clinic on the day after surgery. The entire surgery takes around two hours to complete.

In the procedure, surgeons make a single cut in the directed area of the breasts. The incision can be under your breast, under your arm, or around your nipple. After incision, surgeons separate the breast tissue from muscles to create the pocket. This pocket is then filled with Motiva implants. When implants are in place, surgeons close the incision with stitches along with bandages and surgical tape.

Later surgery, you will be taken into the recovery room.


After surgery, you will open your eyes in the recovery room where our nurses will watch you closely. You might suffer slight discomfort but that is just meant for a few hours. Before leaving your doctor would advise special instructions to follow. Arrange someone to drive you home after the surgery and to stay with you for at least one night.

Besides, when it comes to recovery, closely follow the aftercare instructions to avoid the post-side-effects and complications. Don’t rush into anything, give your breasts time to heal correctly. Plus, consider the tips mentioned below.

  • Sleep straight for six weeks.
  • Take all the necessary medications.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Don’t prefer intense activities.
  • Wear loose clothes.

Cost of Motive Implants Dubai:

The starting price of Motiva Breast Implants in Dubai can range around from AED25, 000 to AED 35,000.

If you cannot afford this surgery, consider our financing offers. We propose interest-free installment plans and special discounts occasionally. Speak directly with our consultants for more details.

The Bottom Line:

Flat chests are no longer an issue with Motiva Implants.

In the era of innovations, new technologies are introduced every day. Previously, Breast surgeries were only associated with local saline or silicone implants, but authentic brands now provide high-quality implants. Motiva Breast Implants in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is one of them.

Why Choose us?

With over 10,000+ motive implants implanted, Dynamic continues to be the top choice in breast surgeries. We hold an exceptional safety record, to make sure you’re in caring hands. Our commitment to women’s health and well-being supports women in every phase of surgery. From preparation to surgery day to even aftercare, intense care is carried out for smooth, brilliant results.

Free Consultation:

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