J plasma skin resurfacing Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

It is weird but a fact that every individual in this world wants to look younger than his/her actual age but many things come as a hurdle in the way of fulfilling their dream. Especially, after reaching 40s it becomes very difficult for the individual to hold onto the youthfulness and beauty for a longer period. Factors such as excessive sun exposure, stress, aging, smoking, weight loss, and diet play a major role in causing the skin to lose its freshness and become saggy and unappealing.

J Plasma Skin Resurfacing:

A revolutionary non-surgical and non-invasive Skin Tightening and resurfacing procedure. It uses advanced technology to revitalize the skin. No side-effects or complications come along with its numerous benefits which is the best thing about this option. J Plasma Skin Resurfacing has made it possible to get younger-looking and tight skin without undergoing cutting and stitching.

Technique Used:

We don’t only use the radio frequency device in this procedure. Instead, cold helium is combined with RF energy to get the best possible results. The device is moved over the treatment area to stimulate collagen production which in-turn reverses the effects of aging.

For severe cases, the doctors sometimes insert the device inside the skin by creating small incisions.


As a result of the treatment, you get a sculpted body and tight skin. The effects are dramatic and long-lasting so J plasma skin resurfacing is worth it.

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The flawed and aging skin crushes an individual’s confidence and he/she may feel shy to face others. If you are also suffering from this trauma then you can consider J Plasma Skin Resurfacing in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. It will help you achieve younger-looking and flawless skin without undergoing pain or discomfort.

The good candidate for J plasma skin resurfacing is the one who:

  • Has wrinkles, fine lines, and spots on the face.
  • Wishes to reverse the aging signs.
  • Has loose facial and neck skin.
  • Is looking for a non-invasive skin resurfacing method.
  • Wants to reduce acne or burn scars without experiencing pain.

What to Expect from the treatment?

In this technique, the doctor uses a controlled heating environment to tighten the sagging skin and to treat skin flaws. The procedure is safe and does not cause any type of harm to the body. Following the procedure, you don’t need to stay at home. You will be allowed to continue your routine activities as soon as the therapist completes the procedure.


  1. Unlike tradition surgical procedures, no side-effects or longer recovery period is associated with it.
  2. It produces natural-looking results and tightens the sagging skin for several years.
  3. You will notice a huge improvement in the facial structure as soon as the course is finished.
  4. Best way to repair the aging signs without undergoing the knife.
  5. You can restore the facial volume and eliminate skin flaws from it without any complications.


Because the procedure is simple and non-invasive, no night stay is required. The patient is usually discharged right after the treatment is finished. However, you have to limit strenuous activities, smoking, sun exposure and drinking for at least 7-14 days following the procedure. Other than that no special care is required.

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