Teeth Grinding Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Grinding & Bruxism Cost

If you wake up every morning with headaches or jaw pains, you could be grinding your teeth all night.

Teeth Grinding and Clenching—an annoying habit. And noted the most leading cause of jaw aches. Overall it is reported harmless but can have an adverse effect on your teeth that extends beyond the prospects. Dulled teeth enamel, oral infections, “Clicking” sound—and so many other oral issues. Well, this longtime, rigid habit is now curable. At Dynamic Dental we provide Teeth Grinding Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. It entails a couple of techniques that are safe, painless, and works effectively.

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Grinding isn’t assumed to be bothersome for the majority of us while asleep or even conscious. But it may lead to serious problems like:

  • Tooth Cracks and breakages
  • Weakened structure
  • Jaw aches and headaches
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Muscular pain in neck and shoulders

The Causes:

The certain cause of teeth grinding is still not clear as each individual grasps different reasons. It can be a never going habit or any other medical problem.

Below are the most common causes of Teeth Grinding.

  1. Depression
  2. Stress
  3. Sleep disorders

Techniques we Use:

If you do grind your teeth, there are some ways to stop it. From a couple of remedies to in-office treatments, the dentist is the only person who can help. At Dynamic Dental, we recommend the best solution for lifelong benefit. We don’t only treat this as a medical problem. We help patients find the best ways to manage it even later.

Our Teeth Grinding Treatment in UAE include:

  1. Mouthguards and Splints
  2. Teeth Reshaping
  3. Botox

Mouth Guards and Splints:

The dentist’s first preferred choice is mouth guard, particularly at night. It protects the teeth and positions the jaw properly so you won’t experience teeth grinding again in the future.

This treatment works extremely well on all terms. It prevents tooth damage, eases discomfort, and treats TMJ disorders.

Teeth Reshaping:

This procedure is also known as Reductive Coronoplasty-unfamiliar to many. It protects the “teeth grinding” by reshaping the upper biting surface. This technique may be effective if grinded teeth are caused by crooked or misaligned or crowded teeth.


Another treatment for serious grinders is Botox. It relaxes the jaw muscles and physically inhibits the rigidity for up to eight months.

Tips to Stop Teeth Grinding:

Thankfully we are here to help you find appropriate Teeth Grinding Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

If your teeth grinding is most likely related to stress, we recommend a few tips formerly before you try any dentistry procedure.

Stress-Reducing Techniques:

Try the following stress-lessening tactics to avoid grinding.

  • Medication
  • Yoga
  • Talking

Note: Medications should be prescribed by professionals.

Some Exercises:

Experts usually prefer tongue and jaw muscle exercises to maintain the proper alignment of the jaw. This can help evade grinding and clenching affectedly.

Talk to the dentist directly or do a gentle massage to loosen up the muscles.

How Much is for Teeth Grinding Treatment?

The Average Cost of Teeth Grinding Treatment in Dubai is calculated per the chosen solution. Overall, the rates aren’t expensive. Consult our dentists directly to get affordable Teeth grinding treatment plan.


Teeth grinding is usual. Treating it early is important to elude severe dental complications. Our dentists can diagnose your grinding to advise a suitable treatment plan that is tailored to your dental needs.

We are delighted to update you that you don’t have to put up this anxiety anymore.

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