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Plastic surgery has brought the medical industry to a very next level and benefits used especially in the area of intimate surgery has submitted a sense of relief to all those men especially out there who are looking for ways to enhance their penis size.  Since the past few years a lot of the men are struggling with the problems associated with their penile size and this condition known as penile dysmorphophobia is getting on the nerves of every second man. This condition has no age limit and can target any male irrespective of age. The evolution of Androfill Injections in Dubai & Abu Dhabi have now helped to maintain and reconstruct the penis size through non-surgical methods.  here are some insights about androfill injections and how you can invest in them in order to achieve a perfect sex life without hurdles.

What are Androfill Injections? 

Androfill injections are nothing but just normal Hyluronic acid based injections. They are responsible for the restoration of moisture and add volume to any organ or skin tissue they are injected into.

Androfill injections include a collection of other steps and series for enhancing and enlarging the penile size. The fusion of liposuction technique as well as the relocation of the penile shaft together make it more improved and also enhance the functional integrity of the male genital organ. 

 Who Are the Ideal Candidates for Androfill Injections?

Though Androfill injections encounter a couple of benefits there are still some people who should be refrained, and some who come under the ideal candidates category for receiving the Androfill Injections for example: 

  • Patients with undersized or short penis.
  • Male who have problems associated with premature ejaculation .
  • Male with some percent of Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Men who complain about infertility or impotence due to their undersized penis
  • Men whose partners complain of a sense of unsatisfactory bed life.

How is the Procedure of Androfill Injections done?

The following steps are indeed carried out in the procedure: 


Before the treatment procedure starts the candidate is first prepared.  In this stage the males specimen, blood samples, laboratory tests and certain evaluation for diseases is done. This is generally important so that any cross control or infection should be kept in mind while the treatment is carried out.  

High blood sugar level, hypertensive or patients with severe diseases like hepatitis B,C and AIDS are ruled out unless and until they are not treated for it. Once the man is found safe and sound after the results of the lab tests then he proceeds towards the next step. 

Isolation and Infection Control:

The surgeon uses antiseptic solution or any alcohol swab to clean the inguinal region which is then covered with a sterile disposable sanitation wrap. 

Administration of Local Anesthesia:

An Anesthetic agent preferably lidocaine is applied onto the surface where the injection is to be inserted. This will create numbness and will block the pain channels.

Androfill Injection Insertion:

Once the Anesthesia is effective after 15 minutes the surgeon will load the required amount of fillers into the injection and will insert into the targeted site.  The surgeon may require to make small incisions wherever necessary.

Recovery and Healing:

The entire treatment takes about half an hour to one hour depending upon the experience and skills of the Surgeon.


  • Well balanced shape and size of penis.
  • Perfect outline and structure.
  • Better girth enhancement.
  • Aesthetic improvement.

 What Are The Benefits of Androfill Injections?

 An ideal Androfill Injection in Dubai should be able to show the following benefits: 

  • Instantly adds volume and fullness to the penile shaft.
  • Improves sexual arousal and stimulation.
  • Helps achieve orgasm and improve the relationship with the partner.
  • Treats premature ejaculation in the presence of any disease.
  • Helps restore sensitivity and enhances the response to arousal. 

What are the Post Operative Care Instructions After Androfill injection?

  •  Avoid sexual activity for the first few days.
  •  Refrain from swimming in a hot bath or sauna pools.
  •  Vigorous exercises and self stimulation is completely prohibited.

What is the Cost of Androfill Injections in Dubai?

The cost of Androfill injections in Dubai may vary from:

19,999 to AED 40,000 AED.  however it is important that you first discuss the entire treatment plan with your surgeon. 

The Final Verdict!

One of the major problems that arise in a relationship is not having a good sense of intimacy. It does bother you mentally and in some cases it may lead to severe problems. It is better that you improve your sexual life by taking the correct treatments and our intimate clinic is always present to welcome you.

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