Home Enteral Nutrition in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Sometimes people suffer from certain illnesses that make consuming their food from their mouths impossible. But with advancements in medicine, it has now become possible to provide the proper nutrition to these individuals through different tube processes. Home Enteral Nutrition in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is an effective, and reliable method that helps patients achieve the perfect amount of nutrition by the tube feeding method within their residence. When people are discharged from the hospital then they can easily avail of this service within the ease of their home.

What is Home Enteral Nutrition in Dubai?

Eternal nutrition is the method of providing people with a proper liquid nutritional diet by different tube feeding processes. When people avail of this program within the ease of their home, after being discharged from the hospital then it is known as Home enteral nutrition. The HEN process is applicable for people who are unable to eat but their digestive system works fine. This is a cost-effective method and can help provide all the essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to an individual’s body.

Suitable Candidates for Home Enteral Nutrition:

Home Enteral Nutrition in Dubai feeding method applies to people who suffer from the following health issues:

  • Individuals who suffer from head and neck cancers.
  • People who have spinal cord injuries.
  • If someone suffers from dysphagia.
  • Children or adults who suffer from malnourishment. 
  • If someone has neurological conditions such as ALS, or cerebral palsy.
  • If people have brain or spinal cord issues, or injuries.
  • It applies to people who cannot properly swallow and digest food from their mouth, but their digestive system functions properly.
  • People who have severe dementia should not undergo it.

The Different Feeding Tubes:

Different types of tubes are used to meet the nutritional demands of people who suffer from severe illnesses. The type of tube usually depends on the condition of the patient. These are:

  • Nasogastric Tube Feeding:

This is a temporary feeding process that inserts the tube from the nasal cavities and passes it to the stomach of the patient. This tube helps provide the essential vitamins, and nutrients directly to the stomach of individuals. Although this method is for temporary purposes only.

  • Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy PEG:

In this process, the tube insertion takes place through a person’s skin, to the stomach wall. This treatment process can be used for a long time.

Preparation to Follow Before Home Enteral Nutrition in Dubai Process:

Before Home Enteral Nutrition in Dubai & Abu Dhabi begins the patients have to follow certain instructional guidelines:

  • Always make sure that you consult a professional expert regarding your treatment.
  • It is mandatory to take the consent of the patient and their family before starting this procedure, as these are delicate procedures.
  • The patients and their families are initially provided with all the necessary details before the procedure.
  • Your surgeon will initially measure the amount of the tube length that is required for the procedure. 
  • The doctor will make sure that the patient is sitting in a comfortable upright position.
  • Before the insertion takes place the surgeon will lubricate one end of the tube.
  • The patient must have to fast for a certain time as the doctor suggests. This means having no breakfast and you can only drink water before the process.

The Insertion of Feeding Tubes:

  • The process of this surgery lasts for about 30-40 minutes.
  • The insertion process takes place either surgically or nasally. It usually depends on the condition of the patient.
  • For the procedure, the surgeon makes an incision on the abdominal wall. Then he proceeds to create a tiny opening in the stomach known as a stoma.
  • The tube insertion takes place in the stoma region. 
  • At the end of the procedure, the doctor bandages or dresses the area.

After Care Precautionary Measures:

After undergoing this surgical procedure the patients must follow certain aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing:

  • The individuals must keep the skin around the tube clean, so there are no chances of infections or bacteria.
  • Experiencing some drainage in the region is normal, but you must ensure proper hygiene.
  • Try to maintain your follow-up appointments.
  • Follow the dietary guidelines that your nutritionist has provided you.

Things to Avoid with Home Enteral Nutrition in Dubai:

  • Do not put any type of table foods into your tube, even if they are in liquid form. You must only follow the diet that your nutritionist has informed you. As any other food may clog the tube.
  • If somehow your tube falls out do not attempt to put it back on your own, but consult a professional for help.
  • Do not proceed with the feeding process without ensuring hand hygiene.
  • Avoid any malpositioning or dislodgement of the tube.

Can People Travel With Feeding Tubes?

Yes, you can easily travel with them. But make sure to follow all the instructions and remember not to malposition your tube.

How Long Do People Need Tube Feeding For?

Some patients may require it for several weeks, while some for several months. The time varies with the condition of the patient.

Cost of Home Enteral Nutrition in Dubai:

At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, the cost may vary depending on certain different factors. Your doctor will inform you about the final cost after assessing your health. 

Gain Good Health Within Your Home!

Dynamic Clinic Dubai provides effective and affordable procedures and treatments for the well-being of its patients. If you want to book Home Enteral Nutrition in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah for your loved ones you can reach out to our experts at our clinic.