Oxygen Facial in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

When one enters in the aging phase of his/her life, the skin gets thinner and the wrinkles, spots and blemishes etc. start to become visible. This is the time when he/she needs Oxygen Facial in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Aim of the Treatment:

Our skin needs oxygen in sufficient amount to keep itself hydrated, younger looking and plumper. Oxygen facial treatment aims to treat acne, sagging skin, Pigmentation, large pores, sun damage and all other aging signs by replenishing the content of oxygen. At our clinic, we have several skin rejuvenation treatments to help people accomplish their realistic skin goals. Among all these fantastic treatments, oxygen facial is the best choice.  Results can be maintained for longer time but they need proper care.

Who is the Candidate?

People, especially celebrities, are busy looking for various revolutionary skin care treatments to get a healthier skin. If you are among those people who wish to have a flawless, younger looking skin in order to get attention and compliments from others, then you are just right for the treatment. It is one of the newest trends in the aesthetic world and is gaining a lot of popularity all around the globe because it produces dramatic changes in the appearance of the skin. You are a candidate of Oxygen Facial Treatment if:

  • You want to have a rejuvenated, smooth and healthier skin.
  • You have realistic expectations from the results of Oxygen facial.
  • You are not below 18 years and also not suffering from any skin infection currently.
  • You are mentally stable and ready to make decision for yourself.
  • You have large pores and you want to get them shrink.
  • You are suffering from hyperpigmentation.
  • You are a victim of aging process and you want to reverse it.
  • You are looking for a non-invasive skin care treatment to improve your complexion.


There is a massive demand of oxygen facial treatment because it almost covers all the aspects of skin revitalization, ranging from pore cleansing to lightened hyperpigmentation. Many skin conditions can be treated in just few sessions of the treatment.

  • It can make your golden years delightful and healthier.
  • Best Skin Rejuvenation Treatment that can be done on all the skin types and tones.
  • Fast recovery.
  • No downtime, pain or serious side-effects are involved.
  • By this wonderful treatment, you can look young, attractive and beautiful even in your 60’s.
  • Quick and simple procedure.
  • Results can be seen just after few sessions.


Before undergoing Oxygen Facial in Dubai & Abu Dhabi you have to follow some instructions of your dermatologist:

  • Use sun screen while going out to minimize the chances of sun burn.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure from 3-4 weeks prior to the treatment.
  • Do not use any makeup product on your skin on the day of the treatment.
  • Stop smoking two weeks before the treatment.


The procedure is simple and non-invasive, no cuts and stitches are involved. It does not take more than half an hour for its completion. Following steps are performed during Oxygen Facial treatment:

  • The dermatologist starts the procedure by thoroughly examining your skin to select suitable serums depending upon the skin condition that needs to be treated.
  • The treated area is properly cleansed to free it dust and other pollutants.
  • Selected serum is applied to the skin and then pressured oxygen is introduced with the help of airbrush.
  • Thus, the serum infuses in the deeper layers of the skin and oxygen gets absorbed by the skin this in turn, produces a brighter, hydrated and smoother skin.


For few days after getting the facial you have to avoid smoking, drinking, strenuous exercises and prolonged sun exposure because they can affect the effectiveness of the results and recovery process. You will notice swelling, bruising and pain for few hours following the treatment so prescribed cooling gel can be applied.


It is virtually non-invasive treatment therefore has no downtime or major side-effects. After getting the treatment, the patient is allowed to drive home to continue his/her routine activities.


The facial delivers satisfying results in just few sessions without causing harm to the skin. The results will continue to improve with the passage of time. The best thing about the treatment is that it can be on all the skin regardless of their type and tone. It revitalizes the dull complexion and restores the youthful skin glow. 4-6 sessions are required to see final results of the treatment.

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Cost of Oxygen Facial:

We cannot tell you the exact Cost of Oxygen facial treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi because it depends upon number of factors such as:

  • The expertise of the dermatologist.
  • Geographical location and hospital facilities.
  • Expected results.
  • Severity of the skin problem.

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