Geriatric Rehabilitation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The requirement for exhaustive medical care arrangements to take special care of the specific prerequisites of the old is ascending as the populace ages. Seniors’ satisfaction and general prosperity are progressively reliant upon Geriatric Rehabilitation Homecare In Dubai. There are old people all around the world. Everyone can’t care for oneself. In a similar vein, elderly folks are increasingly living alone. At this point, self-reliance may lead to many health issues and a complete disruption of the fundamental standards of daily existence. The reality about aging folks is that they need more time and support to live full lives. Any other circumstance may result in serious geriatric diseases. For this reason, to positively influence the lives of the people who are most important to us, we are providing treatment with our finest services at your home.

What is Geriatric Rehabilitation?

This Home Care programme of specialized therapy is created especially to benefit elderly folks. The objective is to offer sufficient assistance and guidance to those who require extra attention and help to heal from diseases or disabilities. Additionally, to enhance general functioning capacities, this rehabilitation programme is beneficial for treating chronic diseases and encouraging mobility. Furthermore, regaining a patient’s will to live a full and active life is another goal of our therapy programme.


Homecare Geriatric Rehabilitation can improve older persons’ physical abilities and their overall health in several ways. The advantages cover social, mental, and emotional well-being in addition to one’s physical wellness. It also promotes independence in everyday chores like getting dressed, bathing, and housekeeping by enabling older persons to practice them in their comfortable surroundings. Methods of exercise that are specifically designed to increase muscular strength, flexibility, and equilibrium while lowering the chance of falling and increasing adaptability. To improve general ease in order home rehabilitation frequently entails focused pain management strategies for ailments like arthritis or musculoskeletal problems.

What is a Geriatric Disorder?

It is a term used to describe a medical illness or concern that mainly impacts older persons and is frequently related to aging. Genetic characteristics, continuous exposure to surrounding variables, the aging process itself, and the general assault on the body over time are all major contributors to the development of these illnesses. Aging-related illnesses can affect several facets of mental and physical health, changing functional capacities and general well-being. The following are the types of Geriatric Disorders in Dubai:

  • Arthritic:

Inflammation in the joints can cause pain, tightness, and decreased range of motion. Frequent kinds that afflict older persons include gout, arthritis caused by rheumatoid arthritis, and rheumatism.

  • Osteoporosis:

This illness is defined by weakening bones, which raises the possibility of cracks and decreases bone mass. Usually affects older people and postpartum women, especially those who don’t get sufficient vitamin D and calcium.

  • Heart-Related Conditions:

Problems associated with the cardiopulmonary system and vascular system include coronary artery disease, cardiovascular failure, and high blood pressure. Despite a higher incidence in individuals over 65, aging is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

  • Neurodegenerative Conditions:

Nerve cells in the cerebral cortex gradually lose their framework or functioning. Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Huntington’s illness are a few examples. Mental decreased forgetfulness and movement impairments are frequently brought on by these illnesses.

  • Diabetes:

A long-lasting condition that inhibits the body’s capacity to manage its glucose balances. Diabetes of this type, which can have serious consequences for general health, is more common in older persons.

  • Hearing and Vision Problems:

Reduction in hearing or eyesight. Presbycusis, or age-related impairment of hearing, is a prevalent disorder among older persons, along with spectacles and macular degeneration, or AMD.

  • Female Incontinence of the Urine:

Deficit in controlling the bladder resulting in uncontrollable leaking urine. The frequency of urine incontinence might rise with age due to weakening pelvic floor muscles and altered kidney function.

  • Stress and Depressive Disorders:

Behavioral health issues that might influence how you feel. The invention of mental health conditions in older persons may be exacerbated by the difficulties they encounter, such as the death of a loved one, long-term medical issues, or being isolated from society.

  • Sarcopenia:

Aging-related decrease in ability and muscular mass. It increases frailty, lowers physical activity, and increases the risk of falls among the elderly.

  • Balancing Issues:

Individuals with weak both psychological mental equilibrium and awareness frequently fall. They stumble and fall as a result, which can result in severe breakage and other catastrophic injuries. Moreover, their ocular vision diminishes. Additionally, the ability to communicate and comprehend is diminished. Additionally, there is a decline in muscular function and flexibility.

What Are The Treatment Choices?

A specialist area of medicine called Geriatric Rehabilitation is dedicated to treating the particular requirements and difficulties faced by the elderly. Geriatric therapy programmes come in a variety of forms and are intended to enhance elders’ ability to function, gain independence, and overall level of life. The following are the Homecare Geriatric Rehabilitation in Dubai:

  • Physiological Medicine:

Physiotherapy tries to improve strength, flexibility, and general endurance by addressing conditions including rheumatism, joint discomfort, and limited mobility. Programmes for fall preventative measures activities specifically designed for seniors and improved balance to lower the chance of falls.

  • Occupational Therapy:

Activity of Daily Living, or ADL Learning: aimed at enhancing the capacity to carry out personal hygiene, clothing, making food, and maintenance duties. It evaluates and suggests adjustments or assistance technology to encourage a self-sufficient life.

  • Speech Pathology:

Ingesting and communicating development resolving speech and language challenges, as well as offering therapies for breathing abnormalities typically encountered in older adults.

  • Heart Rehabilitation:

Heart health programmes tailored to physical activity and information regimens that support cardiovascular fitness for those recuperating from heart-related diseases or procedures.

  • Respiratory Therapy:

Respiratory support practices and instruction are specifically designed to help people with long-term respiratory disorders enhance the functioning of their lungs and general lung wellness.

  • Rehabilitating Mental Function:

Memory enhancement programs are created to help people with brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia sickness improve their ability to remember, managerial skills, and ability to think clearly.

  • Treatment for Orthopaedics:

Post-surgery rehabilitation individuals recuperating from orthopedic procedures, such as replaced joints or breakage maintenance, can participate in customized routines and treatments.

  • Improved Mobility:

Flexibility enhances specialized practices and programmes to strengthen equilibrium, coordination, and motion, minimizing the probability of injuries and encouraging secure movement.

  • Behavioral health and Older Psychotherapy:

Mental well-being behavioral health programmes that target typical problems that older persons have, such as depression and anxiety, and challenges with integration

  • Hospice Care and Pain Care:

Specialized Home Care treatment in Dubai aimed at easing elders’ discomfort and easing symptoms resulting from severe diseases, comprising relief from pain and mental assistance.

  • Aquatic Therapy:

Water-based exercises aquatic treatment, which uses the buoyancy of water to lessen the impact on joints, is helpful for elderly people who have arthritis, joint discomfort, or restricted mobility.

Who is Eligible for The Treatment?

For senior citizens who are experiencing difficulties with their neurological operation, transportation, and general well-being, Homecare Geriatric Physiotherapy might be helpful. It’s appropriate for those recovering from surgery, taking care of long-term medical concerns, or looking to increase their level of freedom in day-to-day tasks.

What Type Of Services Do They Offer?

A variety of individualized rehabilitation therapies are provided as part of the treatment. These might include physical, occupational, and speech therapy as well as other specialized programmes meant to improve older individuals’ functioning capacities.

What Are The Benefits of The Method?

Advantages include individualized treatment, familiar settings for comfort, less infection risk, engagement from family, preservation of freedom, and a more affordable option for healthcare than inpatient stays. Seniors with Home Care can maintain their independence and standard of living while receiving rehabilitation assistance.

How Does Family Help?

Household members are very important to the healing process. Under the supervision of medical experts, they can assist with everyday tasks, offer mental assistance, and take part in rehabilitation exercises. Including family members helps older patients have a strong support network while they heal.

Does This Method Help With Cognitive Decline?

Indeed, it is possible to modify Home Care Therapy to fit the requirements of those experiencing cognitive loss. Therapists create exercises and tactics that are in line with each patient’s cognitive capacity, encouraging participation and improving general function.

What Are The Challenges?

Difficulties might include the requirement for specialists with the necessary training, communication hurdles, and access to specialized equipment. To guarantee a smooth and efficient rehabilitation process, these issues are resolved via cooperative efforts between healthcare professionals, carers, and technology developers.

What Is The Cost Of The Method?

The Cost of Geriatric Rehabilitation In Dubai is reasonable. The method does not possess a fixed cost because it depends on many elements. You must consult with the expert to know the exact cost.

Does Insurance Cover the Expense?

The extent of coverage may differ based on the policyholder’s insurance. To find out how much is covered for in-home rehabilitation treatments, it is best to contact your insurance company.

Why Choose Us?

If you worry about your fitness and think that becoming older may cause you to get a health problem. Or do you have an older individual who demands particular attention at home? We can assist in creating a strategy to treat any current sickness or injury. You may also register for a scheduled appointment with our qualified medical professionals at The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic In Dubai by calling our helpline. Or fill out the form below and book a consultation.