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The trend of having fuller and thicker lips is now again back with the bang!  The influencers and bloggers these days are now promoting healthier fuller looking lips and have declared it has a high quality beauty standard. Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with plummer lips and so you need medical aid through a Botox Lip Flip in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah that is one of the easiest approaches and extremely beneficial for those who want pouty and attractive lips in a single go.

What is a Botox Lip Flip?

A Botox lip flip is basically a cosmetic procedure in which a botulinum toxin-based injection is inserted into the angles or commissures of the mouth. Botox agent is responsible for adding extra centimeters and increasing the size, texture, and shape of the lips.

People who have uneven undersized short or unappealing lips can get a Botox Lip Flip done in order to get that wow look! 

 What are the Benefits of Choosing Botox Lip Flip?

  • The results are sure do amaze you.
  • Instant filling and increase in the size of lips.
  • A perfect contouring and outline of the lips.
  • Has very less side effects.
  • Improves the facial appearance and aesthetics.
  • Helps you settle in trending situation.
  • Is very closely related to the natural look.
  • Does not require any surgical intervention.


Best botox-lip-flip in Abu Dhabi  Best botox-lip-flip Clinic in Dubai  botox-lip-flip Clinic in Dubai

botox-lip-flip in Abu Dhabi  botox-lip-flip in dubai  Best botox-lip-flip in dubai

 Who are the Ideal Candidates for Botox Lip Flip

Not all kinds of treatments are for everyone. Women who are allergic to botulinum toxin should readily avoid getting it and should seek some alternative methods. 

Moreover pregnant females and those who are suffering from any chronic illness should better postpone their idea of botox lip flip. 

However following are the ideal candidates who qualify for a Botox Lip Flip in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

  • Candidates who have undersized or very shallow upper lip.
  •  People having lips that completely disappear while smiling.
  •  Either of the lips that are disproportionate and do not approximate.
  •  Women with extremely thin lips.
  •  People who seek pouty and Plummer lips.

Botox Lip Flip Versus Conventional Dermal Fillers:

Active Ingredient:

The major difference between a Botox lip flip and dermal fillers is that the main agent. In the case of Botox botulinum is used whereas in the case of dermal fillers hyaluronic acid is used. 


Botox has nothing to do with moisture however dermal fillers are used for hydrating. 


Botox instantly increases the size of the lips whereas the Dermal Fillers are only bound to add a limited amount of volume to the lips.  Unlike botox they cannot plump them up or increase a couple of centimeters. 

How is the procedure of Botox lip flip done ?

  • At first the cosmetic surgeon will prepare.
  • Your lips, will clean it with an alcohol swab and will remove the cracked layer of lips.
  • The specialist will next make markings around the outline of your lips where the injection will be inserted.
  • Our local anesthesia agent is applied so that you may not feel the pain and it will numb the area completely.
  • The Botox loaded injection is then inserted very precisely around the outline of the lips art lower lip wherever required.
  • In case of moderate bleeding the surgeon will ensure to control it and wipe it off .
  • The candidate is sent home with some post operative instructions.

The Post Operative Care Instructions:

  • Avoid biting your lips again and again.
  • Refrain from using any lip balm or chemical based agent.
  • Do not vigorously rub your lips.
  • Avoid eating anything unless and until the local Anesthesia effect has completely dissolved. 

What can I Expect in the Results After a Botox Lip Flip?

A lot of people expect that immediately after the injection they will be able to witness the increase in the size of the lips.  little do they know that it will take around two to three days for the Botox to completely merge into the muscles of the lips and modify them. However:

Once the results are out you will be able to see that your face has started to look a lot more youthful and your lips will appear more attractive and perfectly full like never before. 

What are the Potential Risks Associated with Botox Lip Flip?

  • Mild swelling in the first few hours.
  • Bruising and minor contusions at the site of the injection.
  • Pain after the recovery from local Anesthesia.
  • A tingling sensation and a sense of discomfort in the first few hours.

How Much does Botox Lips Flip in Dubai Cost?

If you are looking for the Best Botox Lip Flip in Dubai then you can choose Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic because it is offering a botox lip flip for as low as AED 300 to AED 900. This is generally very affordable and reasonable, you will rarely find such low prices in any other suburb of UAE. 

The Final Verdict!

There is one thing you need to keep in mind is that you should choose a sound aesthetic surgeon for a Botox lips flip because an inexperienced surgeon would end up in distortions or case failure. Hurry up and Book an Appointment for your Botox lip flip in Dubai right now. 

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