Filler Injections with PRP in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Everyone wishes for a beautiful and attractive appearance. But because of many factors, they lose their baby skin. But advancements in technology make it possible to enhance your beauty. The procedure helps people reach their ideal appearance. Filler Injections With PRP In Dubai & Abu Dhabi are one such procedure. It is effective for individuals who wish to improve their appearance. And also revitalize their skin. This novel combination offers a safe and efficient answer. Because it hides wrinkles and fine lines on your face and turns back the hands of time. By making wrinkles and fine lines on your face less noticeable. It will aid in improving the tone and texture of your skin.

What are Filler Injections With PRP?

Dermal fillers are coupled with PRP during Filler Injections with PRP. The procedure helps to address a variety of skin issues. It also improves the texture, volume, and appearance of your skin. PRP filler injections rely on the platelet-rich plasma’s capacity for regeneration. Your blood is used to make PRP. Which has growth factors, and cytokines. These substances are essential for tissue repair, collagen production. And also for the promotion of new cell growth. The procedure offers a dual-action strategy by mixing PRP with dermal fillers. The PRP enhances the effects of the fillers. Which restores volume and plumpness to the skin. While the body’s own healing mechanisms.


PRP employs blood growth factors to prevent rejection by your body. This technique is used to treat physical indications of aging. Such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sunken cheeks. There are fewer dangers because the technique does not involve surgery. The treatment can reverse the signs of aging by making your skin fresh and young.

Who Are the Suitable Candidates for Treatment?

It’s critical to determine whether you are an excellent candidate for treatment. The following are the guidelines to check suitability:

  • If you are at least 18 years old.
  • Applicants with wrinkles or fine lines.
  • If you are healthy and don’t have any medical conditions.
  • Applicants whose hands, neck, or face have lost volume.
  • If you have hollows where your eyes are.
  • Applicants want to treat acne scars and uneven skin tone.
  • Candidates must have realistic expectations.

Pre-Operative Care:

The procedure is non-invasive and painless. But it demands preparation for reliable effects. The following are the pre-procedure instructions for the treatment:

  • Applicants who must avoid smoking before the treatment.
  • It slows down your healing and recuperation.
  • Applicants must avoid painkillers, aspirin, and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • You must skip blood-thinning medications, they can thin your blood.
  • Applicants must follow the healthy guideline for the meal.


The treatment is simple and injectable; it does not demand anesthesia. The following are the key steps of the treatment:

  • With the aid of a syringe, the doctor will first draw blood from your body.
  • After that, they will centrifuge the blood to separate the platelet-rich plasma.
  • The expert will clean the treatment area to get rid of any dirt, oil, or leftover makeup.
  • Then the expert will apply a numbing gel to the treatment area.
  • The dermatologist will mix the fillers with the PRP.
  • Your doctor will use microinjections to apply PRP to your facial skin.
  • Then the expert will apply a cooling gel to the treatment area.

Guidelines for Post-Operative Care:

The doctor will provide you with instructions on how to care for yourself. Because the aftercare of the treatment can help to avoid infection. The following are the aftercare instructions for the procedure:

  • Applicants must apply and take the prescribed medications.
  • Applicants must avoid touching the treatment area after the treatment.
  • Candidates must keep the treatment area clean and dry.
  • Applicants must avoid sun exposure.
  • You must stop using all the cosmetics.


The procedure is effective and beneficial. Because it delivers many benefits. The following are the major benefits:

  • Filler Injections with PRP offer a natural and safe alternative to surgical procedures.
  • The treatment uses your body’s own blood.
  • There is less risk of adverse reactions or complications.
  • The procedure restores lost volume, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  •  It enhances skin texture, and provides a more youthful and radiant complexion.
  • The treatment provides long-lasting results.
  • The procedure has low downtime.
  • It will help you add volume to your face by enhancing its fullness.
  • The procedure helps fill up the hollows around your eyes.
  • It will assist you in tightening the skin on your face.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Although everyone has a different stamina for pain. But these injections are well tolerated. To lessen any discomfort during the process. The medical expert may apply a topical anesthetic beforehand.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

There are many factors, like the condition and the complexity of the process. These can affect the procedure’s length. Both the scope of the treatment and individual concerns. The procedure will take 60 minutes.

Do They Have Any Negative Effects?

PRP filler injections are safe and have few negative effects. But some people might experience brief bruising, swelling. And also redness, or soreness where the injections were made. But these are transitory adverse effects. It can be controlled with healing medications.

When Can I Expect to Get Results?

Dermal fillers restore volume and also have quick initial effects. But, when collagen formation is encouraged. Then the full advantages of filler injections with PRP become apparent. The skin smooths out, firms up. And also looks younger.


The Cost of the Fillers Injection With PRP in Dubai is very reasonable. But the expenses of the procedure are not fixed. Because it depends on many elements. Applicant must consult an expert to know the cost. The following are the cost-effective factors of the procedure:

  • The expertise of the expert.
  • The condition of the treatment option.
  • The severity of the target area.
  • The location of the treatment area.

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