In Body Analysis at Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Keeping a check and balance on our health is very essential for us. People often focus on becoming skinny or gaining weight. Their major concern is either weight gain or weight loss. But in between gaining and losing weight, they do not focus on the overall body composition. Body compositions provide us with detailed insight into our internal health, BMI, bone density, etc. By availing of the service In Body Analysis at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, you can learn more about your internal body compositions within the privacy and ease of your home.

Understanding the Concept of In Body Analysis:

We often focus more on our body weight. But the weight machines we use do not provide us with proper information about our internal body compositions. The in-body analysis is a method that provides a brief view of the internal mass, fat, and water of our body. This technique uses the Bioelectrical impedance which measures the bone mass as well as the bone density in an individual’s body. The typical weight scales can only show us our overall weight but cannot inform us about the proportions of water, fats, and muscles. But with the help of this method, we can get a brief view of our internal mass measurements, and our health.

What Can We Find Out with In-Body Assessment?

In Body Analysis at Home in Dubai provides a brief report about the following things:

  • Presence of the total skeletal mass.
  • The total body fat of an individual.
  • Total muscle mass.
  • The body water.
  • Visceral fat.
  • Fat percentage.
  • Individual’s height.
  • BMI.
  • Bone mineral content.

Preparatory Steps:

Before the procedure, individuals must follow some of the preparation steps.

  • You must stand upright for 5 to 10 minutes before the process begins. This will help your body fluids, and blood to flow adequately.
  • If you are wearing socks or pantyhose you must remove them.
  • Make sure to wipe your hands and feet clean before you step onto the bioelectrical impedance.
  • Remove any jewelry or heavy pieces if you’re wearing them.
  • Try to use the restroom before the process.
  • You must avoid caffeinated beverages.
  • Do not use any moisturizer on your hands and feet.
  • One must avoid testing if you are pregnant or if you are on your menstrual cycle.
  • Maintain your body fluids.

How We Perform In Body Analysis at Home in Dubai:

Now people can achieve accurate and precise results for their internal health and wellness at their doorstep by availing of this home health service at Dynamic Clinic Dubai. Here is a brief guide on what happens during the entire process:

  • When you book an in-body assessment at home by our clinic. Our experienced specialist reaches your doorstep with the bioelectrical equipment within 30 to 40 minutes.
  • The specialist will ask you to follow some preparations before the process.
  • You will have to remove your socks and shoes. Then you will stand on the in-body machine.
  • You must align your feet with the foot electrodes, this will help measure your weight.
  • Then the individual will have to enter their height, age, gender, and sex into the machine.
  • In the next step, the individual will have to grab the handles and place their thumb onto the electrodes.
  • After grabbing the handles you must keep your arms straights and about 45 degrees away from your body.
  • The machine will send a current through your body, and this will measure your body composition.
  • When the test is completed, you will receive your results at your home within a few days.

Benefits of In Body Analysis at Home in Dubai:

There are various advantages of receiving In Body Analysis at Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi service at your doorstep:

  • It is a completely non-invasive procedure that informs us about our internal compositions at our home.
  • It is a cost-effective process that provides effective results.
  • People have the benefits of comfort, ease, and privacy.
  • You can achieve follow-up progress.
  • You achieve better information about your health, within the comfort of your home.

Does In Body Assessment Provide Accurate Results?

Yes, this process provides about 98% of accurate and precise results.

Is In Body Analysis at Home in Dubai a Safe Process?

Yes, this process is completely safe. In-Body Test is a non-invasive procedure that sends low frequencies of electric currents through your body.

Should I Be Hydrated Before The Test?

Yes, you can drink water before the test, but avoid drinking 2, or 3 glasses of water, as a large quantity of water intake can affect the results.

Can There Be Error In Bioelectrical Impedance?

This method shows accurate results, however, there is a chance of a 3 to 4% of error. The error can usually occur due to sweat, dehydration, etc.

Get Your Health Checked Within Your Home!

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