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Smile more Confidently with Teeth Crowns!

The Dental crown is a cap. It’s usually placed to conceal the damaged, broken tooth in terms of reshaping it, protecting it, and for an overall improved look. This cap is the closest match to natural teeth size and color. And when cemented properly into place, can last for many years. This minor adjustment can bring a massive difference to your smile

Here is what Best Teeth Crowns in Dubai can do for you:

  • Hides poorly molded Tooth.
  • Protects the neighboring tooth from Infection.
  • Restores natural tooth shape.
  • Delivers a Pleasant smile.

Reasons You May Need Teeth Crowns in Dubai:

  • To reinforce weak teeth.
  • Prevent further cracking of the tooth (if parts of it are already cracked).
  • Conceal dental implants, root canals, or severely discolored teeth.
  • Restore the broken or worn tooth.
  • Provide support to large tooth filling.


  • Metal.
  • Ceramic.
  • Porcelain or Emax.
  • Zirconia.

Results of Dental Crowns in Abu-Dhabi:

The Teeth crown will function like your natural, regular tooth. However, its lifespan is around 6-7 years or perhaps more depending upon the manufactured material.

Note: Gold and Porcelain crowns last longer.

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What’s the procedure for a Tooth Crown?

The process of Teeth Crowns in Dubai usually takes two calls to complete or perhaps a single day.

First Visit:

  • In the first appointment, the tooth is examined and x-rayed to check for any existing infection or decay. If any problem persists, your dentist may need first to treat it properly before placing the crown.
  • After the tooth is treated, your dentists would take an imprint of the tooth by filing some portion of it. This impression is normally sent to a dental lab for further processing.
  • By the completion of the first visit, your tooth may have a temporary crown that protects the treated tooth until the final one is ready to be placed permanently.

Remember, two weeks are typically allotted for the crown manufacturing process. 

Second Visit:

When the permanent crown is ready, you can have your second visit.

  • First, the temporary crown is removed and checked if everything is all right.
  • Later, the dentist permanently cements the final crown at the proper position by using a special adhesive.

One-day Dental crowns:

Teeth crowns can be placed on the same day at the dental office if your dentist has the latest equipment.

  • The process starts similarly to the customary method. At first, tooth decay and infection are removed.
  • Afterward, a scanning device is used to take impressions of the tooth which is then further progressed into another office machine that carves the shape of the crown out of the ceramic block.
  • In less than 20 minutes, the crown gets ready to be cemented into place.

Note that, after treatment, your mouth may still numb for a few hours until the anesthetic wears off.

What are the alternatives?

If the idea of Teeth Crowns in Dubai freaks you out or it seems uncomfortable, there are a couple of alternatives to consider. However, the three most popular ones are:

  • Inlays.
  • Onlays.
  • Porcelain veneers.

Post-care for your teeth:

Like natural teeth, crowns can break and cavities can persist in them. To prevent such damage to your crown strictly follow every single guideline from your dentist. Also, consider some standard directions stated below.

  • Gently brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Avoid chewing hard or sticky foods.
  • Don’t grind or clench your teeth.
  • Try to floss your teeth perpetually.

Important: Be sure to visit the dentist for regular examinations. 


  • Restores Fractured tooth.
  • Covers Root canals, Implants, and severe discoloration.
  • Improve smile aesthetics.

Possible Complications:

Teeth crowns in Dubai are a useful solution to a significant tooth problem, still, few issues can develop with them.

  • Allergic Infection.
  • Discomfort or sensitivity.
  • Gum disease.
  • Loose, chipped crown.

How much is a dental crown?

In general, Dental Crowns cost in Dubai can range from AED 1,500 to AED 8,000 or more per crown. The pricing aspect greatly depends upon the type of crown you choose.

However, this cost isn’t fully covered by insurance companies. Check with your specific insurance company to discern if they cover this.

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Being the leading dental clinic in Dubai. We massively take care of your longings. Whether you are getting a simple crown, a combination of the crown, or even veneers, we take a strong aesthetic approach to design a custom plan that suits your facial characteristics and personality.

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