Alarplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

There are a lot of people who have wide and outspread nostrils that get exaggerated when one smiles. Alarplasty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a simple cosmetic procedure that is done to narrow these nostrils. People get this treatment either for cosmetic or functional reasons by increasing or decreasing the width of the nostrils.

Aim of the Treatment:

The treatment aims to build an aesthetically beautiful nose by trimming the wide flaring nostril. It can be done alone or along with Rhinoplasty. The procedure of Alarplasty is simple and quick with minimum downtime associated with it. Small wedge-shaped skin from where the nose meets the cheek groove, is removed surgically to create smaller and narrower nostrils. The procedure is quick but it requires a great effort of the surgeon. Removing too much tissue from the nostrils can be dangerous as it might affect one’s breathing ability.

Candidate of Alarplasty:

The treatment is suitable for both genders. Anyone can get this surgery done if he/she desires to have a perfectly shaped nose and balanced facial features. You are a perfect candidate for the treatment if,

  • You are above 18 and want to improve your appearance
  • If you’re concerned about asymmetrical features on your face
  • You have a significant nasal deformity
  • You are not satisfied with the appearance of your nostrils
  • You have nostrils that are thick and huge and want to get rid of them immediately
  • If the base of your nose is too wide

Rhinoplasty vs Alarplasty:

Rhinoplasty is a medical procedure that is done to straighten the bumps and depressions of the nasal bridge. It makes the surface of the nose smooth and deals with almost all the concerns of the nose. On the other hand, you can opt for Alarplasty if you are bothered by the size of your nostrils. But if some other features of your nose are bothering you then you can consider Alarplasty along with Rhinoplasty. When Alarplasty is done alone it does not require general anesthesia whereas along with Rhinoplasty it requires it to keep the patient comfortable throughout the procedure.

Results of Alarplasty:

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Alarplasty provides many benefits to us by resizing and reshaping the nose. Some of them are listed below,

  • A minimally invasive procedure with minimum downtime
  • Helps in making a nose proportionate to other facial features
  • Addresses important concerns such as nose shape and nose size
  • The incisions heal well and quickly
  • Corrects nostril asymmetry
  • Also improves the contour of nasal Alar by resizing the nostrils


Before undergoing this surgical procedure you are advised to follow some instructions to get the best results of the Alarplasty Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

  • Inform your surgeon about your allergies and infections if you have any
  • Quit smoking and intake of alcoholic beverages for about 2 to 3 weeks before the treatment
  • Discontinue the use of aspirin supplement as they can slow down the recovery process
  • Stop vitamin E Oil one day before the Non Surgical treatment
  • Avoid lifting heavyweight for at least a week prior to the treatment


It is an outpatient procedure that requires an hour for its completion. The treatment starts by giving local anesthesia to the patient in order to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with it. An incision is made and a small amount of nasal tissue is removed. The tissue is excised and in the end, sutures are used to reattach the nostril to the base of the nose in a more narrow position. The procedure is repeated on the other nostril as well. Incisions and resulting scars are well hidden within the natural creases of the nose. The surgeon will use dissolvable stitches to speed up the healing process.

Post-Operative Care:

You are advised to follow the instructions of your surgeon to accelerate the healing process.

  1. Apply ice-bags and cold compressors on the treated area but only if your surgeon has recommended it
  2. While sleeping, keep your head elevated between 45 to 90 degrees
  3. Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages for 2 or 3 weeks after the treatment


4-5 days will be required for the recovery and healing of the scars. You might see some redness or swelling on your nose but it will disappear in some days. At least two follow-up visits will be required to remove the bandages and stitches.

How much does Alarplasty cost?

Thankfully you can now treat wide nostrils at the lowest cost. In Dubai, the average cost of Alarplasty ranges from AED 7000 to AED 20,000. Prices vary as per the type of surgery whether if it’s primary or revision. At Dynamic, our doctors review all the factors to provide you good cost estimate with a clear understanding of what is included in your investment.

Free Consultation:

Alarplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah has long been used at the Dynamic clinic for improving and enhancing the appearance of the nose. We are looking forward to hear a word from you soon. Fill in the online consultation form to book a free appointment with one of our expert dermatologists.