Sports guards, also Referred to as Athletic Guards offer Reliable Protection from Trauma caused by Sports Injuries!

You are probably aware that oral injury is not something you plan for. You may play thousands of athletic activities without incident, but it takes a second to hit and get a life-altering injury.

For example, during football, players frantically run up and down the field to pass and hit the ball at high speed. Each year, about 4 million footballers lose their teeth and experience other oral injuries. So, why take that risk?

The players, particularly contact sport players need proper protection for their teeth, jaw, gums, tongue, and cheek in any athletic activity. Sports Mouth Guards in Dubai & Abu Dhabi offer a reliable solution – prevents physical injury, as well as potentially long-term mental trauma. These guards come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. To learn more about them, keep scrolling.


Sports guard in UAE is a good way of protecting the soft and hard tissues of the mouth. It shields the teeth, and reduces the risk of trauma caused by athletic activities.


Two types of sports guards everyone should know about:

  • Custom-fitted: a specially-made guard which is generated by using molds taken by skilled dental professional. A custom-made sports mouth guard in Dubai fits perfectly, covers all of the teeth, and has that adequate amount of thickness to provide proper protection to jaws, tongue and most importantly teeth.
  • Boil-and-bite: made from thermoplastic material. You can buy it online or at a store

When Should you use a Sports Guard?

If you play any contact sport like hockey, football, cricket, or lacrosse, you should use a sports guard. It will reduce the risk of broken teeth, jaw fracture, cheek bruising, and mental trauma.

Note: You may want to talk to a certified dentist to better choose the protection that suits your needs.

How Long do Sports Guards Last?

A custom-fitted sports guard may last for several years. In general, it has a life expectancy of five to eight years with the right care.

What to Expect?

Before the next game begins, reach out to your private dentist. He will take an impression of your teeth and create a custom-fitted guard for you.

Pros & Cons


Teeth extraction or alignment can be painful as well as costly. Using mouth guards while playing sports can:

  • Provide protection from injury to the brain
  • Make you feel more safe, and comfortable
  • Help you avoid tooth dislocation and jaw fractures
  • Reduce bruising, cuts, and bleeding during impact
  • Allow you to escape long-term physical and mental damage


Sports guard may:

  • Make it hard for you to breathe while it is in
  • Be too expensive
  • Put you at increased risk of infection


When using any sport mouth guard, make sure it fits well and is comfortable to wear. It’s because many of the available guards do not even meet these two basic requirements.

Cost of Sports Guard?

In Dubai, the average cost of a sports guard is AED 650 to AED 1,500. However, some clients may pay as little as AED 500, and others as much as AED 1,500.

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