FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Why Choose FUT Hair Transplant Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

Baldness? Hair loss? Patchy scalp? – A simple solution is on your way!

Losing hair is common but its excess can result in baldness. And from there, damage begins. No matter for which reason, hair loss or baldness has hit you, let’s find its solutions!

Normally, people try medications, serums, gels, and of course home remedies. But sadly, no research has proven their efficiency of results. Equally, we cannot deny their fallouts. Somehow they work but when it comes to baldness, there is no other option than Hair Transplants. I believe that it might sound scary for you but in actuality, it’s extremely safe and natural. In this article, we’ll explore FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi in depth so there will be no possibility of misconceptions.

It’s quite easy to say that someone suffers from baldness. But victims of such concerns have to bear silly jokes which results in low-self-esteem and of course, it badly affects the entire personality. Are you one of those people? Tired of bearing fools? Not to worry. You’re now on Dubai’s leading destination of FUT Hair Transplants. We accept that everyone has the right to look beautiful that’s why we promise to transform your scalp safely. Our strict safety protocols won’t let you harm even a bit. Just relax and keep reading to explore the surprising realities of FUT Hair Transplant.

In this article, we’ve also covered possible snags you can face as we don’t hide anything from our patients.

Results of FUT Hair Transplant:

FUT Hair transplant results are everlasting. But they’re not instant. As everyone knows, hair growth is a natural time-taking process, so keep having patience while you get this conduct. Probably, a year would be enough when you’ll observe hair on your scalp. Anyhow, after 5-6 months, the transplanted hair will fall out that would definitely a spark of hope in the hopeless era.

Besides, if you’re thinking, how successful is the FUT. How many patients have acquired optimistic consequences from it? Fortunately, we’re proud to declare that nine out of ten people have noticed effective growth after having a transplant from our surgeons. But when it comes to overall UAE, FUT Hair Transplant is holding an 85% success rate.

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What Exactly is FUT?

FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai is the surgical approach to provide you natural hair forever. It’s also known as the traditional hair restoration technique. Basically, it involves the eradication of thin tissue from the backside of the scalp to attain required hair grafts. Later than, grabbed follicle units are then implanted back on the bald region by making very small holes through a needle.

The entire technique is free of pain due to the supervision of local anesthesia.

Is FUT for me?

For sure. It’s for you if you’re having excess baldness or a patchy scalp. Besides, FUT could be a better solution for you if more coverage and fullness are demanded. Because along with this transplantation, you can easily get a higher number of grafts, which the utmost demand for a large extent of baldness. But the story doesn’t end here.

For productive fallouts, a closer physical examination must be meant initially. In short, you must be physically and mentally fit for it. Please consider the following criteria for determining the best candidacy of FUT.

  1. As mentioned above, patients who desire to secure more hair grafts in one session are a perfect match for it.
  2. Ensure sufficient hair growth in any area of the body for transplantation. Normally, the backside of the head is griped.
  3. Certify having enough skin elasticity.

Allergic infections, skin cancers, and bleeding disorders may prone to adverse side effects.


After having a FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you can enjoy the mind-blowing benefits listed below,

  1. Natural hair for a lifetime
  2. Less damage to the donor’s hair
  3. Extremely affordable through our installment plans

What to do Before Surgery?

Preparation of FUT hair transplant is simple. Once you’ve settled an appointment with us. Just make a few changes to your lifestyle. Generally, prohibit smoking, alcohol, and blood-thinning medications.

Correspondingly, evaluate your health status by discussing your entire medical history with the doctor and also inform him about the desired hair direction. This preparation criterion will be much beneficial for you and your doctor for meeting expectations.

Anyways, having fears before surgery is normal. Be free to ask questions for clearing every sort of doubt and suspicions. Our friendly staff won’t leave you nervous before surgery.

What’s the Procedure of FUT Hair Transplant?

To identify the procedure details of FUT Hair Transplant, we’ve compiled all its specifics step wise for your ease. But earlier to this, please keep informed that you’ll be given local anesthesia and the entire surgery takes 5-6 hours to complete.

Step 1- Donor area Preparation:

First of all, the donor area is being timed and marked for cutting out the strip of skin. Afterward, both boundaries get closed with sutures. However, for their removal, appear in another sitting at least 10 days after transplant.

Step 2- Grafts Division:

Secondly, doctors put the piece of skin under a microscope for graft dissection. Later then, they prepare follicle units of the desired extent.

Step 3- Finishing Transplantation:

The surgeon then makes small holes on the scalp with a needle and then place those grafts in them carefully. Consequently, a surgical cap will be given to you for covering both donor and recipient areas.

Straightaway After FUT? How long is the Recovery Time?

You’ll have to bear some mild bruising and pain but thankfully, due to our modern transplantation techniques, you can continue your daily activities within 2-3 days of the procedure. But it’s more beneficial if you take a break from work for at least 5 days.

Cost of FUT Transplant Dubai:

The average cost calculated for FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai is from AED 4,000 to AED 6,999. Though, it’s greatly reliant upon the number of transplanted grafts.

For a correct assessment of follicular units, and the exact cost in your case, you need to book an appointment with us.

Free Consultation:

Don’t let baldness result in loss of self-confidence. Get the best FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah from us and adore natural hair for a life-time.

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