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Talking about circumcision and problems related to the male genital organ is considered taboo. Avoiding these discussions and not paying attention to them may not be hazardous at present but in the future it can give rise to severe destruction that you could definitely avoid in the earlier stages of life. Among all the issues male circumcision in Dubai, UAE is one that is a minor surgery done in which the external foreskin of the male genital organ is scrapped off to prevent the diseases and unwanted consequences in the future. 

What is Circumcision? 

A circumcision is minor electric surgery which is done in order to remove the extra skin that is present at the end of the penis. It basically to evacuate the penis from the four skin that is responsible for certain complications and infections in the older age.

How is the Procedure of Male Circumcision Surgery Done? 

There are different methods based on the age and other conditions of the patient. the best procedure considered in Dubai is through the plastic bell ring method. First, a plastic ring is placed at the end of the penis and A thread is tied around it. The skin that is left is then incised off and the openings are then tied back using fine threads. 

Within a few days the plastic ring will slowly and gradually dry and fall off on its own. The thread that is also tied around the ring will also fall off as the skin will heal and the wounds will dry. 

What is the Cost of Male Circumcision Surgery in Dubai?

The circumcision cost in Dubai UAE is fairly less when done in the first 10 days after the birth of the male. It fairly increases when a person gets it done in adulthood. It would range from 1000 AED to 3000 AED

What are the Benefits of Circumcision in Male

A lot of the people are unaware about reason why circumcision is done and what are its benefits here is it closer look about them.

Prevents from Infection

The presence of foreskin or the extra space below it makes a room for the bacteria and other microorganisms to sit easily. Since it remains  and is exposed to the air the chances of infection double and make it very vulnerable to an unhealthy  environment. 

Prevents from Sexually Transmitted Diseases

As mentioned above the force can makes a room for the bacteria and provides the favourable conditions for them if they are not remove it can cause sexually transmitted infections as well. Among 5 and 10 people residing in Dubai have complained that women receive sexually transmitted diseases from their partners who haven’t undergone circumcision surgery in their childhood. You can scroll down for knowing the male circumcision cost in Dubai.

Saves a Male from Cancer

Men who have Not received circumcision surgery in their early years of life often have reported with penile cancer in litre stages of life especially when they have reached above 40. This is because the prostate gland and the other internal structures have shown the presence of infection that has built up into the necrosis of cells leading to abnormal growth of cells as a consequence cancer becomes prevalent. Male surgery in Dubai genuinely decreases the risk of cancer by removing the unwanted skin. 

Maintenance of Hygiene

Once you have got a circumcision surgery the hygiene becomes relatively easier than before. This is because remains of the women or urine left overs in the skin. 

What is the Correct Age for Getting a Male Circumcision Surgery in Dubai? 

According to pediatricians and the surgeons the best age for circumcision surgery in nails is as early as 10 days of life. This is because the skin is relatively soft and easy to incise off.  on the other hand the infant can generally feel no pain. The healing and recovery also occurs at a faster age during infancy as compared to the older ages. 


If you have delivered a baby boy recently then we congratulate you on the birth of your little bundle of joy. HowEver there is some friendly advice on behalf of the team of paediatric specialists that is you should book an appointment for a circumcision surgery for your boy as soon as possible so that you can keep the future diseases and infections at bay.