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The tiny spots and blisters you often notice on your penis are nothing but just the rashes that can be noticed on the other parts of the body as well. It can be very  discomforting especially when you keep it covered and wear tight fitted bottoms. Around 7 in 10 men often experience penile rashes because of the hot and humid weather especially in Dubai.  The affected lesions often become aggressive during urination and the area turns inflamed and red. Men who are struggling with penile rashes often feel uncomfortable in socializing or carrying out any intimate activity. Here is the take about some of the Painful penile rash treatment in Dubai and how you can diagnose it yourself. 

What is a Painful Penile Rash?

A painful penile rash is basically a genital rash that often occurs on the penis in men and around the vulva or the vagina in females. It is a very painful condition and if left untreated it can lead it to severe infections.

What are the Causes of Penile Rash?

The best way to treat any disease is to quickly catch the root causes and what is the main reason contributing to it. Following can be some  causes that can progress to painful penile rash. 

Invasion of Microorganisms

Bacteria and fungi are some of the major microorganisms that when fed on to the sweat on the genitals often lead to itching. Continuously rubbing the area out of distress can lead to rashes. Upon medical examination and history pathological investigations it is inferred that the presence of bacteria, parasites and fungus is commonly noticed. 

Yeast Infections 

As mentioned above, microorganisms such as fungus are very commonly found in patients with penile rashes. The men who are diagnosed with penile rashes often have a history of intercourse with different partners and this is the main reason why they got the infection.

Poor Hygiene

Men who are less likely to maintain cleanliness and hygiene are very vulnerable to rashes and itching around their genital areas. It is advised to regularly wash your private parts with some intimate  washes that are available over the counter  This will not just maintain the proper hygiene in the area but will also eliminate any unpleasant odor also. 

Use of Tight Briefs

 It is advised by physicians that men should avoid wearing tight briefs and underwear that does not allow air to vent in. There are now new and air friendly briefs available that do not hinder airway passage and eventually there are no chances of sweat accumulating on the genital surface which is the major cause of rashes.

How is Penile Rash Diagnosed? 

Any person with the complaint of a painful rash will always have a complaint about itching and redness around the genital area. The doctor will perform a swab test in which the specimen is taken from the candidate’s body and it is then sent into the histopathology laboratory. The specimen is then examined under the microscope and the clinical findings will show presence of bacterias or any fungus.

Penile Rash Treatment Cost  

The treatment for penile rashes in Dubai ranges from 999 AED to 1499 AED.However it is better to consult a surgeon or doctor with sound knowledge for confirmation of the prices. 

What are the Symptoms of Penile Rashes? 

A person with penile rashes will be presenting with the following symptoms: 

  • Pain during intercourse and when highly aroused
  • Extreme irritation when resist itching 
  • Burning sensation 
  • Painful urination discomfort 
  • Uneasiness while sitting 
  • Painful urination 
  • Mild to moderate swelling
  • Fever in case of infection 
  • Painful blisters 

What are the Treatment Options for Painful Penile Rashes? 

Penile rashes normally don’t have multiple treatments whereas they are treated by a single procedural method that includes: 

  • At first your  doctor will examine and will take your history
  • You will be sent for a swab test where a specimen will be collected for lab investigation
  • Once the specimen is retrieved and the results are out you will then be planned for treatment
  • The treatment will generally include the antibiotics.  in case of severe infections first generation of antibiotic is recommended however for mild infections third generation cephalosporin will be enough
  • In cases of yeast infection antifungal agents will be given
  • Apart from antibiotics you will be prescribed some steroids and gels consisting of them.
  • The doctor will then strictly advise you to maintain hygiene and cleanliness and that is the key and golden rule of the treatment.

Can Painful Penile Rashes Be Contagious? 

Penile Rashes are not contagious but if they are infectious in origin then it is very likely that the infection can pass to the partner. Diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea are very commonly passed through this means and so it is advised to use protective barriers if you suspect rashes.


A lot of the men normally don’t discuss such rashes and tend to deal with them all alone because of shyness and shame.  Little do they know that hiding these problems and ignoring them can give rise to serious issues that can be fatal and life threatening as well. seek the correct treatment on time and book an appointment with your nearest physician right now. 

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