Nasogastric Feeding Tube at Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Some medical conditions can make it difficult for children to suck, swallow, or eat. Not consuming the right amount of nutrition can make you malnourished and can also negatively impact your health. But with advancements in the medical field, the tube feeding processes have been gaining popularity over the years. So if your child suffers from a medical illness that enables their ability to eat proper nutrition through their mouth, there’s nothing to be worried about. Nasogastric Feeding Tube at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah aims to provide the essential nutrients to your baby within the ease, and comfort of your home.

Purpose of Nasogastric Feeding Tube at Home in Dubai:

The NG tube feeding process uses a medical catheter to feed the essential nutritional diet to individuals who are unable to eat or swallow on their own. This process uses a thin tube to provide your child with a liquid diet containing all the essential nutrients. In this process, the catheter passes through the nasal cavity to the individual’s stomach. This tube-feeding process fulfills the purpose of both either feeding a person or extracting harmful substances from their stomach.

Individuals Who Require Nasogastric Feeding Tube at Home in Dubai:

Some medical illnesses can make it difficult to eat or swallow things from their mouth. These individuals are given a diet by a medical catheter. People who suffer from the following conditions are most likely the ideal candidates for this process:

  • Individuals who have difficulty swallowing.
  • People who have head and neck cancers.
  • Children who suffer from severe malnutrition.
  • People who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Individuals who suffer from toxic poisoning and require a suctioning process.
  • People who are in an unconscious state.

Preparation Before the NG Feeding Process:

  • Patients and their families should learn the basic and important information regarding the procedure.
  • Before starting the process the doctors will take consent from the patient, and their family.
  • Before starting the process the practitioner will ask the patient to sit in a comfortable position so the insertion takes place easily.
  • The doctor will initially measure the tube that is needed for the method. 
  • The doctor will lubricate the end of the tube that will into the nasal cavity.

Insertion Process of NG Tube Feeding:

  • The doctor will make sure that the patient is sitting in a comfortable position.
  • Then he will start placing the tube through the nose. The doctor will place the other end of this catheter towards the ear.
  • Our healthcare provider will make sure that the insertion is easily done. If the patient feels any discomfort during the insertion method, they will stop immediately.
  • The inserting process becomes a lot easier if the child is sucking onto a pacifier.
  • When the tube placement process is easily performed then the healthcare provider will secure this catheter onto the cheek with the help of a tape.

What Happens at Our NG Tube Feeding at Home Program:

Patients who choose to have the catheter feeding process by Dynamic Clinic Dubai can expect the following things at our home health service:

  • Initial Health Assessment:

When our healthcare provider reaches your doorstep the first thing they do is begin the initial assessment of the patient’s health. They check the essential vitals, and breathing patterns, or look out for any infections.

  • Educating The Family:

Providing necessary education about the patient’s condition to their family is very essential. Our team provides in-depth guidance according to the patient’s condition, symptoms, and their health.

  • Routine Checkups:

Daily routine checkups and health monitoring of the patient is very essential and our professional team members provide this healthcare service at your doorstep for your convenience and comfort.

Benefits of Nasogastric Feeding Tube at Home in Dubai:

Nasogastric Feeding Tube at Home in Dubai has many different advantages. Some of the main benefits it offers are:

  • You or your loved one can achieve all the essential, vital nutrients without continuously visiting a hospital.
  • This method provides all the essential vitals, nutrients, and medicines to the individual’s stomach.
  • The benefit of having personalized feeding plans within the comfort of your home.
  • Within the comfortable environment of their home patients feel more cozy, and comfortable.
  • Can also suction out any toxic material.

Precautionary Measures To Follow:

Below are some precautionary measures one must follow with this method:

  • Always make sure that you choose a professional doctor who has experience in their field.
  • The placement method should be done easily with proper care, so there are no complications.
  • Lubricating the end of the tube will make the method easy.
  • Placing tape over the catheter will help avoid any type of friction.
  • If you notice any nose bleeding, sore throats, pressure ulcers or irritation in your nose or throat immediately consult a professional.

Is Nasogastric Feeding Tube at Home in Dubai Painful?

Individuals might experience a little pain during the catheter placement in the nose. Otherwise, the method is not painful at all.

Embrace Wellness Within Your Home!

Your health and wellness should always be your top priority. We know how hard it can get for individuals to visit a hospital daily, so we’re here to help you with our home health services. Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers the benefit of a Nasogastric Feeding Tube at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. To learn more regarding this treatment you can easily book a free consultation with our health professional at Dynamic Clinic Dubai.