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Everyone wishes for flawless, glassy skin, but multiple factors and habits are barriers to their desires. The sun promotes the aging of several skin layers. The sun is the source of the most harm for many people; it reduces collagen formation and also affects the suppleness of the skin. Aging decreases the formation of wrinkles over time. And, because dehydration causes open pores, which make skin dull and unhealthy, we offer an all-in-one solution. Evo Laser in Dubai is a novel technique whose sole purpose is to be your one-stop solution. It is your go-to gadget for everything from laser hair removal to vein treatments to skin rejuvenation.

Aim of Evo Laser:

Evo is a brand-new, advanced Laser Treatment in Dubai that combines three true laser IPL wavelengths. IPL uses a broad spectrum of high-intensity light that is emitted at different depths depending on your specific goals. The laser’s heat may be directed to burst several pigmentation colors, it is an efficient tool for hair removal, laser vein treatment, and a variety of skin pigmentation issues. Evo Laser eliminates lines and fairly deep wrinkles with less pain; it rejuvenates the skin tone with fewer side effects, and it has a faster recovery time than previous treatments because of the combination of these lasers.

Results of Evo Laser:

Every surgery delivers revolutionary outcomes. Whether it is a Facial rejuvenation treatment, a hyper-pigmentation elimination treatment, a hair removal therapy, or a skin tightness treatment, the majority of our clients are pleased and leave positive feedback every time they use this device. The results you see will differ depending on your objectives. It achieves superior outcomes while requiring fewer treatment sessions than typical IPL or laser devices. When used for skin renewal, you might expect some instant improvements as well as continuing improvement over a few weeks. Hair removal usually takes many sessions to achieve the desired results.

Who are the Right Candidates?

Because of the device’s highly customized design, almost everyone can achieve their desired goal. It is appropriate for all skin types, tones, and hues. If you’re unhappy with aging symptoms and sun exposure, or if you want to eliminate the bothersome hair, non-invasive treatment can help. The following criteria may make you a great candidate for this treatment:

  • Applicants must not have any skin allergies.
  • If you have pigmented skin,
  • If your skin has open pores, fine lines, and wrinkles,
  • When your bikini areas are black,
  • have reasonable expectations for this therapy and wish to improve the appearance of your skin.
  • If you want to eliminate the undesirable hair all over your body,
  • It is a very good choice for tattoo elimination.

Preparation Steps to Follow:

This procedure is non-invasive; there are no strict instructions, but you need to follow some recommendations for effective results. The guidelines are below:

  • We recommend avoiding direct sunlight for two weeks before treatment.
  • This will prevent melanin activation and improve the outcome of your treatment.
  • We recommend coming in with the region shaved,  if not, then the expert will shave them before starting the process.
  • Do not wax or pluck 48 hours before surgery.
  • Keep your skin hydrated, and relax before the process
  • Avoid all medications, and discuss your previous medication history.

How is the Procedure Performed?

It makes use of a wide range of intensely focused light delivered at various depths depending on your objectives. The laser’s strength can be programmed to shatter a variety of pigment shades, making it an effective method for hair removal, Laser Vein Therapy, and a variety of melanin-level disorders. This process is performed in the following ways:

  • Firstly, the expert will administer the sedative cream to make you calm and relaxed.
  • Then the physician will utilize a small, hand-held device to deliver pulses of light energy to the targeted location.
  • The majority of individuals experience a minor pinched feeling as the laser pulses become incident to their skin.
  • The device has a cooling function that protects the skin and alleviates discomfort caused by the laser pulse.
  • It takes very little time for laser hair removal or skin rejuvenation and lasts approximately 30 minutes.
  • There is no downtime associated with the therapy, and you can resume your daily activities right afterward.

Aftercare Steps:

For quick healing and to avoid reactions, follow the post-procedure guide:

  • Protect the treated areas from sun and heat.
  • Use only recommended medicines.
  • Keep your head slightly up while resting the first night.
  • Creams can be used as directed to avoid eye irritation.
  • Avoid makeup and cosmetic products.
  • Avoid showering with hot water.
  • Keep your skin moisturized.
  • If necessary, continue to apply the medication.
  • Apply non-irritating products to your skin.
  • Apply ice packs if applicants feel itching.
  • Avoid exercise until you have fully recovered.

Benefits of Evo Laser:

This treatment is more than a simple cosmetic procedure; it is beneficial in a variety of ways. Some of its primary advantages are as follows:

  • The procedure is completely non-surgical and non-invasive.
  • It applies to all skin types.
  • There will be no downtime or extended recuperation.
  • The cooling tip guarantees that you are as comfortable as possible.
  • This treatment can effectively reverse your damaged skin into new.
  • It is a permanent hair removal option.
  • It effectively removes all hair colors, from dark to light.
  • Sun damage, brown spots, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and rosacea are all addressed.
  • It assists in decreasing blocked pores.
  • Boosts your confidence by filtering your appearance.
  • It effectively tightens and elevates the facial skin.
  • Assists in the reduction of wrinkles.
  • Can remove tattoos.
  • This treatment can remodel your intimates.

Side Effects of Evo Laser:

It is a very secure and compelling treatment if performed by experts. There is no chance of a reaction, but some body regions are sensitive, and applicants may feel red and puffy skin. There are very minor side effects of the treatment for Laser Hair Removal and facial rejuvenation. The redness usually goes away in one or two days.

Cost of Evo Laser in Dubai:

The Cost of Evo Laser in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is very reasonable compared to other surgical treatments. However, the cost is not fixed and varies due to many factors. Including the expertise of the doctor, the services of the center, the location of the clinic, the patient’s targeted area, and the expectations and requirements of the treatment. The expert will guide you after analyzing your condition.

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