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Posterior colporrhaphy is a sort of confidential procedure in which the area around the division of the vagina is excised and subsequently sutured, resulting in an “in-depth” loss in the vagina. In terms of aesthetics, it can be done with anorgasmia, a decrease in sexual pleasure due to vaginal stretching, and a decrease in the suppleness of its walls. This situation is caused by multiple effects, for example, childbirth, aging, and other hormonal dysfunction. Posterior Repair in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is an invasive cure method used to treat functional abnormalities of the small pelvis and improve the quality of a woman’s sexual life. This form of repair is significantly more common than shapeable surgery of the anterior wall for a combination of causes. In most cases, it is caused by a breakdown of the tissues that connect your vagina to your intestine.

The Aims of the Treatment:

A Posterior Colporrhaphy in Dubai is an invasive procedure that is used to rebuild or strengthen the fascial support coating that connects the rectum to the vagina. The operation that restores the perineal body is known as a perineorrhaphy. The perineal body also aids in the stability of the female’s back wall. When tears occur during childbirth, the perineum is frequently injured. This area, along with the rear wall of the vagina, may require revivification to provide perineal support and, in certain situations, to minimize the vaginal opening. It is worth noting that colporrhaphy is rarely used for intimate rejuvenation; it helps with age-related disorders. Vulvovaginal laser rejuvenation, Monalisa Touch, and injectable rejuvenation with Overage fillers are examples of such techniques.

Outcomes of the Treatment:

These treatment options are very effective. If you follow all of the recovery instructions properly, rehabilitation after the treatment goes quickly and painlessly. The volume of the vagina is reduced along its whole length from the cervix to the entrance during the procedure. After the process, you will notice that the fit of the penis has improved significantly, as have the tactile sensations. It enhances the quality of sex enjoyment.

Cause of Posterior Damage:

A posterior prolapse is frequently caused by delivery, which has pulled or injured the pelvic foundation muscles. It is not unusual for it to occur in women who have never been pregnant. It might also become more obvious during menopause when the quality of the supporting tissues begins to decrease. The following are the main causes of the disease:

  • multiple vaginal deliveries or childbirth trauma (for instance, tissue tearing during delivery).
  •  Recurrent pelvic floor or rectum surgery.
  • Constipation causes persistent straining during bowel movements.
  • Aging factors play a huge role in losing vaginal elasticity.
  • It can be caused due to the lack of collagen in the tissues of the targeted site.

Symptoms of Posterior Prolapse:

A posterior prolapse can generate the sense of something coming down as well as the sensation of not having fully offloaded your bowel. The disease can also make intercourse uncomfortable and make it difficult to keep a tampon in place. The following are the main indications for posterior repair:

  • Deletion and prolapse of the vaginal posterior wall as a result of earlier perineum fractures.
  • Rectocele (protrusion of the rectum wall towards the vagina).
  • Elimination procedure infraction.
  • Imperfections in appearance.
  • The impression of the additional pelvic cell tissues has decreased.

Surgical Procedures for Posterior Repair:

If non-invasive treatments fail to handle rectocele issues, they may necessitate surgery. Speaking with a cosmetic physician who specializes in pelvic muscle issues can assist women in determining the best course of action. In most situations, surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts approximately one hour, depending on the condition. The following are treatment options for Posterior Repair in Dubai:

  • A transvaginal rectocele restoration referred to as posterior repair, is a considerably typical invasive treatment. The rectocele is accessed via the vagina. It allows for the correction of not just the rectocele but also a hard perineum and a wider vaginal aperture. It furthermore has the benefit, it does not disrupt any rectal tissue. This is the conventional approach used by experienced and skilled gynecologists for rectocele correction.
  • The other treatment option is rectocele. It can be painful. A colorectal surgeon can also do a transanal repair on a rectocele. The anus is used to access the rectocele. Many colorectal surgeons choose this procedure, it permits the treatment of abnormalities in the interior areas as well as the repair of the rectocele.

When additional treatments are required, such as for uterine or bladder prolapse or rectal prolapse via the anus, other sorts of repairs or methods may be performed.

Pre-procedure Care:

You must follow the following advice for quick healing, infection prevention, and effective results:

  • If you smoke, quitting now may minimize your chances of problems and enhance your long-term health.
  • Try to keep a healthy weight. If you are overweight, you are better possible to sorrow from health issues.
  • Regular exercise should help you prepare for the procedure, recover from it, and improve your long-term health.
  • Before you start working out, seek advice from your healthcare team or your primary care physician.
  • Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages before the treatment.

The Procedure of the Posterior Repair:

The treatment can be performed in the following steps:

  • Firstly, the expert cleans the area before starting the procedure.
  • Then the expert will apply anesthesia, to make you calm and relaxed and avoid pain.
  • It renders you senseless during the process.
  • Your doctor will make a small incision on the rear division of your targeted site over the bulge to push your bowel back and to give younger look by removing saggy skin.
  • They will next sew the targeted cells along the size of your vaginal back partition together, allowing the bowel to remain in its usual place.
  • To remove extra tissue, your expert will make a small incision again in the targeted part of your vaginal wall.
  • If the muscles on each side of your vaginal opening are weak then you will be needed a second incision.
  • Your consultant will use a bandage to cover the wound with dressing and stitches, to make them shrinker.
  • If you want to compress the muscles on either side of your vaginal opening,
  • Then, lastly, your doctor will cover the stitches with the proper dressing to protect your targeted site.

Post-procedure Care:

For effective outcomes, the first few days are recommended for bed rest, after which the patient must stick to the following recommendations:

  • Take more rest; avoid all physical activity; intercourse; sauna, swimming pool, open water; tampons; jumping; and running.
  • If the operation was performed for medical reasons, special underwear or a bandage should be worn for several months to support the pelvic organs.
  • Avoid intercourse activity for a few months for quick healing.
  • Use only prescribed medication.
  • Keep the treated site clean and dry until complete healing.
  • Do not scratch and pull the treated site.
  • Avoid sexual activities.

Advantages of the Procedure:

The goal of the procedure is to shrink the backing muscles between your vagina and bowel, as well as to remove any lump in your vagina by transferring the intestine. If you have difficulties going to the toilet or experience discomfort during sex, the procedure should help to alleviate or improve these issues. The main benefits are given below:

  • It helps with bowel control.
  • It improves the quality of intimate and everyday life.
  • It alleviates the pain and suffering caused by rectocele.
  • Reducing the expansion of the pelvic area is frequently done to promote feelings of intimacy.
  • Age and pathological abnormalities are eliminated (stretching, omission).
  • Increasing the suppleness of the genital organs and removing painful rough scars.

Complications of theTreatment:

There is always a chance of risk in any procedure. Pain, feeling or being sick, seeping, ugly scars, blood clots, or infection at the treatment site are all examples of general problems (wounds). Specific procedure complications include trouble opening your bowels, developing a hematoma, or injury to your bowel and surrounding structures. The surgery may potentially result in trouble having sex or decreased sensations during intercourse.


The Cost of Posterior Repair in Dubai is very reasonable. It ranges between AED 25,000 and AED 40,000. The fee varies and will be established by the doctor following the initial consultation. It can be influenced by multiple factors, including:

  • The harshness of the targeted site
  • The reputation and expertise of the doctor.
  • The location of the clinic.
  • Selection of the procedure.

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