Periodontics & Gum Disease in Dubai

Bleeding Gums and Toothache? Don’t Let such issues turn into tooth loss!

Many of us experience painful, bleeding gums while brushing our teeth. While such conditions may not seem dangerous but in actuality, they are the initial sign of gum (periodontal) disease. This requires treatment otherwise it can result in tooth loss and other serious jaw problems.

The Dynamic clinic provides the best Periodontal and Gum Disease Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi to improve your oral health. Our skilled periodontists evaluate the dental condition of the patient and then advise the best treatment option whether it’s simple periodontal treatment or gum surgery.

We give world-class care to our patients. This is the reason we are ranked as the leading dental clinic in Dubai.

Before we inform our treatment details, let’s first clarify the hidden secrets of gum disorder.

What is Gum Infection?

Gum or periodontal disease is an intense mouth infection.

It is a serious disease that leads to the permanent loss of teeth. In this condition, gums swell and result in bleeding and mild pain. This chronic issue breaks down the attachment of the tooth and its supporting tissues as well. And it can lead a person to tooth loss.

This disease usually occurs due to excess bacteria from dental plaque that damages the gums. In its initial stages, if the individual takes good care at home by taking some necessary advice from a periodontist, then it can be tackled easily.

Symptoms of Periodontal Disorder?

Gum-disease is recognized as a silent infection. Initially it’s painless until it reaches the severe stage. However, some signs indicate its presence. If you notice any of the mentioned symptoms, don’t ignore them. Schedule your consultation rapidly.

  • Mouth pains
  • Bleeding while brushin
  • Swollen or reddish gums
  • Constant bad breath
  • Teeth don’t fit together
  • Unexpected loss of teeth
  • Increased spaces in teeth


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How is Gum Disease Treated?

The main target of this treatment is just to control the spread of the infection. A lot of techniques are practiced by our experts including the surgical and non-surgical ones. Depending upon the extent of the gum problem a suitable option is advised.

The early stages of mouth issues can be reversed with non-surgical techniques and some prescribed medicines. But in severe periodontal problems, surgery may be required. The leading factor in treatment options will be how quickly your gum complaint is discovered and how quickly it recovers.

Non-Surgical Plan:

Even if it’s a non-surgical practice but still can be painful or uncomfortable for some, specifically when gums are sensitive. Our periodontists put maximum effort to deliver the best results comfortably. First of all, they apply a topical analgesic cream to numb the gums. Even at times, local anesthesia is also used for hypersensitive patients.

Following are the two main procedures done in a non-surgical plan.

1. Deep Cleaning:

Our dentists will eliminate the plaque through the high-frequency ultrasonic waves and with some necessary polish along. It buffs out the upper tooth surface and doesn’t let the plaque come over again. This deep cleaning, Periodontal & Gum Disease Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi helps maintain healthy gums.

2. Scaling and Root Planning:

This scaling practice manually removes the plaque from the root surfaces of teeth. It controls the uneven gum surfaces and eliminates the hidden bacteria for more protected gums.

Surgery Options:

The severe problems of gum disease need surgery. In situations, where deep pockets occur, gum surgery becomes the only viable option. The types of gum surgery procedures are enlightened below.

1. Flap Surgery:

This surgical practice removes the gap between gums and teeth. It involves the cutting of the flap inside the gums. Sometimes, the uneven surface of a bone is also smooth out so that there is no space left for hidden bacteria.

2. Curettage:

This gum-treatment uses a sharp instrument to scrape off the bacteria and extra gum growth.

3. Bone Grafts:

To repair the damage of teeth bone, a piece of the patient’s bone tissue is carefully placed on the problematic site. This provides stable support to teeth and helps in stopping tooth loss.

4. Guided Tissue Generation:

Periodontists take out the graft from the palate and transplant it into the middle of bone and gum. This act stimulates the new bone growth and brings back the healthy gums.

5. Gum Grafts:

In this procedure, healthy tissue is extracted from the roof of the mouth and it’s then placed into the gum line through sews. This surgical technique is usually done when all healthy gums are dead.

Can I get this Periodontal Treatment?

If you are experiencing any symptom of this periodontal infection then there is a possibility that you might need this gum-disease treatment. But before concluding anything, consider the early diagnosis.

Just book your consultation for a dental examination. Our periodontists will inspect the extent of bleeding, swelling, sensitivity, tooth movement, and gum-pocket depth to review the complete details. They will likely recommend an X-ray or some necessary test to identify whether you are a candidate for this procedure or not.

Tips after Treatment:

Once you have gone through periodontal treatment, prevent your gums. The dentists of Dynamic clinic usually provides a restriction chat that includes essential dos and don’ts. These guides must be followed for a couple of weeks to get secured results.

Aside from unique instructions, consider the following ones, which are compatible with every patient.

  • Keep your mouth hygienic. Use an anti-bacterial mouth wash to control the plaque.
  • Gently massage the treated area with clean hands to promote healing.
  • Escape chewing hard food.
  • Follow every single guide from the doctor.
  • Try to avoid excess cold and hot food.
  • Go for the check-up session at specified intervals.

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Cost Periodontal & Gum Disease:

The Cost of Periodontal and Gum Disease Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges around from AED 1,000 to AED 10,000. This price estimate typically gets down for non-surgical techniques. AED 500 is the starting charge for Teeth scaling and root planning.

For a precise cost estimate in your case, contact our consultants.

Free Consultation:

Early Periodontal treatment can save you from life-time problems. We are here to deliver you the best dental care at the most reasonable rates.

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