Surgical Scar Revision in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Marks etched on your skin will no longer be your weak point!

Nobody should imagine being operated on without a scar, but did you know that scar revision is also done surgically? Offering Surgical Scar Revision in Dubai & Abu Dhabi to deal with serious scars. It works by replacing damaged scar tissue with healthy tissue and possibly repositioning the scar to allow it to blend in with the surrounding skin and make it less noticeable or just gone. Whether you suffer scars from physical injury, burns, poor healing, or a failed procedure, this surgery can help you by all means!

Assisting the popular belief, this surgery is difficult and requires artistic skills, or else the results may get worse. That’s why at Dynamic, we ensure high-quality procedures from professional surgeons to reduce scarring while ensuring patient safety. Our surgeons believe that there is nothing incurable! In the article below, you can find detailed information, on its procedure, cost, risks, and possible alternatives.

Quick Facts:

  • Involves incisions.
  • Proven results up to 80%.
  • Required time 1-2 hours or maybe more.
  • The recovery period is one week.

Why Get Scar Revision?

Scar correction surgery can be used for several reasons. In addition to reducing the marks, it can treat areas that are least in contact with blood flow. However, the painful scars are also treated to overcome the daily discomfort that occurs upon each interaction. Also, for people with burns and scars that limit skin movement, this surgery is highly recommended.

What are the Expected Results?

After surgery the skin looks completely normal, and nothing like a scar has ever happened. About 80% of the scar diminishes and becomes less noticeable, the rest is hidden, which is difficult to notice. In most cases, the results of the scar revision are visible after one week which continues to improve over months.

Who is the Candidate?

Children and adults both can have Surgical Scar Removal Treatment in Dubai, but there are some people for whom this surgery must be conducted with extreme caution. This typically includes folks who can’t stop taking anticoagulant drugs as this could even worse scars. Restricted guidelines also apply to people with diabetes, as wound healing can be impaired.

Typically, good candidates are:

  • Physically healthy.
  • Have serious concerns with scars.
  • Expecting realistic outcomes.

Surgical Scar Revision Before & After:

best surgical-scar-revision in dubai  surgical-scar-revision in dubai  surgical-scar-revision in Abu Dhabi

surgical-scar-revision Clinic in Dubai  Best surgical-scar-revision Clinic in Dubai  Best surgical-scar-revision in Abu Dhabi

Scars Assessment:

Before embarking on this surgery, we conduct an assessment using one of our latest digital systems. Unique analyses are implemented especially in serious concerns of Facial Scars. In addition, experts may use a variety of tools to map the surgical plan accordingly. Lasers, ultra-sound and optical profilometers are mostly used for the deep analysis of scars.


Once your scars are assessed by our specialists, they will inform the appropriate surgical approach, arrange a further medical evaluation, and advise you on what you need to do to prepare. Depending on the condition of your scar, you will also be informed of the expected results. Chances of successful surgery usually increase when you ask questions about the surgery, including the risks, and expected outcomes.

Before surgery you need to avoid:

  • Aspirin.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Herbal supplements.
  • Blood thinners.

What is the Procedure?

Surgery to revise a scar is done when the patient is asleep with general anesthesia. The time of surgery varies in the individual case. Surgical Scar Revision in Dubai & Abu Dhabi consists of various procedures which can be implemented alone or in combination. Procedures selection varies depending upon the type of scar to be treated. Three types of scar revision include:

Z or W Plasty:

This surgical technique is preferred for more serious scars. The surgeon cuts the scar along with the Z- or W-shaped incisions creates angled flaps, repositions the scars, and changes their direction, making them less visible.

Skin Grafts and Flaps:

Skin grafting relocates the damaged scar tissue with the healthy one. While skin flapping is quite similar to a skin graft, it uses a portion of the skin to support an effective blood supply.

Tissue Expansion:

It typically allows the body to build up excess skin over the scarred area. An inflatable balloon is placed under the skin near the scar, which stretches the skin to expand. Surgeons might use additional skin tissue for the procedure.

After Procedure:

It usually takes 20 to 30 minutes before you wake up from general anesthesia. Once you come to your senses, there will be a headache and nausea. Postoperative pain is also observed, but medications are prescribed on-spot to eliminate it.

  • Keep the wound clean and properly bandaged.
  • Carefully follow post-instructions to elude infections.
  • Call your doctor right away if you notice a high temperature and increased pain.

Suitable Time for Revision:

As the scars shrink and become less visible with age, immediate surgery is delayed until the scar heals and takes its final shape. Surgeons usually wait 1-2 years after the injury for the wound to heal completely. Revision of scars too early can lead to poor results.

Alternative Treatments:

The latest 2021 alternatives for surgical scar revision include:

  1. Topical treatments.
  2. Steroid Injections.


Scar Revision Surgery in Dubai can benefit you in both cosmetic and medical terms.

  • The improved cosmetic appearance of the scar.
  • Restored the functionality of the body part restricted by the scar.

Possible Risks:

  • Significant tissue damage.
  • Dissatisfaction with results.
  • Uneven scarring.

Meet expert physicians promptly to prevent any of the above-listed problems.

What is the Cost?

Cost is an important consideration of scar revision. While most health plans do not cover the prices. The average cost estimate for Surgical Scar Revision in Dubai is AED 1,000 to AED 7,000. This restorative procedure is reported anyhow costly. Well, you can consider inexpensive alternatives like lasers and injectables that won’t weigh you down too much.

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The Dynamic Clinic employs reconstructive surgeons who have been doing surgical scar revision for decades and will not leave you disappointed.

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