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Thanks to Metal Braces in Dubai & Abu Dhabi! Teeth are now effectively movable in their best position. Metal braces are traditional by name but more advanced than you might expect! Provides truly straight, aligned smiles even in severe crooked issues. But you should be evaluated in real life by an orthodontist before you can be confident that your teeth are suitable for these braces.

There’s a little misbelief that a genuine smile is truly a wonderful thing. Can you imagine loving your teeth gaps? Misalignments? Protruded teeth? That’s said, things are changing, slowly and Metal braces in the dentistry market are becoming more valued. Instead of any other braces, they are one of the hi-tech options, more effective in fixing extremely crooked teeth.

If you are considering orthodontic metal braces in Dubai and unsure about what to expect, and what is the overall treatment process, this article would be a great help in clearing insights.

What to Expect after?

After getting the new set of traditional braces, your lips, tongue, and teeth may sore a little bit. Usually, it takes around 14 days before your braces settle in and you become used to it. However, to ease the pain during this adjustment period, you need to do a couple of things:

  • Get the prescribed painkillers
  • Drizzle your mouth with saltwater
  • Be sure to apply ointments advised by your expert

Note: Not to forget the instructions given on eating. 


As long as your braces are placed correctly, the results are permanent. A new smile will be your reward that reveals a huge difference in looks and boosts self-confidence.

Be aware: Once your teeth get straight with braces, you must wear retainers for a few months to keep the adjusted teeth in place.

Metal Braces in Dubai and Abu Dhabi  Metal Braces in Dubai  Metal Braces

Metal Braces in Abu Dhabi


  • Traditional braces are more powerful in handling extreme overcrowding than other options like aligners, ceramic, or invisalign. They put ultimate pressure on teeth and make most difficult movements that are beyond classy braces.
  • Wearing these permanent braces means you won’t longer have to worry about everyday misplacements, possible with aligners.
  • Expect metal wires rounded over your front teeth.
  • The best part, they are affordable.

Do I need Braces?

If you live with a crooked smile, or jaw that doesn’t align when you close it, you can be an ideal fit for metal braces. However, below stated are some other symptoms that show you need orthodontic help from our experts.

  • Abnormal Bite problems
  • Bulging teeth (protruded)
  • Misalignments
  • Irregular teeth gaps and spaces
  • Crowded /Crooked teeth

Before Treatment:

The first step in getting metal braces is a dentist’s check-up. They would clean your teeth and perform possible modifications to escape oral issues. And later on, you will be given a date for braces placement.

Process of Getting Metal Braces?

The process of putting on braces usually completes in one or two appointments. In general, one appointment takes 1-2 hours. However, the procedure itself is painless, you can bring some good music to help pass the time.

Here’s what you can expect while receiving Metal Braces in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:

  • Device allocation: The orthodontist begins with inserting a device in the mouth to keep the tongue and teeth in place.
  • Preparing teeth: Then, they dry out the teeth and apply the solution to make the tooth surface ideal for bonding.
  • Braces Placement: Next, braces are placed on teeth using a special paste.
  • Final step: A curing light will harden the bond, exhibiting the permanent fix.

Once the bond is hardened, braces clamp permanently and you will be allowed to leave the clinic. 

For How Long do I need to wear them?

As per your teeth condition, you might wear braces from 18 months to perhaps 3-years. Discuss it with your orthodontist; so they keep you on right track with particular facts.

How Much is for Metal Braces?

In Dubai, the average cost of Metal Braces in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can range around from AED 3500 to AED 5000 for standard 18-month treatment. If, however further modifications are required, the cost exceeds a bit high. This one-time investment is worth it and beneficial in the long run.

We could only give you cost indications here. Plan to arrange in-person consultation for perfect cost appraisals in your dental condition.

Take Care of your Braces!

Since you will be wearing metal braces in Dubai for a lengthy period, care for your teeth properly. Our experts give instructions on keeping braces clean and germ-free. However, here are some guidelines you must not forget while wearing braces:

  • Eating: Eat braces-friendly foods. Hard, crunchy, sticky, and chewy foods could be damaging to your braces. Experts usually avoid having them.
  • Cleaning: Never miss brushing and flossing. Use the medicated brush that effectively cleans the out-of-sight zones.
  • Follow-ups: Get regular dental check-ups each time, and don’t hesitate to discuss your daily life problems for a smooth recovery phase.

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Bottom Line:

It’s you who has to decide modification in your smile.

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