If you are experiencing or have experienced the following hair conditions like alopecia areata, unexpected bald spot, pattern baldness, excessive shedding, female hair thinning, excessive oiliness or dryness, severe itching or burning of the scalp, then this is the time for you to seek medical help at the clinic.


Trichology is a branch of medical science that involves the study of all conditions of hair and scalp.

Trichologist or Hair Specialist:

Trichologist or hair specialist is the name given to those who deal with these hair and scalp conditions. They are experts in the treatment of hair thinning, hair loss, alopecia areata, and all other scalp disorders. If you are considering any treatment for your hair condition, you can choose our clinic because we have the best Trichologists at our clinic to help you get rid of your problem. Our Trichologists’ names come in the list of Dubai’s leading specialists of Hair Transplant and scalp conditions. They are here to provide best treatment, service, advice, and solutions to the sufferers of different hair issues. The ethical fully qualified services we are offering are some of the highest in the market. Hair specialists in our clinic are skilled and highly trained and they work intending to deliver excellent solutions to the patient in not-so-high cost that you can afford. Their priorities list has the patient’s satisfaction and happiness on the top. You can trust in the skills of our trichologists and on the clinic’s holistic approach that encircles the faith that improvement is best when accomplished by an expert.

Our trichologists are busy adopting new techniques and offering the latest hair treatment services to the patients. They are here to help you improve, regrow, overhaul and defend your hair depending upon your desires. Whether you want to control hair fall or want to undergo hair restoration, our clinic is the best option for you. We have board-certified trichologists who has so far handled uncountable hair treatment cases.


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Signs you Need to See a Trichologist?

If you notice hair loss, excessive oil production, hair texture problems, unexpected bald spots, alopecia, and other hair-related conditions probably it is the time to see a trichologist. During the initial consultation, he is going to do a thorough consultation of the scalp to accurately diagnose the hair condition. After diagnosing the problem, the trichologist will recommend the right treatment. Our trichologists are experts in the field of trichology, and they did considerable research in the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments of several hair and scalp conditions. The best trichologist is also the best listener, always willing to listen to his/her patients.

What Causes Hair Problems?

Number of factors can cause hair problems including

  1. Age
  2. Weight loss
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Stress
  5. Medical conditions
  6. Hormonal changes

Why Visit a Trichologist?

Hair loss:

After identifying the cause of the problem the trichologist will let you know about the suitable hair treatment. Our trichologist treats almost all the hair-related conditions and hair loss is most common among all. It is always better to treat hair loss at the early stage because stopping it is not an easy task it can lead you to complete baldness. Dr. Naveed is one of our best trichologists. He is here to help you control and treat your hair loss.

Scalp problems:

There are several scalp problems that both men and women are facing nowadays such as dandruff, Folliculitis, Cradle Cap, Seborrheic Dermatitis, etc. In all these conditions, your scalp may itch and get irritated therefore, you should seek trichologist help if you see any unusual change in your scalp. A good trichologist provides honest recommendations for these problems. He may ask you to follow a special diet plan or to change lifestyle to help you to overcome the hair problem.

Hair texture problem:

You can visit a trichologist if you notice any unwanted change in the texture or color of your hair. There are several factors that causes these problems such as chemical hair treatments, heat styling, over-styling, genetics, aging, and bleaching. The trichologist will give you recommendations on treatments and products which can help to fix these texture problems.

Before choosing a trichologist, it’s important to make sure that he understands the needs. If you’re seeking advice, do not hesitate to make an appointment with our experts.

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