Chronic Wound Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Sometimes a lot of the wounds in your body are often left untreated that need proper medical care and assistance. These are mostly chronic wounds.  In such cases a Chronic Wounds treatment in Dubai is more enhancing and contributes to relieving all of the other problems associated with it. However, we are here to serve you a treatment that can leave you relaxed and less worried.  Let us dive into the details of how a chronic wound is treated and the services provided by our clinic on account for its remedial purposes. 

What is a Chronic Wounds?

A chronic wound is suggestive of injuries or inappropriate healing of a wound that persists for as long as two months. According to the natural wound healing mechanism of the body, any wound is Said to heal by primary intention of healing on its own without any additional help. 

However chronic wounds are those that require assistance from a physician. 

Some comprehensive treatments are essential for the treatment of chronic wounds.  The reason why there is a delay in wound healing is basically because of improper blood circulation, medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus, less immunity or unhealthy patients who have a very poor wound healing mechanism in the body.

Who is Advised to Go for a Chronic Wounds Treatment? 

  • Candidate who are immobile, bedridden or are heavyweight.
  • Candidates who are having extensive medical problems for over a period of time.
  • In patients who have multiple comorbidities such as high blood pressure diabetes and increased level of cholesterol in the body.
  • Patients who were previously affected by ulcers.

Goal of the Treatment:

Chronic Wounds treatment in Dubai is basically done in order to revive back and treat the injured site first. It helps in the maintenance of regular blood flow and circulation, improves the exchange of oxygen in the area and helps the functional integrity of the red blood cells.  

Our dynamic clinic strives to provide an exuberant treatment for chronic wounds to those who were left untreated for a very long period of time.

Chronic Wounds Treatment Offered in Our Clinic:

General Debridement:

A general debridement is a procedure in which the necrotic or unhealthy, dead and overly inflamed tissues are removed. 

Surgeons normally use scalpels and other medical tools in order for its clearance. Before the treatment the surgeon will administer anesthesia in order to create a pain free involvement a high water pressure instrument is then used in order to eject forceful water for the cleansing of the wound.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy:

With the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is done by using a for high pressure oxygen based equipment.  The oxygen ejected is then brushed over the wound surface. The aim of this treatment is to improve the oxygen at the wound site that has been diminished in the blood.

Use of Skin Grafts:

Normally patients who have chronic wounds often suffer from depleted skin surfaces. This is ideally because the skin has either lost in the Wound  has not grown back or the primary intention of healing was never induced in the first place.  A skin graft can genuinely help in covering up the open wound patch. It is taken from any part of the body’s skin surfaces. 

Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Therapy:

 A lot of the skin problems are often treated by HIFU. It is basically a high intensity focused ultrasound which when exposed to the skin, creates minor injuries in order to regenerate new cellular production and healing in some cases electromagnetic therapy is also one of the best Chronic Wounds treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi as this energy helps boost their skin’s natural healing mechanism.

Benefits Offered by a Chronic Wounds treatment:

  • Improves wound healing instantly.
  • Helps in the production of collagen and maintenance of elasticity.
  • Reduces the risk of infections characterized by wounds.
  • Helps in the growth and regeneration of new cells reduces the presence of scars.
  • Approximates the skin in case of deep laceration. 

Results After a Chronic Wounds Treatment: 

You will be surprised with the results as their appearance becomes a lot more easy to see and bear rather than before. Chronic wounds often appear as very gross and gruesome.  After taking their treatments on time the skin appears a lot more smoother, well textured and the replacement of collagen helps in the redefinition of the skin. 

The Recovery Phase:

When you have taken the chronic wounds treatment on time, it hardly takes from one week to three weeks for complete treatment to progress over a period of time the skin starts to easily and the underlying structures also rectify based on the treatment provided.

The Call to Action!

If you are facing chronic wounds over a period of time and it has not healed completely, it is the right time to notice it and get it diagnosed and treated you never know that these chronic ones can often take a toll on your body and can welcome other secondary infections and problems that could have been avoided when acknowledged on time.  

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