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Most women suffering from intimate issues are too shy to discuss them even with their doctors. This can lead to several disorders in their genitalia.This procedure is only for female candidates. This treatment is for the beautification of the testicle or genital organ of a woman. This surgery is done to remove all or some parts of the vulva. The motive of this surgery is to remove any unhealthy issues. Join us for pain-free and effective Vulval Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

What is Vulval Surgery?

This is a surgery done to remove cancer, precancer, or vulvar dystrophy. This area has several parts like the electric organ and labia. This procedure is done with a laser or you can call it laser treatment. This treatment revitalizes the valva and enhances the visual appearance of your intimate area. This is also known as vaginal tightening surgery.


The elimination of bothersome disruptions in clothing and many regular daily activities is made possible by the decrease of hypertrophic labia minora. Labia majora remodeling makes it possible to discover more appealing and young external genitalia.


Patients must determine whether they are good candidates before having Vulval surgery in Dubai.

  • Individual faces weakness in vaginal tissues.
  • slackness of urine
  • any other problem after childbirth 
  • during or after menopause candidates
  • Women having Bartholin cysts
  • Any other cyst
  • Women having cancer
  • Severe skin cancer

Types of Procedures:

This surgery can be done in many ways. All this is done surgically and non-surgically and Dynamic clinic provides you with the best treatment options for Valval Surgery in Dubai. They include;

  • Skinning Vulvectomy: 

In this, surgeons only remove the outer layer of the targeted area by leaving all other areas intact.

  • Simple Vulvectomy: 

        This procedure pulls out the entire vulva except for the clitoris.

  • Modified Radical Vulvectomy: 

In this treatment, the specialists separate most but not all of the valva, some of the lymph glands, and other tissues.

  • Radical Vulvectomy: 

This surgeon removes almost all valva, lymph glands, and other affected tissues.

All surgery depends on the brutality of cancer or any other illness.


  • Start taking supplements.
  • Must take proper sleep.
  • If You have an allergy to any medicine do inform your consultant .
  • Start using advised medicine .
  • Refrain from using blood thinners.

How does this Work?

  • First doctors will collect your blood samples for tests.
  • After that, they will clean the targeted area.
  • If it is done by surgery, firstly doctors lie you on the table.
  • Then doctors will give you anesthesia to numb the lower part of your body.
  • Then they cut and remove the infectious area.
  • A self-absorbable substance is utilized for suturing. 
  • The extra tissue is removed by making a straight or V-shaped incision. 
  • When a direct incision is used, it is feasible to get rid of the labia’s normal folding, which greatly enhances cosmetic performance. 
  • A V-shaped incision is an option if a lady wishes to maintain the natural look of the labia minora. 
  • Natural folding may be preserved using this method.
  • All this can be done in almost half an hour or sometimes more than an hour.


There is a high risk of having an infection after Vulval Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, so patients must take care of their wounds.

  • Move cautiously.
  • Keep the space tidy and dry.
  • Apply ointment as well.
  • When bathing and drying the area, use caution.
  • Don loose clothing.
  • Avoid donning underpants.
  • Never insert anything inside your vagina.
  • Don’t engage in strenuous activity.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Get lots of sleep.
  • Be extremely cautious when using the restroom.

Benefits of Having this:

  • It will increase your confidence level.
  • Make you feel more comfortable wearing all types of clothes.
  • Increases sexual pleasure.
  • Diminish your discomfort and pain.
  • Enhance your hygiene and health.


Vulval surgery in Dubai might cost between AED 25000 and AED 30000 in Dubai. The difficulty of the procedure and the doctor’s experience are two variables that might affect the price. Following the initial consultation, the doctor will decide on the price.

Why Choose us?

The women having vaginal issues are losing their confidence so stop worrying about this. Dynamic Clinic in Dubai is offering you the best consultants and the best pain-free treatment. Our clinic is one of the best laser treatments in Dubai. Our clinic is updated with equipped with modern technology and our consultants are also updated with modern procedures. Our staff members are timely updated and get certificates. We assure you to provide the best and cheapest treatment cost in Dubai for Vulval Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

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